Hanoi to Hoi-an

   Hanoi to Hoi-an Road Distance 797 Km
   Hanoi to Hoi-an Aerial Distance 630 km
  Hanoi to Hoi-an Travel Time 3,5 Hours

How to reach Hoi-an from Hanoi

The Preferred Way of Travelling from Hanoi to Hoi An

The distance between the two cities is almost 800 km. To save on time, the best way to travel is by air. Hoi An does not have a train station or an airport. The closest airport is in Da Nang. Once at Da Nang, you can take a shuttle bus or taxi from Da Nang to Hoi An.

Knowing The Details

1. Hanoi to Hoi An by Flight - via Da Nang
2. Hanoi to Hoi An by Train
3. Hanoi to Hoi An by Bus
4. Popular Routes to Hoi-an
5. Popular Routes from Hanoi
6. Places to Visit in Hoi-an
7. Hotels in Hoi-an

Hoi-an Travel Packages

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1. Hanoi to Hoi An by Flight - via Da Nang

Since there is no airport in Hoi An, the only way to travel by air from Hanoi to Hoi An is to reach the closest airport in Da Nang. The aerial distance between Hanoi and Da Nang is 605 km. Travelling by air is the fastest mode of transport since the flight journey from Hanoi to Da Nang takes only about 1 hour and 20 minutes. It is also a safe and comfortable option. There are as many as 20 different flights everyday commuting between the two cities. Although the flight is costlier than other options, the comfort and the time saved is definitely worth it. 

For cheaper flights, you can opt for services by JetStar or Viet Jet Air. You can also save on money if you book a round trip ticket. You can book your flight tickets online. The best part about travelling by air is that you can save on time which you can use in exploring the place instead of spending it on long train or road journeys.  

A one-way flight ticket from Hanoi to Da Nang costs between VND 600,000 and VND 5,000,000 per person. There is only one airport in each of the two cities. You will have to arrange for a taxi or a Grab car to transfer between your hotels and the airports in Hanoi. Most hotels take care of the airport transfer either for a small fee or for free.

2. Hanoi to Hoi An by Train

Hanoi to Da Nang

Hoi An is not connected by rail, as a result one has to travel to the closest train station in Da Nang.  The railway distance between Hanoi and Da Nang is 780 km and the journey takes as long as 16 hours. The only downside to a train journey is the time it takes. But, if you have a lot of time in hand, the train is a safe, comfortable and budget friendly option.

Trains may lack flexibility on time schedule but they are flexible in terms of budget and comfort. You can opt for the normal carriages or the luxurious private carriages. The Thong Nhat train from Hanoi to Da Nang also passes through the Hai Van Pass which gives a beautiful view of the coastline. Booking train tickets is also a simple and easy procedure. You can book tickets evn two days before the trip except during peak holidays. Booking tickets 60 - 90 days before can bring down the prices a little bit. 

There are five trains which leave Hanoi to Da Nang everyday: the SE1, SE3, SE5, SE7 and SE19. The prices of the tickets for these trains range from VND 500,000 to VND 3,105,000 depending on the time of departure and carriage. The evening train is a very comfortable option and you can also save up on accommodation. The ticket prices for kids are a little cheaper than those of adults.

Da Nang to Hoi An
1. Da Nang to Hoi An by private car

The best way to transfer from Da Nang to Hoi An and vice versa is by hiring a private car. It’s quick, comfortable and convenient. Moreover, you can stop wherever you want on the way. If you have an accommodation arrangement in Hoi An, you can ask the hotel to send a car to pick you up from Da Nang. The price of the private car ride can cost anything between VND 300,000 and VND 400,000 depending on whether you opt for a 4 – seater vehicle or a 7 – seater vehicle. This makes it a very expensive option if you are travelling alone. However, if you can share the ride, the price can be quite economical.

On a normal day with usual traffic, it takes around 45 – 50 minutes. The route via QL1A is however slightly longer than the other two routes.

2. Da Nang to Hoi An by Taxi

Grab is a very popular cab aggregator in Vietnam. To hire a Grab car, all you need is a mobile phone with internet and the Grab app on it. You can put in your pickup location and your destination and the car will be at your foot in a while. It’s super quick and super easy and hence a very popular option.

Another option is the airport taxi. You do not have to make any prior arrangement for these taxis. All you have to do is hop into the car and hand over your destination address to the driver and allow him to take care of the rest. The most recommended taxi services are Mai Linh Taxi and Vinasun Taxi.

Most taxi drivers are careless drivers and drive rashly. Some taxis do not even have seatbelts in them! So try to get your taxis from trusted tourist companies as they drive more slowly and carefully. The price of a taxi ride from Da Nang to Hoi An by Grab cars or the airport taxis cost around VND 600,000.

3. Da Nang to Hoi An by Bus

There are three local bus services. One of the convenient and popular transfer services, the Hoi An Express Shuttle Service is also a safe travel option. The bus keeps waiting for you at the airport. The bus is air-conditioned and neatly maintained. The travel time is around 60 minutes and tickets are priced at VND 140,000.

The Sinh Tourist Transfer Bus departs from the Da Nang bus station at 6, 3 Thang 2, Thuan Phuoc, Hai Chau, Đà Nẵng. You have to check how far it is from your hotel at Da Nang in which you are staying. This service is not a good option if you’re departing from the Da Nang airport itself. The bus is air-conditioned and has very comfortable seats. It is slightly more expensive than the public bus and the shuttle express, and the ride is a little longer too.

The direct public bus from Da Nang to Hoi An is also known as the yellow bus and has been launched by the government to encourage tourism. There are buses every 20 minutes starting at 5:30 am in the morning to 6 pm in the evening. The public bus is also a cheap option but the travel time is slightly longer. The public bus is a great option for backpackers.

4. Da Nang to Hoi An by Motorbike

The best way to explore Vietnam is by travelling on motorbikes just like the locals. It is very easy since a lot of motorbikes are available on rent. You can avail a motorbike service through the Grab app or the general motorbike rental service.

The average price for a bike rental is around VND 140,000 but you might get a discount for longer rental periods.

3. Hanoi to Hoi An by Bus

If you are on a budget and also want to save up on accomodation costs, the sleeper bus is the best option. There are three bus operators on the route. The journey takes at least 17 hours. The ticket for the bus ride costs about VND 360,000 to VND 435,000 per person.

The only advantage in travelling by bus is that it is the only direct mode of transport from Hanoi to Hoi An. As a result, there are no hassles of finding other cities to Hoi An transfers. It is also the cheapest option.

Do keep in mind that sleeper buses are not very comfortable. You will have to arrive at the bus station at least an hour before the departure time since the buses tend to leave a little early. There is a no-refund policy if you miss the bus.

Popular Routes to Hoi-an

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Hanoi to Hoi-an 3,5 Hours 797 Km
Nha-trang to Hoi-an 10 Hours 506 Km
Da-nang to Hoi-an 40 Mins 29 Km
Hue to Hoi-an 4 Hours 124 Km

Popular Routes from Hanoi

Important Routes Time Taken Distance
Hanoi to Halong Bay 2.5 Hours 125 Km
Hanoi to Hoi An 3,5 Hours 797 Km
Hanoi to Ninh Binh 1.5 Hours 100 Km
Hanoi to Hue 12 Hours 700 Km
Hanoi to Sapa 5 Hours 315 Km
Hanoi to Da Nang 14 Hours 766 Km