Everything You Wanted To Know About The Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2016 !

Aamchi Mumbai, the city of dreams is also the city of rich culture, heritage, art and music. This mega-city is the throbbing hub of artists, musicians, authors, readers, designers and food connoisseurs. The colorful, warm and festive spirit of the city is a magnet for art lovers from across the world. Among the plethora of famous festivals of the city, the Kala Ghoda Art Festival needs no introduction. The festival has grown with leaps and bounds through years and has drawn over 150,000 people from all over the city. The huge variety of events adds to the worth watching extravaganza of the fest.

Kala Ghoda Art Festival  2016

Kala Ghoda Art Festival Source

This year, the festival begins from Saturday, 6th February, 2016 to Wednesday, 17th February, 2016. The festival is extended by three days for Make in India Festival. The 12-day festival promises an experience like never before and tops the wish-list of passionate artists and art-lovers. So, why wait? Brace yourself to witness the biggest art fest as we bring to you an exclusive range of information and all that you need to know and plan for the festival!

Dancing Puppets! - Kala Ghoda Art Festival (2016)

Dancing Puppets! Source

The festival takes place within the historic Kala Ghoda Art District. It is open to all, free of charge. The boundaries of the subdivided district can be roughly traced from the Regal Circle at the Southern end to the Mumbai University in the northern end; from the Oval Maidan to the west and the Lion Gate to the east.

Kala Ghoda Art Festival (2016)

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1) Inception

Since its inception in 1999, Kala Ghoda Art Festival has become the largest ethnic and multicultural festival of the city. The district is blessed with rich architecture and heritage. A blend of Indo-Saracenic , Neo-Gothic and Neo-Classical styled buildings highlight the district. Famous architectural wonders include the Elphinstone College, David Sassoon Library, Jehangir Art Gallery, Bombay University, Prince of Wales Museum, CSMVS and the Army and Navy buildings.

Glass Paintings  - Kala Ghoda Art Festival (2016)

Glass Paintings Source

2)  The Unique Art Festival

The Kala Ghoda precinct is rich with a wide spectrum of museums, art galleries and existing convocation, lecture and conference halls  under the Mumbai University, Elphinstone College and other neighbouring institutions. The festival is organised by Kala Ghoda Association every year. There are twelve sections of the festival including visual arts, cinema, dance, theatre, music, workshops, literature, urban design and architecture, food, street section, heritage walks and a section for children.

Jingle Bells  - Kala Ghoda Art Festival (2016)

Jingle Bells Source

Kala Ghoda Festival offers a vibrant spectrum of colour, culture and tradition. From heated literary and social discussions to workshops and book launches, from musical delights to dance performances, from mesmerising visual art to handmade crafts; the festival is a compelling delight for every art connoisseur.

Masterpiece!  - Kala Ghoda Art Festival (2016)

Masterpiece! Source

3) Venues of the Festival, KGAF 2016

Children -

Lawns of CSMVS, The Museum Mumbai Kitab Khana at Somaiya Bhavan

Children’s literature -

Kitab Khana at Somaiya Bhavan


Westside Restaurants in the district Food stalls at Rampart Road and Cross Maidan


Cross maidan Dance workshops at Somaiya centre, Somaiya Bhavan


The Coomaraswamy hall and the visitor centre at (CSMVS), The Mumbai Museum Auditorium at Bombay Natural History Society

Stand-up Comedy -

Irish House

Literature -

DSL Garden Artist’s Centre Author’s Lounge at Serafina Seminar Hall of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaja Vastu Sangrahalaya

Street and Stalls-

Rampart Row Cross Maidan

Urban Design and Architecture-

Library at Max Muller Bhawan NGMA Art Entrance Art Gallery


Somaiya Centre Artisan’s and Artists’ centre

Theatre -

Horniman Circle Garden Auditorium at NGMA M. C. Hall at Kaikashru Dubash Marg Stand up comedy at Irish House at Kaikashru Dubash Marg Gallery Beyond


Cross Maidan Steps of the Asiatic Society Library (Town Hall)

Visual Arts-

Rampart gallery Gallery 7 Lawns of Chhatrapati Shivaji Maharaj Vastu Sangrahalaya Art Entrance Artists’ Centre Coomaraswamy Hall Cross Maidan DSL Garden Tarq for Art Walks

Map of the Kala Ghoda Art Festival 2016

Map of the Kala Ghoda Art Festival Source


4) Highlights of KGAF, 2016

Kala Ghoda Art Festival promises a festive opportunity, to soak in the colours of art and culture. With art lovers flocking together, the extravaganza embellishes an aura of its own.

The KGAF is a magnum opus of Mumbai, with a wide kaleidoscope of legendary performances. This year, Kala Ghoda shall feature Ustad Amjad Ali Khan, jazz musicians and young artists, The Tara Sharma show for kids; classical, folk and contemporary dances; examinations of fiction and non-fiction masterpieces of the literary world and discussions with future planners and administrators. Along with this, the festival promises to mesmerize your senses with its surprises in visual arts, crafts, drama and cinema. Mark your calenders asap!

Strings of Harmony  - Kala Ghoda Art Festival (2016)

Strings of Harmony Source

5) Make In India, KGAF’16

This year the Kala Ghoda Art Festival is extended by three days to promote Make in India Festival. It will take part at Cross Maidan from 13th February to 17th February, 2016. The Make in India program will present various genres of art and crafts boasting about the cottage industries of the country , ranging from handmade products to exotic art. KGA will also ensure installations round the city to promote the Make in India fest.

Kala Ghoda Art Festival (2016)

Tinkling Sounds of Happiness, Source

6) Important Tips! (Happy to Help)

KGAF, Mumbai 2016

KGAF, Mumbai Source

Mumbai is a beautiful city; we all know that. So take your time out to explore this colonial marvel and walk around the unwinding streets of the city. The beautiful sea shores and beaches along with the spicy Chawpati experience is something you cannot afford to miss. The city is an architectural wonder with numerous breath-taking buildings. The weather and temperature in February is moderate and spring-y. A relatively independent and carefree city, Mumbai gives all that you want from it. The accommodation ranges from five-star hotels to lodges, motels and guest-houses. A well-connected and sporty city, Mumbai is a warm host for its guests. Do not forget to carry your camera, you don’t want to regret later. The city will touch your soul, you can trust me on this! Ready?



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