8 Best Places to Go Camping in Las Vegas

Las Vegas is known as the city to try some luck, but apart from the party life, there are many things to explore in Las Vegas. The city has many hidden campgrounds and RV parks enjoyed by travellers and the locals and camping in Las Vegas is a popular leisure-time activity. There are many unique RV parks and resorts in the city with a modern feel to the camping grounds, but the best are the ones outside the city with nature's touch. Nevada experiences extensive summers and chilled winters, which makes spring the best time for camping in Las Vegas.

Here is a list of the Top 8 Spots for Camping in Las Vegas:

1. Red Rock Canyon Campground

A picture of Red Rock Canyon Campground
Located just a 30 minutes drive from The Strip, Red Rock Canyon Campground is one of the best spots for camping in Las Vegas near to the city. The beautiful view of the sandstones and the seasonal streams at the camping destination makes it different from the city camping sites. The area has many individual camping sites for tents and RV with allocated facilities near the site. Activities such as bike riding, rock climbing, hiking and trails are popular among the visitors. The site also arranges for educational tours and guided hikes some days or on a prior request.
Amenities: The basic amenities provided to the campers at the site are toilets, drinking water, grills, BBQ, picnic tables and fire pits.

2. Boulder Beach Camping

A picture of Boulder Beach camping
Boulder Beach is one of the popular destinations for camping in Las Vegas, especially in the spring season. Located near the beautiful Lake Mead, the camping site is known for its beachside camping experience and activities. The popular activities enjoyed by the visitors include swimming, boating, fishing, and late-night fun activities. The River Mountains Loop Trail is one of the most visited trails and is easily accessible from the camping site. The camping ground is available for overnight tent camping and RV style camping in Las Vegas.
Amenities: Firepit, potable water, restrooms and picnic tables are the basic amenities available.

3. Valley of Fire State Park

A picture of Valley of Fire State Park
Located off the city's busy life is the beautiful Valley of Fire State Park known for its rich history. The unique rock formations and many exciting activities at the park bring many tourists each year. The camping ground is divided into two sections equipped with basic amenities. The site having the policy of first-come, the first-serve basis is always crowded by the visitors. Apart from tents, allocated RV parking facilities are also offered to the visitors. The popular camping activities at the site include the best hiking and trails in Las Vegas. There are also many educational sessions provided to know nature and attract many families to camping in Las Vegas.

Amenities: The basic amenities like restrooms, grills, and water are available to the visitors. Power and electrical assistance are given to RV campers with all the basic amenities.

4. McWilliams Campground

A picture of McWilliams Campground
Located 50 miles from downtown Las Vegas in the Spring Mountains National Recreation Area, McWilliams Campground is one of the best camping sites in Las Vegas. The site is a mountain area blessed with the natural beauty around it. There are also many rare species observed at the recreation area and at Mount Charleston in the Spring Mountains. The site also has many springs created that attracts many people to enjoy camping over here. It is an ideal place for tent camping, RV and for group camping with many different camp activities like hiking, trails, horse riding, rock climbing and many more.

Amenities: Drinking water, picnic tables, electric hookup, restrooms, fireplace and phone services are available at the site.

5. Willow Beach Campground & RV Park

A picture of Willow Beach Campground & RV Park
Willow Beach Campground & RV Park is located in the Lake Mead National Recreation Area and near the Colorado River. The campground is the best in Las Vegas, with dedicated sections for tents and RVs with a beautiful view of the desert, mountains, and the Colorado River. The camping site also has many different activities to entertain people throughout the day, like boating, biking, fishing, swimming and many more. For people who wish to explore nature in Las Vegas, Willow Beach Campground & RV Park is the best camping site to explore untouched nature.

Amenities: BBQ grills, Boat rentals, picnic tables, electrical hookup, drinking water, fire pit, gift shop, Wi-Fi, vending machines, restrooms and payphones are available at the camping site.

 6. Atlatl Rock Campground

A picture of Atlatl Rock Campground
Located at the Valley of Fire State Park, Atlatl Rock Campground is one of the most popular and the best camping grounds in Nevada, with a beautiful view of the red rocks and the desert. The campground has a large area dedicated to RVs offering the essential amenities. Apart from that, there are also private spaces for tents and group camping. The main attraction in March that brings many visitors to the park is its RiSE Festival. Exploring the historic sites, trails and enjoying the night with a bonfire are the best things to do at the Atlatl Rock Campground in Las Vegas.
Amenities: BBQ grills, camping tables, gift shop, drinking water, RV hookup, restrooms, Wi-Fi, Firepit and Visitor centre.

 7. Las Vegas Bay Campground

A picture of Las Vegas Bay campground
Las Vegas Bay campground is based on the first-come, first-serve basis for camping in Las Vegas. It is the best campsite for trailers, tents and RVs with a beautiful view of the Lava Butte Wash wildlife refuge and Lake Mead. Lake Mead usually has a low water level which takes some time through a drive or a trail from the campsite to reach the shore. The camping site also has many popular outdoor activities like swimming, fishing, hiking, kayaking and many more enjoyed by the visitors.  
Amenities: Picnic tables, drinking water, fire pits, host, restrooms and Wi-Fi are available at the camping site.

8. Thousand Trails Las Vegas RV Resort

A picture of RV at the camping site
Located near to the Las Vegas Strip, Thousand Trails Las Vegas RV Resort is one of the modern campgrounds in Las Vegas for RVs. The camping site is a unique combination of experiencing the desert in a new way. The campsite also allows dogs and has many activities like game night, movie night, karaoke and many more. For someone who wants to take out their time away from the casinos, this place is a must-visit then.
Amenities: RV storage, restroom, picnic table, Wi-Fi, clubhouse, dog park, swimming pool and stores are the basic amenities.
These are the popular campgrounds of Las Vegas to escape city life. Do you know of any other sites for camping in Las Vegas? Let us know in the comments.

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