Unusual Natural Phenomena Around The World: Because Mother Nature Likes Getting Creative Too

Mother Nature never fails to surprise us with something extraordinary and unusual from time to time. Breathtaking beauty, cascading waterfalls, snow-capped mountains, and pristine blue rivers are a common sight. However, there will always be news about something completely different that will surely grab eyeballs. From frozen methane bubbles in Canada to Blood Waterfalls in Antarctica, these bizarre phenomena will surely leave your mouth wide open in awe and ignite the explorer in you.

1. Blood Falls (Antarctica)

Blood Falls
As the name suggests, Blood Falls is a waterfall which shoots blood-red water into a river. It was first seen in the year 1911 in Eastern part of Antarctica – in the McMurdo Dry Valley. The sight is a perfect backdrop for a horror film: creepy, mysterious and of course bloody. Previously, it was believed that red algae were causing the water to change its colour and turn blood-red. Though this hypothesis was never proved.

The mystery of Blood Falls was longstanding and was finally solved in 2017. Thanks to research conducted by the University of Alaska Fairbanks, the true origin of the so-called blood was revealed to be "oxidized iron in brine saltwater," as reported by Forbes. This is the same procedure which caused iron to turn red due to rusting.

This creepy yet fascinating phenomenon can be seen from a helicopter or cruise ship in the Ross Sea.

2. Rolling Stones (USA)

Sailing Stones

Who knew there was another meaning to the world rolling stones, and that too a literal one? Rolling stones or sailing stones or moving stones is a geological phenomenon where rocks move along a smooth valley without any animal or human force. They also leave long trails as they move

How does this happen? The movement of the rocks, as heavy as 300 kg, is a result of large ice sheets breaking in a winter pond due to the heat caused on sunny days. The thin floating ice, otherwise frozen on cold winter nights when melted is driven by the wind at a speed of 5 mpm (meter per minute). Resulting in the rocks to move and leave a trail. Rocks with smooth surfaces leave a drifting trail (with turns) while rocks with rough surface leave straight trails.

These trails are visible in the United States: at Death Valley National Park (California), and at Little Bonnie Claire Playa (Nevada).

3. Hidden Beach (Mexico)

Hidden Beach

Would you believe me if I tell you a bomb blast in Mexico resulted in a hidden beach? Located only a few miles off Mexico's coast, the hidden beach was caused by a blast by the Mexican Government as part of target practice. The beach is now every lover's dream destination: secluded and offbeat.

To get there, you must ride an hour-long boat. Once you land on the island, you have to swim or paddle through the waters to reach the secluded area. The beach is practically invisible to people.

Who knew bomb blasts could result in such picturesque sights!

4. Frozen Bubbles (Canada)

Frozen Bubbles (Canada)

Spectacular yet a dangerous sight, frozen bubbles can be seen in winters at Abraham Lake in Alberta, Canada. The phenomenon occurs when methane gas gets trapped underwater, freeze, and form otherworldly visuals. Such a large amount of methane trapped is highly inflammable. So even a lit match nearby can cause a giant explosion. In addition, the large amount of gas signifies how much warmer we are making our planet. The bubbles burst naturally at the onset of spring.

5. Pink Lake Hiller (Australia)

Pink Lake Hiller

Blue lakes are too mainstream. Lake Hillier is an oddity in Australia, because the water is, to be more accurate, bubblegum-pink. This striking lake is 600 meters in length and 250 meters in width. This natural phenomena was discovered in 1802. The reason for its unique colour is still unknown. However, most suspect it is the presence of unique microalgae (Dunaliella Salina) which produces carotenoids, a pigment in carrots too.

Most visitors catch this visual from helicopters or planes. The best thing about the lake is that you can swim in it. The water is quite saline so make sure you don't drink it accidentally.  

6. Light Pillars (USA, Canada, Arctic)

Light Pillars

Weather phenomena are the most unique ones. Light pillars are one of them. They look otherworldly, like beams of light coming from an extraterrestrial spacecraft. Narrow light paths are visible extending from the sky usually in the Arctic, and also some places in the US and Canada, where it's extremely cold. This illusion is created when cold air turns the moisture in the air to crystals. The crystals then slowly descend towards the ground. When lights from surrounding such as street lights hit the crystals, the effect results in a beautiful, thin and tall light illusion.

7. Sky Mirror (Malaysia)

Sky Mirror

Twice a month, during the new moon and full moon period, tourists can see a clear reflection of the sky in the waters of Sasaran Beach, Kuala Lumpur. This natural phenomena occurs because the tides are the lowest during these 2 days. The smooth sand and minimal water level create such an incredible sight. Also known as the “Mirror of the Sky,“ this shallow water beach is an amazing place to click pictures. Hence, making the island a perfect travel destination for your next holiday. You can also find baby clams in abundance at this beach. The secret island can be accessed by a 30-minute boat ride as it is located off the coast.

8. Fairy Circles (Namibia)

Fairy Circles

The Namib Desert in Namibia is unlike any other desert. There are eerie circular patches spread all across the desert (an area of 2500 km). These bare soil patches are popularly known as fairy circles. The mystery behind this was solved only recently. In 2017, Corina Tarnita, a mathematician stated that the patches are a combination of 2 things. One, the presence of vegetation with the absence of water. This makes the plants compete for resources and eventually disappear, leaving patches. Second, the patches are then taken over by termites. So it is the complex ecosystem that results in such a bizarre phenomenon.

9. Turquoise Ice (Russia)

Turquoise Ice

Lake Baikal in Russia is a gem of a lake, quite literally in fact. It’s the oldest, deepest, clearest, and largest freshwater lake in the world. The crystal clear lake water freezes during winters, when temperatures go down well below zero. The resulting ice formations are breathtaking to look at. Turquoise in colour, the gem-like ice shimmers in sunlight – straight out of a fantasy book.

Sometimes, nature likes to mess with our heads by presenting natural occurrences too surreal to be true, yet they are. Keep an eye out. You never know when you could encounter one!

This post was published by Yash Saboo

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