Alluring Bhutan Mountains With Beautiful Views

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The kingdom of Bhutan with its stunning landscapes and natural beauty, without a doubt, makes this country a must-visit for all nature lovers. Located in the foothills of the mighty Himalayas, Bhutan boasts of breathtaking natural beauty and stunning mountain ranges, which makes it a great destination for trekkers as well. Being among the first ‘carbon negative’ countries in the world, a trip to Bhutan will surely make you come to life with its fresh air.

Here is the list of 10 Alluring Bhutan Mountains With Beautiful Views

1. Gangkhar Puensum

Standing tall at 24,836 feet, the Gangkhar Puensum mountain in Bhutan is the world’s highest unclimbed mountain and the 40th highest mountain in the world! Due to local beliefs, mountaineering on Gangkhar Puensum has not been allowed for years now.  However, you can still have a look at this gigantic natural wonder which is easily visible if you are trekking from Thimpu towards Bamurpa.

Elevation: 7,570m
Commonly known as: The highest unclimbed mountain in the World
Located in: Bhutan-China Border

2. Kula Kangri

Located in a remote area near Northern Bhutan, Kula Kangri is a picturesque mountain and there still remains quite a lot of dispute on whether this mountain range is a part of Bhutan or Tibet. Visiting Kula Kangri would be easier if you are travelling to Nepal. After visiting Lhasa and the other viewpoints nearby, you can drive to the Kula Kangri Base camp, around 350Kms from there.

Elevation: 7,538m
Best to climb during April, May, September, October
Located in: Tibet (disputed)

3. Tongshanjiabu

Situated between Bhutan and China, Tongshanjiabu is mostly restricted and has no official records of mountaineering. It is the world’s 103th largest mountain and has been restricted for climbing till date due to its dangerous steep and as it remains snow caped throughout the year. Tour packages in Bhutan do not offer a trip to this mountain.

Altitude: 7204m
Located in: Between Bhutan and China

4. Jomolhari

When in Thimphu, you should definitely visit Jomolhari . It gets as low as -10 degrees near this mountain so if you plan to visit Jomolhari, make sure you bring loads of warm clothes with you. If you like trekking then this is a great choice but do pack warm sleeping bags for the night. Jomolhari looks the best when snow covered and it becomes all the more adventurous

Altitude: 7326m
Temperature: as low as -10 degrees
Commonly known as: Bride of Kanchenjunga
Located in: The border of Tibet, China, and Thimphu district of Bhutan.

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5. Mount Jitchu Drake

Mount Jitchu Drake is easily accessible from Jolmolhari and since both these peaks are located very close to each other, it would be better if you plan a trip to these mountains on the same day. Most tourist packages to Bhutan cover this peak and if you are interested in trekking then do pack accordingly because it is quite secluded and things won’t be easily available there.

Altitude: 6662m
Located in: Paro

6. Bhutan Black Mountains

Bhutan Black Mountains lie between the Mangde river in the east and Sankosh river in the west. If you are going towards Punakha, you can enjoy the breath-taking view of this mountain range. Bhutan Black mountains.The Black Mountains have remained isolated for years now and is home to many ethnic and traditional diversities.

Altitude: 4575m
Located in: Sub-range of the Hilamayas

7. Kangphu Kang

Kangphu Kang, situated on the border between China, Bhutan, and Tibet, is in the middle of a big U-shaped valley. From Lehedi, you have to go towards the Chu Num river which you have to cross via a bridge and then you can finally spot the gigantic Kangphu Kang. It is an extremely breath-taking mountain with natural beauty and is a must for adventure as well as nature lovers.  

Altitude: 7204m
Temperature: border between China, Bhutan, and Tibet

8. Gipmochi

Gipmochi Mountain, located in between Sikkim and Bhutan lies in the Lower Himalayan range. There is also a dispute due to the claims by the Chinese, as they consider this mountain as its tri-junction. 

Altitude: 4427m
Commonly known as: The Great Queen, Geymo Chen
Located in: between Sikkim and Bhutan Border (Disputed)

9.  Liang Kang Kangri

Liang kang Kangri, a peak in the Himalayas is located at the at the Bhutan China border. Liang kang Kangri stands tall at 7,535 meters and is among the top mountains in Bhutan. It is near Gangkhar Puensum and Tangguo and is the second highest unclimbed mountain in the world, after Gangkhar Puensum.

Altitude: 7535m
Located in: Bhutan China Border

10. Masang Kang

Masang Kang is located in the Jigme Dorji National Park, in the North of Bhutan. The enchanting mountain of Masang Kang, located near the Lava Village stands tall beside the Mo River. Easily accessible by car, this mountain is a great one for light trekkers and if you love hiking, you should definitely give it a try.

Altitude: 6556m
Located in: Jigme Dorji National Park,Bhutan

Each and every part of Bhutan is worth a picture and the memories worth cherishing. You can’t just miss these mighty mountains if you are in Bhutan. But make sure, when you are travelling to Bhutan for a vacation, you should refer to a proper tour guide, and have warm clothes at all times. So, get ready! Hop on a plane and discover the beauty of the ‘land of thunder dragons’!

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