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"Home to the World’s Largest Lizard"

Komodo Island Tourism

Komodo Island has been named as one of the new seven natural wonders of the world. Komodo Island, along with Rinca and the other islands that comprise Komodo National Park, is one of the only few places in the world where one finds Komodo dragons out of captivity. Apart from this, the island is also home to 25 different endangered species of the animal kingdom.

However, ridden by the theft of these exotic creatures, it is reported that the island may also be closed for tourists for a period of one year. It is highly advised that you do not go looking for these exotic creatures on your own as they can be lethal and is illegal. Please do obtain the services of an official guide present on the island. Apart from this, the island is populated by approximately 2000 people whose sustenance is dependent on fishing and goat breeding to offer as a prey to the giant lizard.

It is well-advised that you carry all your essentials with you as facilities that are present in the fishing village can be few and far in between. There are a limited number of accommodation options available and those that are range from frugal to very basic. Komodo Island is comprised within the Komodo National Park which also encompasses the other two islands of Rinca and Padar. However, it is the Komodo and Rinca Islands that the Komodo Dragons inhabit.

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Tips for Visiting

  • When going to the island, tourists should bring sunscreen, swimsuit, towels and other diving equipment (these can also be rented from shops).
  • Tourists should also bring snacks as they are hard to find on the island.
  • For the ladies, it is advised to avoid visiting the island during their menstrual cycle as the Komodo dragons can smell blood from quite a distance which triggers their aggression, and this can be dangerous.
  • It is also advised that you do not go to do your daily chores such as bathing or toilet alone when in the wild, or even if you do, keep one eye open for these ferocious creatures.

Suggested Itinerary for Komodo Island

On the very first day, one can take a morning flight from Bali to Labuan Bajo and then book some hotel and drop your luggage. Head to the pink beach have some authentic Indonesian picnic lunch over there and then head to Manta point and do snorkelling. Come back have and dinner in a good place nearby beach enjoying the starry sky and then take a rest at your hotel. On the next day after breakfast hike towards the  Island and then come back to Komodo island. Take rest, enjoy the sunset by the sea. On the last day see the Komodo dragons, and then leave for Labuan Bajo.

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Komodo Island
Komodo Islands - Covers an Area of 390 Sq Kms
Pink Beach - One of the Most Visited Attractions in Komodo Islands
Magnificent Sunset View in Pink Beach

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FAQs on Komodo Island

What is the best time to visit Komodo island?

The best time to visit Komodo Island is from April to November. During April, one can enjoy the great weather with slight rain showers and fewer tourists around, while, during July and August, which are the most crowded months and peak time, the weather is too hot. September to November be the shoulder seasons to visit this beauty with a balanced crowd and relaxing weather.
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What are the places near Komodo island?

The top places near to Komodo island are Bali which is 1943 km from Komodo island, Jakarta which is located 2157 km from Komodo island, Lombok which is located 1948 km from Komodo island, Bandung which is located 2165 km from Komodo island, Surabaya which is located 1911 km from Komodo island

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