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"A multicultural haven."

Vancouver Tourism

Surrounded by mountains and beautiful scenery, Vancouver is a city known for its natural beauty and diversity. A city of many mixtures, contrasts and cultures, Vancouver is a must visit for any tourist.

Naturally picturesque and culturally diverse, Vancouver is perfect for a variety of pursuits- whether it be a hike in the mountains or theatre and music in the main square of the city, it offers a wide range of activities to amuse any kind of tourist. It had a large number of eateries, coupled with delectable fusion cuisine, unique to city itself, along with museums, festivals and many other entertainment options- followed by a great nightlife. Thus, this city is a must-visit for any tourist seeking diversity, fusion and adventure, in every sense.

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Vancouver Customs

Vancouver is like any other Canadian city, in the sense that tipping is encouraged, and there are very few dress codes that need to be followed.

Language of Vancouver

The language commonly spoken in Vancouver is English, and even the signage is primarily in English, which makes it easier for tourists to navigate their way around the city and communicate effectively. After English and Chinese, the most common languages spoken are Punjabi, German, Italian, French, Tagalog (Filipino) and Spanish.

History of Vancouver

Vancouver was initially occupied by a number of tribes (Squamish, Coquitlam (Kwayhquitlam), Katzie and Semiahmoo Indian tribes) and in the 15th and 16th centuries the Spanish settled in Vancouver for a while, after which John Vancouver (after whom the city is named) settled in the 18th century with the British. Then the famous Fraser Gold Rush occurred and people of many ethnicities came to settle down in Vancouver, after which the city steadily developed into what it is today, a multicultural society, with diversity.

Nightlife in Vancouver

Vancouver is filled with many options for nightlife, whether it be a laid-back winery with a jazz band or a loud club with dancing. There are many tiny bistros with breweries attached, where there is a great selection of alcohol, and there are many musical performances at many of these establishments. Tourists interested in trying their luck can give the casinos in the city a shot, and win big money.

Shopping in Vancouver

The city is filled with options for any kind of shopper, with local designers and boutiques to high-end fashion brands, souvenir shops, department stores, little ethnic stores that abound with culture, and wine shops. There are plenty of unique shopping centres, dotted with small chic boutiques and eateries, and some shopping options line the neighbourhoods and streets as well.

Currency in Vancouver

Major cards are accepted, with ATMs usually accepting cards worldwide. USD (American Dollars) can be used at times at major establishments, but they must be used while keeping exchange rates in mind. For the smaller shops, carrying Canadian dollars is advisable.

Exchanging Money in Vancouver

Tourists can exchange currency at the Vancouver International Airport, Canadian chartered banks, trust companies, credit unions, or at offices of foreign exchange brokers, but it is advised to have local currency on hand, before arriving.

Daily Budget for Vancouver

Vancouver is quite an expensive place, so even on a shoestring budget, tourists should have at leat CAD 50-80 at their disposal. For mid-range and luxury travellers, CAD 100 upwards is necessary.

Religion of Vancouver

With Christianity as the religious majority, Vancouver is also home to other religious beliefs such as Sikhism, Hinduism, Islam, Buddhism and Judaism. It has a quite cosmopolitan and secular atmosphere.

Restaurants and Local Food in Vancouver

Vancouver is famous for its multicultural food spots, and its delectable West-Coast seafood. Because of its cosmopolitan nature, it has a large number of fusion restaurants. This has created a hybrid cuisine in Vancouver, with no fixed dish dominating the area. Tourists can find tandoori chicken next to a poutine shop, which in turn can be next to a Japanese ramen shop. There are also plenty of gastro pubs, and wine bars, with plenty of options for any foodie.
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Vancouver can be reached by air, rail, waterways and roads.

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Ken Chiramel 10 months ago
Vancouver lies on the western coast of Canada, and is a thriving diverse metropolitan. Sandwiched between majestic mountains and sunny beaches, Vancouver offers something for everyone. Head on up to Whistler mountain during the winter months to take on the snowy slopes on skis or snowboards, and have a beer or two at Whistler village. Spanish banks and English bay beaches are sunny beaches during the spring months. Take a stroll along Stanley Park, a 405-acre spread that hugs the coast and offers scenic views the whole way. Head on down to Gastown, with its iconic whistling steam clock and its proliferation of chic and boutique cafes and eateries. Visit Granville street during the day to do some shopping and watch how it turns into a lively nightclub scene as the sun sets.
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