Lakes in Thailand - An Offbeat Reason to Visit Land of Smiles


Lakes in Thailand

A land famous for the lengthy coastal line along which rests some of the world-renowned beaches. The land that houses vast ecological sites with a wide variety of natural elements including exotic flora and wild fauna. The land of ancient heritage sites that flourish with the strong spirit of Buddhism. The country that boasts of its weird yet lip-smacking foods and relaxing massages. All these reasons are enough to attract a large mass of global tourists to Thailand. Well, these are not the only attractions in Thailand. There is one more reason that the Land of Smiles offers to its visitors to visit and smile. This reason is nothing but the calm and pleasant natural lakes and man-made reservoirs of Thailand. So if you are bored of the same old salty crowded beaches of the island, but still want to immerse into the beauty of the waters, here is the solution. Get along this article that lists some of the famous lakes of Thailand with breathtaking views. You will also find some good to visit man-made reservoirs and dams that also serve the purpose of touring. These water bodies of Thailand guarantees you a quality peaceful time with friends, family or self.

Here is the list of 10 Lakes in Thailand - An Offbeat Reason to Visit Land of Smiles

1. Cheow Lan Lake

The 185 square kilometres vast man-made lake of Thailand is situated in the Surat Thani province in Southern Gulf of Thailand. This lake is a result of the Rajjaprabha Dam built on the Phra Saeng River in 1982. It started as a multi – purpose built project by the Electricity Generating Authority of Thailand (EGAT) for electricity generation, flood control as well as to provide the waters for local regionals for irrigation and fishing. Apart from the fresh clear waters of the lake, you will also find a public park to visit on the bank of this lake. You can also hire up a boat for 500 to 1500 THB to enjoy a refreshing ride on the waters.

Things to Do

  • Watch out for the local wildlife flora and fauna of Khao Sok National park
  • Go for the long water rides by booking kayak or thai boats

2. Bueng Boraphet

Bueng Boraphet is the largest artificial freshwater lake of Thailand that covers almost 224 square kilometer of area of central Thailand. Originally it was a large swamp land which is a now a lake because of the water of the dam over the Nan River of Nakhon Sawan province. It is one of the main spots to undertake fishing activities in Thailand. This partial natural lake came into limelight with the discovery of the White – eyed River Martin birds which were spotted here only. However records now suggest that this species of bird might have got extinct. 

Things to Do

  • Watch the Siamese tigerfish, pheasant winged jacanas, Asian Open Bills etc.
  • Soak yourself into the cool breezes of the freshwater lake

3. Nong Han Lake (Sakon Nakhon)

The largest lake of North East Thailand in the thousand years old sacred province of Sakon Nakhon is the Nong Han Lake. It covers 125.2 square kilometer of area. This freshwater lake is deep enough about 2 to a maximum of 10 meters at varying spots. It contains the water from the River Nam Pung. This lake is a major spot for fishing as well with commonly found species of fish is the Puntius brevis. 
Things to Do

  • Enjoy the refreshing ride on Waters
  • Go for a raw wild forest trek near Nong Han Lake

4. Nong Han Lake (Kumphawapi, Udon Thani)

Popularly known as the “Red Lotus Lake”, this Nong Han Lake is situated in Udon Thani province of North East Thailand. It is also known as “Talay Bua Daeng” in the regional language which translates as “Red Lotus Lake”. If you happen to be in Thailand between December to March, then you must visit this lake without fail. Though the depth of this lake is not much with maximum 1 meter deep, it offers a great panoramic view.

Things to Do

  • Witness the Serene Sunrise and Chirping of Birds
  • Take a boat ride and enjoy the scenic beauty of the Red Lotus Sea

5. Kwan Phayao Lake

If you are longing for the pure spiritual feel of Buddhism, then this lake is a perfect spot to land your feet. The first largest fresh water lake of Northern Thailand is also the fourth largest fresh water lake of Thailand. This lake is 19.80 square kilometer of area that is flooded with waters of Ing River. It is the main source of water supply for nearby villages used for agriculture and farming. The weeds of this lake are used as fodder for animals. It is also a dwelling for 45 to 50 different species of fishes providing a good opportunity for fishing.

Things to Do

  • Bike along the tracks of the lake
  • Go for a boat ride and experience the magnificent nature

6. Songkhla Lake – Thale Sap, Thale Noi and Thale Luang

The next lake on the list which is actually a Lagoon is the largest natural freshwater lake of Thailand. Covering around 1082 square kilometers of area, Songkhla Lake is spread over the provinces of Songkhla and Phattalung in Malay Peninsula. The interesting fact about this lake is that it is a fusion of three different water bodies with bizarre shapes. These three water bodies are namely Thale Sap, Thale Noi and Thale Luang.

Things to Do

  • Encounter 180 species of water birds at Thale Noi waterbird sanctuary
  • Experience the Stunning Sunrise and Sunset View

7. Bueng Si Fai Lake

The third-largest freshwater lake of Thailand that rests in the centre of the country is a wonderful place to visit, especially for kids. Located in the Phichit province, this Oxbow lake is flooded by the Nan River. This lake offers a variety of tourist activities for an enjoyable trip. Not only the recreation or sightseeing but photography is also a great activity to explore here and collect some good photos fro your nature photographic profile.

Things to Do

  • Visit the nine faced aquarium building
  • Watch the beautiful sunset scenario at Bueng Si Fai lake

8. Huay Tung Tao Lake

The Huay Tung Tao Lake is the major attraction of Chiang Mai province. Built-up by King Bhumibol to solve the problem of water scarcity in the nearby villages is today a beautiful tourist attraction of Thailand. It is a wonderful destination for tourists to enjoy almost everything on the edge of the waters. There is an entry fee of 50 THB (for foreign visitors) to the lake and the visiting hours are from 08:00 AM till sunset.

Things to Do

  • Take a Boat Ride and Explore the Beautiful Scenery
  • Rent a bicycle and hike around the lake.

9. Pang Ung Lake

A paradise is situated in the province of Thailand near the border of Myanmar. The name of this paradise is “Pang Ung Lake”. On the Thai maps it is referred as “Ruam Thai”. It is mimicked as the “Switzerland of Thailand”. The reason is its tranquil beauty and picturesque image, at any time of the day. The Sun peeking from behind the gaiety mountains and reflecting its golden rays through the tall pine woods creates a perfect glitter over the calm waters. Amidst these glitters, the foggy air and misty vision make it a naturally perfect place for your camera to click some silhouettes.

Things to Do

  • Rent a tent and experience the romantic filmy stay
  • Setup the BBQ evening feast along the lakeside

10. Vajiralongkorn Lake

A concrete dam built on the Khwae Noi River in Kanchanaburi province of Thailand is popularly known as the Vajiralongkorn Lake. Initially, it was known by the name “Khao Laem Dam”. Later the lake derived its name in the glory of the King of Thailand named King Vajiralongkorn. This dam takes pride in being the first dam of Thailand that is CFRD (Concrete Faced Rock Filled) and generates 300 megawatts of hydroelectricity to shine out Thailand at night. It also serves to collect the flood water and supply the same to nearby farms for cultivation of paddy crops.

Things To Do

  • Hire a Raft From Local Vendors
  • Stroll Along the Lake

The list of the lakes in Thailand doesn’t ends here. Thailand has numerous large and small, natural and man – made, fresh and brackish water lakes and reservoirs to explore. Bored of the beaches, a get away from the city’s crowd and noise, an off trail to explore Thailand, love for water, etc. The reason can be anything to visit a lake in Thailand. Make sure you check a few and mark an offbeat reason of visiting Thailand.

This post was published by Monali Dholakia

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