Safest Travel Destinations To Head In 2022!

Planning a solo trip or a family holiday abroad but looking out for the safest destinations in the world? Well, it's not a surprise that you're looking for safer destinations as the world is gradually turning into an evil place with a multitude of crimes being listed. It's natural that one would want to look out for shielded destinations amidst the risky surroundings. Traveling is an amalgam of exploration and learning, but if your surroundings are unsafe, you would not feel secure enough to make the most of the destination. 

While India stands on 106th Position on the Global Peace Index 2020, we bring to you a list of places in the world which are still marked safe on the map of world crime and criminals. We suggest you head out to these in 2020! 

1. Iceland - For the Offbeat Traveller

Topping the Global Peace Index in 2019 and maintaining its position for the past five consecutive years, Iceland is a beautiful destination, both safe and exploratory. It presents its tourists with some of the finest attractions and rare phenomenons like the Aurora Borealis which is the Northern lights emitting green luminescence in the night sky. Bearing unparalleled attractions and charms, it also holds a plethora of activities from hiking fjords to playing golf at midnight. And the best part being no time is a bad time to visit this spectacular snow-covered country. 

2. New Zealand - The Land Where Adventures Wait

It's not a surprise that New Zealand doesn't disappoint any of its travelers. Owning the second position on the list of the safest countries, the credit surely goes to the humble and hospitable population residing here. New Zealand promises beautiful landscapes and even better beautiful coastlines that you can drive along, listening to the sound of the surf. The country is marked as one of the best destinations to undertake adventure sports. Its museums, art galleries, and other heritage attractions are no short of beauty as well. 

3. Portugal - The Best of Europe

Upholding the third rank, Portugal is a country has a lot to boast of! With a rich culture, eccentric cities and exquisite countryside, it is among the best value destinations in Europe. One can witness multiple vistas while traveling across this breathtaking destination and can see it changing as they travel from green mountains in the North to rocky cliffs and waterfalls in the Centre to the desert-like landscape in Alentejo and laid back beaches in Algarve. Acing as a holiday in the sports arena, one can venture out into one of the best golf courses amongst fourteen which are tagged as the best of Europe; surf enthusiasts should not miss out on surfing too. 

4. Austria - The Land of Music and Arts

Gone are the days when Austria was a hotspot of military encounters and wars. Having lived the dreaded ruthlessness of the world, Austria has turned into a friendly and welcoming destination from a hostile one. Thus it's crowned as the fourth safest on the peace index. The craze for music and art run in the veins of Austria now. It has a lot to offer than just the scenic beauty. It's a place to explore neoclassical architecture and popular cafes and live the thrill of life with sports like skiing. From the rustic backdrops to colorful mismatched houses, Austria is a place to relax, savor and appreciate the beauty after eons of struggle. Oh, and history aficionados, the country is a treat for you all! 

5. Denmark - The Scandinavian Gem

Let's just call Denmark the Scandinavian gem. Giving you another reason to head to the country, Denmark is sincerely a safe city with a bagful of exciting adventures awaiting you. Don't miss out on the Danish pastry as it is synonymous to the country of Denmark. The country welcomes one and all, inviting and attracting tourists with its awe-inspiring fairy tales, football matches and the statue of the bronze mermaid sitting on a rock that looks over the city. Bearing a long drawn historical past, it is rich in culture and heritage. Now, it is one of the most modern and developed nations in Europe which holds the best itineraries for all the travel junkies out there. 

6. Canada - The Epitome of Ethnic Diversity

Let's just say Canadians apologize for even a minute error they commit, let alone think of a major crime. Canada has some of the most refreshing cities, generous in spirit. It's ethnically diverse so one gets a taste of different cultures across the country. Toronto and Vancouver cannot be missed out on as they are dynamic in every aspect- from vistas to food, they're absolutely unique! Canada is a living example of the magic that can be created when you put all ethnicities together. Replete with all of its natural attractions, it is also an ideal country for fishing, rock climbing, canoeing, and kayaking. 

7. Singapore - The Quintessential Cosmopolitan

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Weren't you waiting for a country in Asia with a title of safe? Yes, Singapore is one of the top cities with lesser crime rates. Best described as a microcosm of modern Asia, Singapore is a melting pot of culture and history, and an extravaganza of culinary delights. It's fast-paced, quintessentially cosmopolitan and beautiful. This 'City in a Garden' is a blend of cultures, combining different ideas, attractions and new architectures going well with the gleaming hint of the old school. Let's just say that the country takes its food and shopping very seriously. With picture-perfect skyline, towering buildings and city center bustling with crowds of people, you'll thoroughly enjoy the vivacity of Singapore! 

8. Slovenia - Home to Mountaneous Terrain

A supremely underrated destination- Slovenia, a country in Central Europe has a surprising variety of terrains, from the beaches of the Mediterranean to the peaks of the Julian Alps, to the rolling hills of the south. It has a subtle blend of its deep-rooted culture along with the 21st-century adaptations which makes it an attractive country to visit. This little gem may be small in size but it offers a lot for tourists to explore. In Slovenia, you need to head to Ljubljana the picturesque capital which won the European Green Capital Award in 2016, Bled for its romantic mountain lake complete with its own castle and island and Celje - which is one of Slovenia's ancient cities standing in its original glory. 

9. Japan - Home To Great Architecture and Great Food

If anywhere you can truly learn the meaning of Atithi Devo Bhava, it is here in Japan. Ask a person for help and he or she will go out of the way to aid you with all due respect. The replenishing Sakura, the Shinkansens (bullet train) running at an unimaginary pace, The awe-inspiring My. Fuji and up-to-date technological assistance- from its bathrooms to its vending machines, you are sure to enjoy every bit of Japan.  You'll not want to leave the country after exploring all that it has to offer. The disciplined country has a stunning nightlife too which demands to be explored. Missing out on Tokyo, Kyoto, Osaka would be a mistake in Japan. Lastly, the Olympics 2020 gives you a solid reason to head here! 

10. Czech Republic - The Land of Art, Music and Beer

10th on the list of the Peace Index, Czech Republic's essence lies in its castles, museums, cathedrals, and medieval towns. The culture-crammed capital city, Prague which is often tagged as 'city of a thousand spires' is adorned with inspiring Gothic architecture and cobblestone streets which reflect upon the rustic charm of the city. We can say that the country is a hotspot for night birds for its old breweries, zesty jazz clubs and buzzing markets that keep the tourists entertained. If you're looking to venture into the historic side of it, the castles are the right place to head to. Nevertheless, the country is a magnet for all beer enthusiasts for it upholds a splendid variety of it and you'll not get over of downing each type. 

These countries are the top 10 on the Global Peace Index, marked as some of the safest as compared to others. So what keeps you from planning a trip this year in these safe and sound countries? We suggest you book your tickets soon!

Which amongst the list is your favorite country? Let us know in the comments below!

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