Mountains in Sri Lanka

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Mountains in Sri Lanka

Know for its serene beauty, Sri Lanka is home for many majestic mountains. Mountains in Sri Lanka not only offers breathtaking views but is also a paradise for adventure seekers. Also, these mountains have well-maintained forest area.

Here is the list of 3 Mountains in Sri Lanka

1. Adam's Peak - Most Famous Pilgrimage Site In Sri Lanka!

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As one of the most famous pilgrimage sites in the Indian subcontinent, Adam’s Peak is a 7,359 feet tall mountain in Sri Lanka, frequently visited by people of almost all major religions. It is widely known for Sri Pada, a foot-shaped indentation at the summit of the pyramid-like mountain. Also called the sacred footprint, the Buddhists believe that it is the footprint of Lord Buddha, the Hindus as that of Shiva, the Muslims as Adam’s, and the Christians as that of St. Thomas the Apostle.

2. Hanthana Mountain Range, Kandy

Mountains have the power to uplift your spirits; a reason why mountains are the most sought after destinations for all kinds of tourists. One such spot in the heart of the island country, Sri Lanka is Hanthana mountain range. The spectacular view that you get of the entire Kandy city from Hanthana mountain range will keep you awestruck for your entire journey.

3. Knuckles Mountain Range, Matale

Knuckles Mountain range is an unusual terrestrial landform located in Matale and Kandy, in Central Province, Sri Lanka. The name was given by the British, and the locals call this range 'Dumbara Kanduvetiya', which means mist-laden mountains. Knuckles Mountain Range is called so because of its uncanny resemblance to the fingers of a clenched fist. The range is a World Heritage Conservation Area and is relatively untouched. The range features 34 peaks, ranging between 900 metres to 2000 metres.

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