12 Virgin Beaches Of India You Still Need To Explore !

India has a long coast line, yet we fail to think of amazing beach destinations that we can go anytime. There are so many hidden, unexplored beaches in India that we never talk about. Every time someone thinks of a beach holiday, the most popular beach destination that comes to the mind is Goa, right? But how about trying a few unknown beaches for a change when you plan your next holiday trip to a beach?

India is a vast country surrounded by water on two of its sides, it has a vast potential when it comes to beach holidays. The island states of Lakshadweep and Andaman and Nicobar provide breath-taking holiday options for you and your family or even when you decide to travel solo! Here’s a list of 12 virgin beaches which can be found in India:

1. Bekal Beach, Kerala

Bekal - Lesser Known Beaches Of India

Bekal Beach source

God’s Own Country, Kerala is truly a heavenly place for nature lovers. When one does visit the Bekal Beach, it is evident why Kerala has been given that title. This beach is beautifully placed adjacent to a giant keyhole shaped Bekal Fort, which also serves as an observation tower for visitors. Located in the Kasargod region in Kerala, Bekal beach is the perfect place for a quick holiday over the weekend, solely dedicated to the sea, sand and sun!

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2. Serenity Beach, Pondicherry

Serenity Beach - Lesser Known Beaches Of India

Serenity Beach source

Doesn’t the name of this beach do half of the trick? A walk along the coast on the Serenity beach will help you relax amidst the white sands and the turquoise water. A lazy day spent at the beach, just sun-bathing and reading a novel at your own pace is what makes this beach the most leisurely among the rest. Located at just a 10 minutes’ drive from the city, Serenity beach is lined by a row of palm trees and offers an amazing view of the charming Bay of Bengal.

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3. Radhanagar Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Radhanagar - Lesser Known Beaches Of India

Radhanagar Beach source

Famed as “Asia’s Best Beach” by Time Magazine, Radhanagar beach is definitely a sight to remember. Known for its untouched beauty, this beach will captivate you with its alluring charm.  The lazy, blue waves and the white sands will definitely make you fall for them. Situated just 12 kms from the Havelock ferry pier, this beach is undoubtedly one of God’s meticulous creations!

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4. Lighthouse Beach, Kerala

Lighthouse Beach - Lesser Known Beaches Of India

Lighthouse Beach source

Even though Kovalam remains one of the most popular tourist spots in Kerala, the Lighthouse beach has remained untouched (thankfully) by most of the crowd. Extremely picturesque in its setting, the Lighthouse beach is the ideal retreat for wanderers as it overlooks the other two beaches in Kovalam- Hawah and Samudra.  Bordered by coconut groves and an ancient lighthouse, from which the beach gets its name, this beach in Kerala is truly a gift of nature.

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5. Nirvana Beach, Karnataka

Nirvana Beach - Lesser Known Beaches Of India

Nirvana Beach source

Located 30 kms away from the temple town of Gokarna, Karnataka in a place called Kumta, Nirvana beach is unlike all the other beaches to be found on the stretch of Gokarna. A virgin beach in its purest sense, chances are that you could be the only person on Nirvana if and when you visit it! A sunset along this beach is something to die for and the peaceful surroundings make it a much needed break from the humdrum of the cities. The name Nirvana is very apt when it comes to what this beach stands for.

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6. Elephant Beach, Andaman and Nicobar Islands

Elephant beach Andaman - Lesser Known Beaches Of India

Elephant beach source

A playground for marine life and water lovers, Elephant beach is one of the virgin beaches in the Andaman that we’re grateful for. Going to this beach is no less than a dream sequence as the turquoise blue water rolls in front of you in ever changing shades, the white sands feel ticklish beneath your feet and the air around you is just so refreshing! With astounding coral reefs, it is a treat for swimmers and for underwater diving. Make sure to have Elephant beach on your “to-visit” list for sure!

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7. Mandvi, Kutch

Mandvi Beach - Lesser Known Beaches Of India

Mandvi Beach source

This is a truly unique beach as there are windmills lining its stretch which makes it a beautiful sight.  A host to white, breath-taking beaches and relaxing water, perfect for swimming, Mandvi beach still remains a virgin beach. It used to be a ship-building hub in the earlier times but has now been transformed into a haven for the tourists who do eventually turn in.

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8. Yarada Beach, Andhra Pradesh

Yarada Beach - Lesser Known Beaches Of India

Yarada Beach source

It is a definite escape from the crowded cities and the noise. A true artwork of nature, Yarada beach in Vishakhapatnam offers an uninterrupted view of the coastline. Surrounded by hills on three sides and the Bay of Bengal on one side, Yarada beach is like none of the rest. Just 15 kms away from Vishakhapatnam, Yarada has dodged commercialization till now continues to remain in its pristine form.

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9. Agatti Beach, Lakshadweep

Agatti Beach Lakshadweep - Lesser Known Beaches Of India

Agatti Beach source

The land of innumerable beaches, Lakshadweep, is the perfect place to find nature’s hidden gems. The Agatti beach is a stunning virgin beach known for its scenic beauty among the other 36 coral islands.  A Perfect holiday escape is in stores for the ones who choose this beach over the rest for their time out from the hustling city life.

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10. St. Mary’s Beach, Karnataka

St. Mary's Beach - Lesser Known Beaches Of India

St. Mary’s Beach source

6 kms boat ride away from the pilgrimage town on Udupi, Karnataka, lies the virgin beach of St. Mary’s.  Known for its amazing besalt rock formations with vertical blocks lining up on the beachfront, it remains unexplored for most of its parts.  Besides, the charm of the Arabian Sea is always present to surround the beach with it. Red crabs, coconut trees and rare shells lying along the coast provide a unique experience, very different from any other beach. St. Mary’s virgin beauty can behold its visitors with a peculiar ease.

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11. Cola Beach, Goa

Cola Beach - Lesser Known Beaches Of India

Cola Beach source

Located at a distance of 10 kms from Agonda beach, Cola beach is a haven for peace lovers in the beach town of Goa where every other beach has speakers blaring music out of it. A perfect place, untouched by most of the tourists, Cola is best for practicing meditation and yoga because of its virgin, sandy surroundings. It is an experience which will result into a soothing one for your soul as the only other sound around you would be that of the sea and the waves crashing.

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12. Chandipur Beach

Chandipur - Lesser Known Beaches Of India

Chandipur Beach source

Chandipur beach in the Balasore district of Odisha is known for its untouched, pristine charm. Known as the ‘land of hidden treasures’ it is the best place for you to spend some quality time with your family and friends.

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