Best Time To Visit Batam

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Sub-Region: Riau Archipelago, South China Sea.


What is the best time to visit Batam?

The best time to visit Batam is February to August. This is the peak period in the island when tourists from all around the globe can be seen there having a good time. The island has a tropical climate annually and hence; the temperature usually ranges from 26-27 degree Celsius. Rainfall is dominant in this island throughout the year and the so-called dry months of February-September also gets the right amount of precipitation.

October to January is the rainy season in Batam islands, and the rainfall level is very high. There’s hardly any variation in the climate during these months, and hence, you should inevitably avoid visiting Batam islands during this period. February to September, as mentioned above, is the dry period in Batam, although, the rain is prevalent. Temperature is constant during these months as well.

Weather in Batam


Upcoming Batam Weather

Monthly Weather in Batam

Month Avg. Minimum (°C) Avg. Maximum (°C)
January 24 29
February 25 31
March 25 31
April 25 32
May 26 32
June 26 32
July 26 31
August 26 31
September 26 31
October 25 32
November 25 31
December 25 31

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