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Best Time: The best time to visit this place is during the months of November up until February. Read More

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"Vientiane- A Place of Relaxation"

Vientiane Tourism

Vientiane is the capital of Laos. This city unlike the other busy or noisy places present in Southeast Asia, is very quite as well as is a place where you can relax. This city is set up on the banks of the Mekong river and is designed as per the French architecture. This place which was initially laid back a bit is now experiencing rapid growth and is recieving investment from the outside companies as well as firms. This place is home to numerous temples as well as to other bars and restaurants and has an ambience that will definitely keep your mesmerised.

Vientiane the capital of a developing nation Laos was intiially a laid back state with its design inspired by the French. This place is situated on the banks of the river Mekong and has numerous temples which you can visit and pray in. The name of this city has been derive from the french word "Wiang Jan" which means "The city of Sandalwood". Visiting this place you would find numerous hotels, bars and cafes with high end features, however the city has a laid back feel to it. The lifestyle of the people over here is usually slow and you won't see much hustle bustle even on weekends. This is one of smallest capitals in South East Asia and has a population of only 8,50,000. Over the years this city is expanding and there have been numerous investments from the foreign people in to this place. The tourism industry of this area is fast expanding.

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Currency in Vientiane

Kips is the main currency in Laos and is accepted widely in all restaurants as well as eateries. There are tons of ATM's available hence withdrawing money may not be an issue.

Exchanging Money in Vientiane

You can get your currency exchanged in the local currency either at the airport or at numerous banks availabel downtown. Getting a change done won't be a problem.

Daily Budget for Vientiane

On an average you would almost need around 405150 Kips including basic food, accomodation as well as charge of travelling.

Religion of Vientiane

Talking about the small city of Vientiane you would find 40-50 percent of people practicing Theravada Buddhism, while about 30 percent of people over here are known to practice Satsana Phi. Apart from this the remaining population practices religions such as Christianity and other CHinese Folk Religions.

Vientiane Customs

In the city of Vientiane you would see member of the kings family as well as the member of court wearing sampot which is in a manner similar to the Indian Dhoti. You would find women wearing Sinh which is a long skirt made out of silk. However this is something that you would see few people wearing. MOst of the people in Lao have now switched to tradtional suits as well as blazers as these are considered as the symbol of wealth. For people who are visiting this place for the first place try and dress in a diligent manner and don't visit the temples in around this place wearing something short or too fancy. However in case you are not having something else then the temples over here would lend you a cloth to wrap around your skirts or shoulders. When you meet people here they might say you "Saba Dee" which is a way of welcoming you so in case you recieve one over here then make sure that you respond to them in the same way by saying the exact same words.

Language of Vientiane

Lao is the official language of this place and is something that most people would be speaking. You can also found certain smaller groups speaking French. The younger people or the youth of this country also speak English and they speak it pretty well.

History of Vientiane

Vientiane has been the capital of Laos since the year 1563 after there was news about the Burmese invasion from the North. The main colonisation of this place began in the year 1893 by the French. It were the French who restored numerous structures in this place. Today, this is the largest city in Laos and is known to have a population of about 8,50,000.

Nightlife in Vientiane

There are numerous clubs as well as pubs present in this location which offer exquisite night life. There are locations which offer a great view along with a some good alcohol. Places such as beer garden, blue sky bar are famous among the tourists for there ambience as well as servic. One of the most well known bar in this locatio is Bor Pen Nyang which offers you a sunset roof as well as rocking late night music and dance.

Shopping in Vientiane

This place has developed quite gradually and you can easily find shopping malls as well as shops which sell numerous products. If you ask what to buy here then we would suggest you to go for hill tribe silk, jewellery, textiles as well as some art or home furnishing.

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FAQs on Vientiane

What is the best time to visit Vientiane?

This location is known to have a tropical climate and is mostly dry. The best time to visit this place is during the months of November to February when the atmosphere is usually cool as well as contain a bit of warmth. During all other times the weather is either too hot to handle or it is extremely rainy and humid.
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What is the local food in Vientiane?

Rice is one of the common foods which are eaten in this area. People usually tends to utilise chopsticks to consume food rather than spoon. Forks and spoon are used to serve any food item along with rice. People eat sticky rice directly by dipping them into chilly paste or a paste made out of fish. Soup is something very common eaten in countryside where people also do tend to consume raw meat and gather food from any nearby forest.
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What is the best way to reach Vientiane?

You can enter the city of Vientiane by reaching to this place at Wattay Airport located 4 K.m. outside the city. There are railway options available to be considered in case you want to travel to this city through Bangkok .
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What are the things to do in Vientiane?

The top things to do in Vientiane are Pha That Luang, Wat Ong Theu, Haw Phra Kaew, Lao Textile Museum, National Lao Museum, Patuxai. You can see all the places to visit in Vientiane here

What are the places near Vientiane?

The top places near to Vientiane are Udomxai which is 2 km from Vientiane, Luang prabang which is located 218 km from Vientiane, Luang namtha which is located 91 km from Vientiane, Phonsavan which is located 175 km from Vientiane, Chiang mai which is located 394 km from Vientiane

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