Beaches in Batam are known for their picturesque sunsets. While many don't think Batam as a beach destination, it is home to a number of hidden mainly secluded beaches where you can really relax.

Here is the list of 9 Beaches in Batam

1. Nongsa Beach and Coast

Nongsa Beach and Coast
3.8 /5

The most picturesque part of Batam, the Nongsa Coast is perfect for a bicycle ride, and some breathtaking scenic beauty.

2. Vio Vio Beach

Vio Vio Beach

Vio Vio Beach is located in Galang Island, Batam. It is a picturesque seashore that is accessible via an unpaved and muddy path going through a mountain slope. There are some facilities like parking area, food court, shower area, toilets, benches, gazebos, etc. on the beach that make a trip here quite enjoyable. Although it is a public beach, entry to Vio Vio Beach is charged.

3. Melur Beach

Melur Beach

Located on the western end of Galang Island, about 45 kilometres from Batam, Melur Beach is a scenic tourist attraction. Tall coconut trees and white sandy stretch line the shore that leads to the shallow waters perfect for swimming. The region is also famous for boating, jet skiing and banana boat rides.

4. Melayu Beach

Melayu Beach

Melayu Beach is a 2-kilometre long stretch of white sand beach and calm waters. Melayu Beach is also a paid beach and has some facilities like parks/ gardens, paved walkways, gazebos, coffee shops, etc. One can look forward to swimming and boating in the clear blue waters of Melayu Beach.

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5. Payung Beach

Payung Beach

Payung Beach is a tourist attraction famous for its terrain which is not like the usual white or golden sand beaches found in Batam. The shoreline is rocky, and one can find large rocks by the seashore; some of them shaped like a mushroom. There is little scope for beach activities like lazing or playing in the sand, but the ambience and the view of the beautiful blue ocean is just as breath-taking.

6. Tegar Putri Beach

Tegar Putri Beach

Located near Bridge 6 in Galang, Tegar Putri Beach is another coast attraction in Batam. This beach also has paid entry (IDR 10,000/- per head). There are facilities like a canteen, a prayer room, and toilets for visitors to make a trip more convenient and enjoyable. The beautiful sandy beach and the ocean also attract several visitors for water sports and rejuvenation.

7. Sembulang Beach

Sembulang Beach

Sembulang Beach is another picturesque attraction located about 55 kilometres away from Batam. This beach has free entrance, but sunbeds, gazebos and other facilities are charged. A day-time visit to Sembulang Beach with family and friends can be a great outing. A long stroll in the soft brown coloured sands, watching the different shades of the sky and the pristine waters as the sun goes down is recommended here.

8. Mirota Beach

Mirota Beach

With 200-metres of white-sand beach and sapphire waters, Mirota Beach is another excellent location for beach lovers in Batam. Water babies and adventure buffs would not feel left out either because there is something for everyone here. People can swim, go on banana boat rides, canoeing, etc. and then rest in a gazebo sipping a beverage or just watching the horizon. Entry to this beach is charged at IDR 5000/- per person.

9. Bale Bale Beach

Bale Bale Beach

Also known as Pantai Bale Bale, Bale Bale Beach is a tiny beach located to the North of Batam City in Indonesia. Although small in size, the beach is a perfect place for water sports. A long stretch of road paved through dense greenery leads to the beach entrance that is lined by shops. Here people can buy gifts, souvenirs or rent canoes, boats, surfboards, etc. The beach also has shacks and gazebos where visitors can spend some time admiring the beautiful and serene surroundings.

According to many, Batam is THE next beach destination with many resorts and watersports coming up. So, make sure to visit before all that happens for the peace and quiet you deserve.

This post was published by Muhammed Salih

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