From Fully-Transparent to the Slimmest, 10 Unusual Houses Around The World You Can Stay In

Being inside our homes for so long can make most of us swear to never stay indoors for long. But these amazing options will change your mind! These homes around the world are so extraordinary you will want to save them up for your once-in-a-lifetime experience bucket list!

Here is a list of such 10 homes around the world that you won't ever, ever believe that you can stay in!

1. Transparent House, Japan

Transparent House, Japan

Let's say that you won't be hiding anything while staying in this state-of-the-art architectural marvel. Built by Sou Fujimoto Architects, House NA is a fully transparent building, built using glass and steel framing, though it doesn't look like it but the concept behind this design was based on the idea of living in a tree. Plenty of natural light, however no privacy, would you like to spend a night in this house?

2. World’s Slimmest House, Poland

World’s Slimmest House, Poland

Keret House is the world's slimmest house in Warsaw, Poland. A structure and art installation designed by the architect Jakub SzczÄ™sny is the narrowest house in the world with 3ft  at its thinnest point and 5ft at its widest. Named after its first tenant Etgar Keret, this two-story installation contains one bedroom, a kitchen, a bathroom and a living area with two non-opening windows. Even though it is used for residing, the house is considered as an "art installation" as  it does not meet Polish building codes. 

3. Dick Clark’s Flintstones Inspired Home, USA

Dick Clark’s Flintstones Inspired Home, USA

Television legend Dick Clark'shouse is the real-world version of the Flintstones' home. With one bedroom, two baths, a fireplace and many huge glass windows, the house is absolutely livable and built on over 22 acres of property. Offering amazing views of Serrano Valley, theBoney Mountains, the Channel Islands and the Pacific Ocean with a grand view of city lights and the gorgeous sunsets.

4. Slide House, Japan

Slide House, Japan
Relive your childhood in this unusual slide house in Japan! Designed by Japanese Studio LEVEL Architects, this is a three story house with fun slides at every level wrapped around the house on one side and staircases on the other. Meaning, you can descend by the stairs or by slide, perfect for kids as well as adults. House has living areas on the first floor with a play area with colourful balls to entertain themselves, A bedroom and bath on the top floor and a Japanese-style room and home office on the ground level. 

5. Church Converted Into Modern Family Home, Holland

Church Converted Into Modern Family Home, Holland

Since 1970, more than 1000 churches have been closed by the communities in the Netherlands, out of which almost third of all the churches have been demolished. In order to save the history and architectural wonders, Zecc Architecten have converted two of these churches into beautiful residences. These converted churches are grand, tastefully redecorated without hampering the original structure. Dwelling into the residential spaces like dining, living or bedroom with high ceilings and arches with huge glazed windows definitely better than the apartment homes!

6. Giant Seashell House, Mexico

Giant Seashell House, Mexico
Nautilus is a beautifully crafted exact replica of a sea shell designed by Arquitectura Organica’s own Javier Senosiain in Mexico. A giant sea shell stand with vibrant tinted glazed-wall is actually a residence with a living room, a bedroom, and a bathroom with gorgeous mosaic patterns. If anyone wonders what it would be like living in a shell, this is the perfect place to fulfill that fantasy. 

7. Skateboard House, Malibu, California

Skateboard House, Malibu, California

A heaven for skateboarders who always wished to bring the practice right into the house! The PAS house is the first of its kind that is used as skateboarding as well as everyday dwelling. The Skateboard house built in Malibu,California is a private residence in which all the surfaces of outdoor as well as indoor spaces can be used to skate. 

8. Upside Down House, Trassenheide, Germany

Upside Down House, Trassenheide, Germany

The Upside-Down House of Trassenheide was the first bottom-up dwelling to be built in Germany, built in 2008. Actually a part of the seaside resort of Trassenheide on the Pomerianian island of Usedom, it was built with a purpose to offer visitors a new view of everyday things. A best way to experience the whole world in a very different light by watching things the other way around! Called as “Die Welt steht Kopf '', meaning "The World Stands On Its Head" was built by Polish partners Klaudiusz Golos and Sebastian Mikiciuk, designing the entire house with all the furniture and tiniest home decor upside down.  

9. The Toilet House, Suwon, South Korea

The Toilet House, Suwon, South Korea

Founder of the museum and one time mayor of the city of Suwon, Sim Jae-Duck was born in a toilet at his grandparents' house. This might explain his obsession for all things toilet related. Famously known as Mr. Toilet, his obsession went so far that he demolished his existing house and rebuilt it in the shape of a giant toilet. Even the actual toilet in his house is right in the centre of the ground floor with a full size glass door, giving a perfect view of the living room and garden right from the sit. If he wants privacy, the glass turns opaque with just one flick of a switch. After his demise, the house was donated to the city and converted into a toilet museum. 

10. Waterfall Home, Pennsylvania

Waterfall Home, Pennsylvania

Built in 1935 by architect Frank Lloyd Wright, Falling water is a gorgeous hideaway in the rural southwestern Pennsylvania. The house is built over a waterfall on Bear Run, where a stream flows at 1298 ft above the sea level and breaks to fall at 30feet. Known as Fallingwater, the house was built as a weekend home for owners Mr.Edgar Kaufmann and his family and was designed using many design elements of Japanese architecture to create harmony between the family and nature.

Which of these homes were your favorite and would love to stay in? Let us know in the comments below.

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