Common Indonesian Phrases Every Traveller Should Know

Exploring a new country can be an awe-inspiring experience, full of sights and sounds you haven't come across before. Indonesia is definitely one of those countries, where various religions, languages and cultures exist within its beautiful beaches, jungles, and rice fields. You wouldn't want your holiday to go awry because of miscommunication, something that can happen if you don't know where the toilet is or how much that shiny trinket costs. Learning a few common Indonesian phrases will not only help you out in sticky situations, but will also delight the locals.

Common Indonesian Phrases

Indonesian or Bahasa Indonesia is the official language of Indonesia, and known by almost everyone throughout the country. Although you'll hear Indonesian mixed with the region's native language often, it is your best option if you want to know a few words while travelling around the country. The official status of these common Indonesian phrases means that even outside the touristy areas of Bali, people will know the language. It's used for education, mass media, governance and all other administrative functions.

Common Indonesian Phrases

Hello, How are you? - Hai, apa kabar?

All Fine - Baik, Baik Saja

What's your name? - Siapa nama anda?

My name is.. - Nama Saya...

Good Morning! - Selamat Pagi!

Good Afternoon! - Selamat Siang!

Good Evening! - Selamat Sore!

Good Night! - Selamat Malam!

Long time no see - Lama Tidak bertemu!

Pleased to meet you - Senang bertemu dengan anda

No - Tidak

Yes - Ya

Thank you - Terima Kasih

How much/many - Berapa

Excuse me - Persmisi

I want... - Saya Mau...

I don't understand - saya tidak mengerti

Do you speak English? - Anda bisa bicara bahasa Inggris?

Do you speak Indonesian? - Anda bisa bicara bahasa Indonesia?

Yes, a little (in response) - Ya, sedikit

How do you say ... in Indonesian? - Bagaimana cara mengatakan ... dalam bahasa Indonesia?

Greeting Someone, Common Indonesian Phrases

Common Indonesian Phrases For Emergency:

Sorry - Maaf

I'm very sorry, I won't do it again -  Maaf sakali, saya tidak akan ulangi lagi

My wallet got stolen - Dompet Saya Di Curi

Help! - Tolong!

Fire! - Kebakaran!

Call the police- Panggil Polisi

Where's the toilet? - Dimanakah toilet?

Emergency, Police Car in Indonesia, Common Indonesian Phrases

Common Indonesian Phrases For Ordering food:

Excuse me Sir, is there a restaurant near here? - Permisi Pak, ada tempat makan di dekat sinin?

To eat - Makan

Spicy - Pedas (if don't want spicy, say Tidak pedas)

I would like one plate nasi goreng - Saya mau nasi goreng satu piring

I like spicy - Saya suka pedas

Oil - Minyak

Sugar - Gula

Drink - Minum

Rice - Nasi

Noodle - Mie

Delicious! - Enak!

Can I have the bill please? - Bisa Minta bon?

Indonesian Food, Common Indonesian Phrases

Common Indonesian Phrases For Farewell Greetings:

See You! - Sampai Jumpa!

See You Again! (sense of meeting again in the future) - Sampai Bertemu!

Take Care/ Be Careful - Hati-hati

GoodBye - Selamat Tinggal

Don't Forget Me! - Jangan Lupakan Aku

Farewell, Common Indonesian Phrases

Indonesian Phrases For Numbers:

1 - Satu ; 2 - Dua ; 3 - Tiga ; 4 - Empat ; 5 - Lima ; 6 - Enam ; 7 - Tujuh ; 8 - Delapan ; 9 - Sembilan ; 10 - Sepuluh

11 - Seblas

12 - Dua belas

13 - Tiga belas

14 - Empat belas

20 - Dua puluh ; 30 - Tiga puluh

100 - Seratus ; 200 - Dua ratus

1,000 - Seribu ; 10,000 - Sepuluh Ribu

1 million - Satu juta

Numbers, Common Indonesian Phrases

Common Indonesian Phrases Shopping:

Price - Harga

How much does it cost -  Berapa Harganya

Price is expensive - Harganya mahal

Cheaper Possible? - Lebih mura bisa?

I don't have enough - Saya Tidak Aya Cupuk

Very Expensive - Mahal Sakali

Shopping in Indonesia, Common Indonesian Phrases

Excuse Me (Permisi) to be used while asking a question:

To young males - Permisi Mas

To young females - Permisi Adek

To older men - Permisi Pak

To older women - Permisi Ibu

I would like to ask - Saya May Tanya

Your feelings:

I am pleased - Saya Senang

I am happy - Saya Gembira

I am sad - Saya Sedih

I am angry - Saya Marah

I am confused - Saya Bingung

I am satisfied - Saya Puas

I am sick - Saya Sedang Sakit

I am hungry - Saya Lapar

I am thirsty - Saya haus

I am feeling uncomfortable - Saya merasa tidak nyaman

Expressing Feelings, Common Indonesian Phrases

Indonesian Phrases Asking the time:

What time is it - Sekarang Jam Berapa

It is .. o'clock - Sekarang jam ...

Asking the Time, Common Indonesian Phrases


No worries! - Tidak apa ana

Great! - Bagus!

There is/ there is not - Ada/ Tidak Ada

Open/ Close - Buka/ Tutup

What is this - Ini Apa

With these common Indonesian phrases at the tip of your tongue, you'll have a much easier time getting around the country. Who knows, you might even escape overpricing once shopkeepers realise you understand the local tongue! Learning the language is a fun exercise that will give you an insight into the Indonesian way of living, so that you come back with richer memories of your holiday.

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