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Best Time: Late April to August, the heavy tourist season and September - November, mid tourist season Read More

Ideal duration: 2-3 days

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"Of Breathetaking Skylines and Skyscrapers"

Toronto Tourism

Toronto, the capital of Ontario, is the most populous city of Canada and the fifth largest city in North America, is the financial capital of the county and one of the most mutli culturally diverse cities of the word. Located on shore of the beautiful Lake Ontario, the city is know for its skyscrapers, museums, theatre, music and festivals.

There is absolutely no paucity of the possibilities when it comes to truly experiencing the city of Toronto. With no dearth of places to visit, to enjoy a meal at, take a stroll, or simply sit back and admire the things around one, Toronto can easily be the very epitome of a dream city to live in. A curious mix of all things fun and intriguing, there is something for anyone and everyone here. The number of cuisines offered are mindboggling and have achieved a level where their very taste leaves an everlasting cherishable memory on your tongue.The Kesington and the St.Lawrence Market, Toronto Islands, an ultra-intriguing Ripley's Aquarium and a lengthy list to name, the places to visit are numerous, each with a different aura of its own. Festivals and exhibitions add more to the beautiful assortment of cultures and heritage.The Canadian International Autoshow puts forth a great display of mech muscle and automotive perfection.The Comicon is another realm in itself. To explore the world of mindblowing cosplays and indulge in a geekier version of you, the Comicon is the place to be.The International Festival of Authors and Canada's Walk of Fame are a league apart in the genre of festivals, Hence a must visit for literary and culture enthusiasts. A special treat for people who adore pandas, the Toronto zoo houses them to give its viewers a dose of pure innocence and adorable fluff!All in all, Toronto shall occupy a special place in your heart.

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Toronto Customs

Toronto being a diverse city, you are welcome to dress in casuals and comfortable clothing according to the weather. People in Canada are very polite and helpful, therefore, being polite and patient will be appreciated. Always acknowledge the locals for their help and adhering to common rules like not using phones or smoking in theatres will help avoid being frowned upon. Tipping in restuarants 15 - 20% pre tax bill is a customary practice and even though its your choice, unless asked for gratutity charge, make sure that you tip in restaurants and for servies in hotels, cabs etc.

Language of Toronto

The official Canadian languages are English and French. More than 160 languages are spoken in Toronto accredited to the diversity of the city. Other common spoken languages incldue Chinese, Italian, Tamil and Spanish.

History of Toronto

Born out of the flames of war, the city of Toronto has an intensely rich history . Originally inhabited by aboriginals, British made them surrender their lands in the late 18th century and established the town of York in 1793. The war of 1812 between the Unites States and British led to the sacking and plunder of the York town by US troops. As a result of this war, the city was renamed to its native name of Toronto in 1834. Much of the development took place in the 19th century and the city welcomed people of all religion and colour, immigrants and refugees from several countries post World War II moved to Toronto making it mutli cultural city that it is today with 50% of its population born outside Canada. The subsequent years and developments in the city made it Tornoto as a centre of finance and commerce, and a hub for theatre, music, arts and TV production.

Nightlife in Toronto

The city hones of a vibrant nightlife with lively nightclubs and after hour bars offering R&B, Hip Hop and mashup music. Late night parties, drinks, dance, mutli cuisine bars attract people from everywhere to the city.

Shopping in Toronto

Being the commerical capital has its own perks, Toronto has numerous shopping centres and malls, designer boutiques, vintage and antique stores and home d_cor. The city also has numerous flea markets offering a unique experince with their lively atmostphere. To name a few, do check Dr. Flea's Flea market, the Toronto Weston Flea market and the Parkdale Flea market for a satiating shopping experience.

Currency in Toronto

The only currency accpeted in Canada is Canadian Dollars, however some businesses might accpet American Dollars as a courtesy to American tourists. All overseas debit and credit are accpeted here.

Exchanging Money in Toronto

Currency can be exchanged at the airport, exchange kiosks, banks and large shopping centres. All cards are accpeted though currency exchange rates vary, ATMs can be easily located at every corner for withdrawal, charging an additional fee of CAD 2 - 5.

Daily Budget for Toronto

The average daily expense for a cheap budget travel is around CAD 60 which includes basic meal and accomodation, public transport and alchol. An average mid range budget will be CAD 150 which will offer better food, accomodation and trips to museums and shopping centres whereas a high end luxury travel budget can go as high as CAD 400

Religion of Toronto

The largest religion in the city is Chritianity with Catholics comprising large numbers. Islam and Hinduism are the second and third largest religion in the city.

Restaurants and Local Food in Toronto

Toronto has a set of dynamic and diverse cuisines owing to its multi cultural diversity. There are many internationally accliamed chefs based in Toronto and you can choose from a variety of cusisine such as Chinese, Japanses, Korean, Italian, Vietnamese, Carribean and Indian. The list of scrumptious,lip smacking edibles is ginormous though do give a shot to Big Brekafast at Fran's, Bymark burger and Tornoto's main dish Veal Sanwhich.
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How To Reach Toronto

Toronto is well connected by air, rail, and road having great inter city connectivity.

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Hearing the crashing waves and feeling the immense sprays of the Niagara falls on your face is an incomparable feeling. The Hornblower Cruise took us intimately closer to the falls, so that we could experience the breathtaking power of the Niagara Falls. A tip for tourists: I would recommend not carrying any electronic devices or valuables!
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