Day Trips From Hoi An

Best Day Trips from Hoi An

Hoi An is a treasured gem of Vietnam, home to architectural masterpieces, rich heritage, and memorable experiences. Because of its strategic location, visitors can enjoy several day excursion delights. Cham Island, a ferry away from Hoi An, is a noteworthy place for scuba diving. Travellers also head out to explore the Marble/Monkey Mountain, My Son ruins and sanctuary, Nipa Palms, riverboat trips, and farming and fishing tours. Along with this, cycling excursions, heritage tours, and local eateries are also a part of the Hoi An experience.


Here is the list of 11 Day Trips From Hoi An

1. My Son Sanctuary - 39.8 km via TL609/Tỉnh lộ 609/ĐT609


A site where you can experience the ancient civilisation. A heritage site reported by UNESCO, this is one of the few area in the town where you would find some exquisite examples of ancient architecture. Moving into this sanctuary you would find a lot of towns sculptures as well as beautifully crafted stones. There are idols related to the Hindu gods. You would definitely love this place in case you are a history lover.

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2. Hue Imperial City, Hue - 123.9 km via QL1A


A conserved complex consisting of ancient monument. As told before this place was known to have numerous monuments which were constructed during the imperial times. Visting this location you would be able to see not tens but hundreds of monuments which were built during the ancient times. This consists of numerous temples, libraries, royal tombs and other similar structure developed during those times. Although some of these structures have been harmed or destroyed you can still see the magnificence with which they were built.

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3. Halong Bay - 174 km via QL5B/ĐCT04


34 photos

Known For : Cat Ba Island | Sung Sot Cave | Dau Be Island

Halong Bay is a popular bay which is located in the north of Vietnam. The name of this place i.e. Halong means "the place of descending dragons'. This place was not very much known before the 19th century. However in the recent years the popularity of this place has risen to a much greater value.It is a beautiful bay which one can visit in order to enjoy the scenic beauty present all around.

Best Time : April to September

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4. Cham Islands, Da Nang - 20.1 km

A group of 8 spectacular islands, Cham Islands located off the coast of Hoi An in Central Vietnam, has been garnering much interest since it had been declared as a Biosphere Reserve by UNESCO in 2009. The inhabitants of the charming islands are recognized as a distinct community with the entire area being governed by the local Tan Hiep commune. Hon Lao is the largest and only island in the cluster that is home to several villages while the lesser islands of Hon Dai, Hon Kho Me, Hon Mo, Hon Kho Con, Hon Tai, Hon Ong and Hon La are known for their scenic beauty and diversity of marine life including the presence of a few endangered species that are not found elsewhere in the world.

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5. Hue, Vietnam - 122.6 km via QL1A


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Known For : Hue Imperial City | Ho Quyen | Than Toan Bridge

Hue city is one of the oldest cities in the history of Vietnam. This city was once the capital of Vietnam and has seen pretty tough times. Although not completely surrounded by the rivers this city in Vietnam does sure contain some wonderful beaches. Regarded as the world heritage site by the UNESCO this site was once the city of emperors and visiting here you would still find numerous building which belonged to the rulers of the Nguyen dynasty

Best Time : January to April

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6. An Bang Beach - 4.8 km via Lý Thái Tổ and Hai Bà Trưng


One of the cleanest and freshest beach all over the country. An Bang Beach is one of the famous beaches which hasnÍt been spoiled by growing urbanisation. Standing at this beach you would experience one of the cleanest atmosphere as well as pleasant weather. There are numerous eateries and restaurants where you can sit with your buddies and enjoy the waves as they crash into one another.

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7. Son Tra Peninsula, Da Nang - 42.0 km via Lạc Long Quân


Largely covered with thick forest cover, Son Tra Peninsula is full of Beaches and spectacular views. The peninsula is covered with forests and beaches, and there are plenty of things to do here. Sightseeing, nature walks, adventurous activities and eating and drinking in Vietnamese style are on the top of the list. The beaches at Son Tra and peaceful and nice. You can also go on a jungle trek in the hills and enjoy the silent flora and fauna including Red Shanked Doucs and eating rabbits. Linh Ung Pagoda in the south east side is also worth visiting.

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8. My Khe Beach, Da Nang - 25.0 km via Lạc Long Quân


Ambling along the My Khe Beach can be an affair of smooth-white sand, rippling waves, clear horizon and a 10 kilometer long coastal stretch from the base of the Son Tra Peninsula to Ngu Hanh Son. While the Forbes magazine published it as ?one of the most attractive beaches on the planet,? The Sunday Herald Sun of Australia eulogized it as one of 10 most popular beaches in Asia.

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9. Ba Na Hills - 66.7 km via Lạc Long Quân

Ba Na Hills is a popular resort and hill station located at a height of 1489 meters on the Truong Son Mountains in Da Nang, with Nui Chua being the local name designated to Ba Na. Tourists flock to the Ba Na hill station for its spectacular greenery and magnificent view of the East Sea along with the mountains surrounding it. The Ba Na Cable Car is the longest cable car running on a single track and has been included in the Guinness World Records.

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10. Bike and Kayak Tour

Away from the hustle of metropolitan cities, Hoi An offer experiences for a perfect, peaceful getaway. Kayak and bike tours are popular activities which bring visitors closer to the raw and natural beauty of the destination. Just a cab ride away from the downtown hotels, riverside kayaking is a great way to soak in the sunset beams and capture stunning photographs. Along with this, the narrow and intricate lanes of Hoi An can be explored through a bike ride across its Old Town. Take in the local culture and interact with the artisans and merchants as you go!

11. Bac My An beach - 23.8 km via Lạc Long Quan

Hands down, Bach My An beach, has some of the best beach resorts and hotels of the city! Located in the midst of the Marble Mountains, the beach is renowned for the white sand and irresistible landscapes. With a day filled with kayak tours, lounging on the beach side, diving, surfing, and exploring the local seafood; this becomes the holiday destination of a lifetime. At Bach My An beach, the luxury resorts are an experience of their own, with private verandas for sunbathing and outdoor activities for kids. Just 5kms away from the airport, the beach has convenient accessibility.

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