Things to Do In Indonesia

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Indonesia is one of the world's most popular tourist destinations and is famous for its wide array of experiences that visitors can explore from its endless white sand beaches, to its stunning coral reef formations and its untouched marine biosphere which is perfect for diving. Spas and art abound in Ubud and Yogyakarta's temples make it among the most culturally diverse countries as well!

Here is the list of 16 Things to Do In Indonesia

1. Sufing in Bali at Some of the World's Best Surfing Beaches

One of the top surfing destinations in the world, Bali attracts millions of surfers every year to its turquoise waves. The Island of the Gods offers not only a cultural extravaganza, but a variety of surf spots for all levels and budgets. In fact, with a plethora of surf schools, pro-surfers and a vibrant culture of surfing in Bali, it is one of the best places in the world to learn surfing at. The dry season from April-August is the ideal time to ride the waves. Whether you're a newbie looking for quality training or an advanced surfer seeking some challenge, Bali's beaches have it all for you.

2. Explore Bali's Incredible Hindu Temples

Bali is famous for being a tourist trap, housing a little something for every traveller's agenda. With Hinduism being a major religion here, the landscape finds itself covered in Hindu temples, with unique motifs and extraordinary architecture that reflect the Shaivism and Buddhism influences present in the island's religious and cultural beliefs. Carvings of the Hindu trinity, featuring Lord Brahma, Shiva and Vishnu can be seen at these temples along with meditation spaces for Buddhist priests and trees adorned with clothes, a representation of the religious amalgamation seen here, termed as Agama Hindu Dharma or Balinese Hinduism. No trip to Indonesia is complete without visiting the temples in Bali.

3. Scuba Diving in Indonesia

Harbouring the second largest coastline in the world, Indonesia forms a part of the coral triangle with about 20% of the coral reefs found there and was voted the most popular dive destinations in the world in 2017. While in Indonesia, scuba diving is one of the activities one must engage in, due to the enriched marine diversity to witness and the thrill it provides. Divers usually claim that it is impossible to be done diving in Indonesia because of the variety of unique experience each spot can offer.

4. Rafting in Indonesia To Really Get Your Forearms Pumping!

Indonesia is famous for adventure sports like Rafting, hiking, rock climbing and surfing, and most of the tourists arrive in Indonesia for whitewater rafting in the swift currents of the Indonesian rivers. Most of the major islands in Indonesia are famous rafting spots. Some of the famous and most visited rafting spots by the tourists are listed along with their costs to make your trip a convenient one and memorable.


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5. Art Class in Ubud

4.5 /5

Taking an Art Class in this quaint little town in Indonesia is all that you need to unwind and get in touch with your inner self on your trip. The classes available are taken are by very friendly people who will walk you through the entire process with a lot of care.

6. Museums in Ubud, Ubud

3.7 /5

Enjoy a trip to a long list of museums that Ubud has to offer. Get away on an explorative journey of culture, food, art and everything else that falls in between!

7. Walk Through The Tegallalang Rice Terraces, Bali

3.8 /5

The Tegallalang Rice Fields in Ubud, Bali is a break away from the typical commercialized structures, offering a calm, beautiful scene of rice terraces that gently melt into paddy fields across the valley. Capture some exquisite photographs of the landscape, have coffee at one of the quaint little cafes or take a little detour through the Pakudui village nearby for some intricate wooden crafts.

8. Partying In Bali

With several multitudes of tourists pouring in every year, Bali is known for its party loving atmosphere. The excellent beach clubs, bars and pubs oozing out the enthralling vibes allures everyone passing by. So grab on a drink and fade in this world of ever rocking parties and night shows.

9. Get the Perfect Tan at These Indonesian Beaches

Indonesia has the second-longest coastline in the world and what this means is that there is no dearth of beautiful, pristine beaches in Indonesia! Beach-bums rejoice as you're heading to Indonesia to soak up some sun, catch a few waves, swim with manta rays and sharks in some of the world's finest beaches!

10. Skydive over Some of the Most Picturesque Locations in Indonesia

Do you look forward to adrenaline rush in vacations? Are you the one who searches for adventure sports destinations? Do you want an unforgettable experience in Indonesia? Then, skydiving is calling to you. Sky-diving, an extreme adventure sport, was developed to challenge man’s ability to experience free fall. If you’re planning a trip to Indonesia, then get ready to take a jump in the blue sky and let the winds carry you.

11. Go Island-Hopping in the World's Largest Archipelago

Comprising over 17,000 islands, Indonesia is the world's largest archipelago, and therefore it comes as no surprise that this country has innumerable island destinations to visit. From lush, green rainforests, to smouldering volcanoes, to pristine white-sand beaches, Indonesia offers everything to its visitors. The islands of Indonesia caters to everyone, from the party-animal to the solitude seeker, from the beach-bum to the adventure junkie, from the culture buff to the foodie, there is something for everyone to enjoy!

12. Get in Touch With Your Wild Side at Komodo Island - Home to the World’s Largest Lizard

4.0 /5

Komodo Island has been named as one of the new seven natural wonders of the world. Komodo Island, along with Rinca and the other islands that comprise Komodo National Park, is one of the only few places in the world where one finds Komodo dragons out of captivity. Apart from this, the island is also home to 25 different endangered species of the animal kingdom.

13. Gorge on World Famous Indonesian Cuisine

Indonesia is home to some incredibly tasty cuisines. They are mouth-watering and irresistible. Food is always an integral part of your travel and exclusive to your destination. So when you travel to Indonesia, make sure to try these unique Indonesians dishes. They are sure to please your palate.

14. Hiking in Indonesia for the Perfect Summit View

Hiking in Indonesia is one of the best ways to explore the country's diverse landscapes. The archipelago is home to open savannas, crystal blue waters, active volcanoes, lush green rice paddies and white sand beaches. It offers plenty of interesting hiking trails, taking its visitors through panoramic routes.

15. Shop Till You Drop At Jakarta's Larger Than Life Shopping Malls

It would be a crime to visit Jakarta and not go mall hopping. The capital city houses over 170 malls with plenty of fashion, food and fun to offer. You're bound to end up in front of a glitzy entrance tempting you to empty your wallet (or spend your entire Credit Card limit), but it's probably a good idea to know the can't-be-missed malls.

16. Street Shopping in Bali to Find the Perfect Souvenir

Bali is famous for its enchanting customs. The unique traditions, customs, art and culture is something that makes the island stand out. One can find a variety of handicrafts, traditional artefacts, clothes, food, jewellery in the markets in Bali.

The country's capital, Jakarta is also known for its glitzy fast-paced lifestyle that means that there is no shortage of things to do in Indonesia.