Churches in Sri Lanka For A Blessed Experience

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Churches in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is house to quite a number of churches, most of them located in and around Colombo. The region in and around Colombo witnessed a lot of Portuguese and Christian influence which can be observed in the location of the churches and their architecture and design. Make sure to visit any of these churches in Sri Lanka to experience peace and tranquility.

Here is the list of 14 Churches in Sri Lanka For A Blessed Experience

1. St. Sebastian’s Church

A Roman Catholic Church designed in the Gothic Revival fashion, St. Sebastian’s Church was commissioned after Reims Cathedral in France. It took ten years for this church in Sri Lanka to be built in 1946. It annually celberates a festival on 20th of January which results in a procession and free food for poor people.

2. St. Mary’s Cathedral, Negombo

A testimony of neoclassicism, St. Mary’s Cathedral is a symbol of Protugese Christian influense on the city of Negombo. The church is painted in alabaster fashion and the outer walls are done in a soft pink colour. This church in Sri Lanka is one of the largest cathedrals and was completed construction in 1924.

3. Holy Cross Church

Holy Cross Church in Kalutara stands on an elevated area overlooking the ocean with some extraordinary coastal views. Owing to its excellent location and overall aestheticism that is evident in the intricate designs and statue of the Virgin Mary, this church in Sri Lanka has become a popular venue for weddings.

Mass Timings: Sunday - 7:00 AM; Saturday - 7:30 AM  

4. St. Mary's Church, Trincomalee

A beautiful church from the 1852, St. Mary's Church in Trincomalee is claassically done in white with blue margins that give it an ethereal taste.

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5. St. Lucia's Cathedral, Colombo

3.6 /5

St. Lucia’s Cathedral is named after the saint martyr St. Lucia who is considered to be the protector of those with eye troubles in Colombo. The St. Lucia’s Cathedral church is the oldest Parish church in Sri Lanka and is considered to be the seat of the Archbishop of the Roman Catholic Archdiocese of Colombo. St Lucia’s Cathedral was first established in 1760 and exhibited beautiful architecture of the Gothic style. The cathedral has a rich culture and heritage, which makes it a popular place in Colombo.

6. St. Mary’s Cathedral, Jaffna

Known locally as Periye Kovil for being surprisingly large and its Dutch-inspired architecture, St. Mary's Cathedral in Gurunagar of Jaffna is said to be more than 250 years old. According to local folklore, this church in Sri Lanka was built on the ashes of King Cankili's son, who was killed by the King himself because he converted to Christianity.

Mass Timings: Saturday - 5:00 PM

7. St. Mary’s Cathedral, Galle

Considered to be among one of the most beautiful landmarks in Galle owing to its remarkable architecture, St. Mary's Cathedral was built at the end of the 19th century by the Society of Jesus in dedication to the Blessed Virgin Mary.

Mass Timings:
Monday/Thursday/Friday - 7.00 AM
Tuesday/Wednesday/1st Friday - 5:00 PM

8. St. Anthony’s Cathedral, Kandy

This church in Sri Lanka is iconic for its lemon yellow and brown colours and St. Anthony’s Cathedral was built as a monastery and an abbey church. It was only later on that it was converted into a cathedral.

9. St. Anthony's Shrine, Colombo

St. Anthony's Shrine, built in 1828, is dedicated to St. Anthony of Padua and is a modern Roman Catholic church in the Kochchikade, Kotahena of Colombo.The shrine has an impressive Renaissance architecture and is a place of miracles and faith for both Catholics and non-Catholics. It attracts worshipers at all times of the day, especially on Sundays and is thus one of the most sought after churches in Sri Lanka. The 1st floor has a small museum dedicated to the memory of the patron saint, St. Anthony. The locals have a great belief that a lot of healing takes place at this Church. Amidst the crowd, the Church still exhibits a serene and godly atmosphere. There is also a shop where you can pick up some relics.

10. Basilica of our Lady of Lanka

One of the most famous Roman Catholic Church and Basilica in Sri Lanka, Our Lady of Lanka is situated in the city of Thewatta. A highly popular pilgrimage destination for Sri Lankan Christians receiving well over tens of thousands of pilgrims annually, this church in Sri Lanka is known for its unique design and structure that has influences from local and traditional Sri Lankan architecture.

Mass Timings:
Weekday: 9:30 AM
Sunday: 11:00 AM

11. Wolvendaal Church

Located in the town of Pettah in Colombo, Wolvendaal Church is one of the more significant remnants of the Dutch Colonial era and is one of the oldest Protestant churches in Sri Lanka that is still in use. Constructed in 1757, according to Roman and Greek architectural influences, Wolvendaal is truly a sight to behold.

Timings: 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM

12. St. Luke’s Church

Sinhalese architecture has never been celebrated as much as within the design of St. Luke's Church in Borella of Colombo. The church which was consecrated in 1941, also plays an essential part in the history of the Church Missionary Society and is one of the most prominent churches in Sri Lanka among the Anglican Churches.

Mass Timings:
Sunday - Holy Communion Service - 6:00 AM
Sinhala - 7:15 AM
English - 8:45 AM

13. Our Lady Shrine of Madhu

Home to over 400 years of history enclosed in beautiful European Revival Baroque architecture, Our Lady Shrine of Madhu in Mannar is a pilgrimage centre for Sri Lankan Catholics. Considered to be the holiest Catholic shrine in the whole of Sri Lanka, this church in Sri Lanka also acts as a symbol of unity between people of different faiths and religion.

Mass Timings:
Daily: 6:00 AM(Tamil) 6:45 AM(Sinhalese)
Weekends: 11:15 AM

14. Groote Kerk, Galle

Within the Galle Fort is one of the oldest Protestant Churches in Sri Lanka. Groote Kerk was constructed in 1755 at the highest point inside the Galle Fort which stands 12 meters above sea-level by the Dutch in forms of impressive Roman and Greek architecture similar to the Wolvendaal Church.

Now that you have a list of churches in Sri Lanka, make sure you add them to your itinerary to learn more about churches while visiting Sri Lanka!

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