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Nongsa Beach and Coast, Batam Overview

Skirting the coastline of the Riau islands, the Nongsa Coast and Beach is one of the most popular tourist attractions in Batam. Pristine beaches with beautiful sunsets abound and wonderful accommodation options make this a favourite amongst tourist. As dusk blankets the Riau islands, expect to see many tourists taking in the amber-hued sights on bicycles, one of the more popular means of getting around the Nongsa Coast.

The northern part of Batam, the Nongsa Coast is one of the most beautiful areas of the city, with its blue seafront, and cycle tracks surrounded by lush green forests. It is ideal for a quiet getaway, and photography. The Nongsa Coast has also some of the best areas for golfing around the world, so golf enthusiasts may be in their element at Batam. Some of the best scenery can be found in this area as well.

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Things to Do

Pulau Putri:- There is a beautiful little island which is located very close to Nongsa Beach is Pulau Putri. This island is a favorite hotspot for many tourists for unparalleled beauty. Also, when compared to Nongsa Beach Palau Putri is much cleaner and has a better aesthetic appeal to it.

Water Sports:- There are also some very fun-filled and exciting water sports activities such as water skiing, parasailing, and canoeing to enjoy by the coast of Nongsa Beach.

Trekking and Hiking:- Batam is a great place for adventure seekers and Nongsa offers some amazing opportunities to go trekking or take a hike in the beautiful jungles around Nongsa Beach. To get the most of the hiking experience it is best to go on a low tide.

Golfing:- Indulge in some luxury and enjoy the sport of the rich- golf! One of the most popular golf courses is at Palm Springs Golf Course which offers options of different combinations such as 9 holes course, 18 holes course or even a 27 holes course for a more ambitious option.

Where to Eat

The area of Nongsa is famous for some superb luxurious resorts and hotels which offer an amazing getaway and an amazing food spread to feast to your heart’s desire.

  • Rezeki Seafood Resort: Rezeki Seafood Resort is a paradise for all seafood lovers. It offers an amazing spread of dishes and that too at reasonable prices.

  • Wangi Melati Café: This is a great place to try out some authentic Asian cuisines and offers a great beachfront ambience. However, the place is a tad pricey, so go there only if you are willing to loosen up the purse strings.

  • Kelong Seafood Restaurant: This restaurant offers different cuisines like authentic Indonesian food along with Asian cuisines. But their main speciality is seafood, which is freshly prepared and supposed to be one of the best on the island.

Best Time to Visit

The best time to visit Nongsa Beach is during the dry season which is between June and September to be able to enjoy all the activities on the beach. Also make sure to avoid visiting the country during their festivals like Muslim holidays to avoid large crowds, unless you are interested to see the festivities up close.


  • The weather will usually be hot and humid, so it is better to make adequate provisions like carrying lots of sunblocks, hat, sunglasses, and an extra pair of clothing if one is planning to take a dip in the ocean.
  • Be careful while swimming since there are no lifeguards available at the beach so it is advisable to swim near the shore.

How To Reach Nongsa Beach and Coast

  • One can opt for taking a ferry to Batam if travelling from Singapore.
  • Also, if one is planning on travelling from Nagoya it is preferable to hire a private taxi which will take one directly to the location and the journey will take approximately 50 minutes to 1 hour.
  • Travelling from Batam centre it will take approximately half an hour, and from the airport, it should not be more than 20 minutes.

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