5 Farmhouses in Paro - A Way to Connect with Bhutan

While you are in Paro, you do not necessarily need to spend thousands in a small hotel room. Farmhouses in Paro are a much better option to spend the night at reasonable prices. With a clear sky above our heads, a massive green farm and an aura of peace and serenity, away from all the regular chaos, this is the reality that farmhouses in Bhutan have to offer. 

1. Paro Penlop Dawa Penjor Heritage Farmhouse

Farmhouses in Paro
Located in the heart of the town, Paro Penlop Dawa Penjor Heritage Farmhouse was built in 18th century by the then Governor of Paro. Now doubling up as a farm stay, there are 5 spacious rooms for visitors to stay. Having three storeys, the hosts are friendly and generous. All the basic facilities such as room service, car parking, meal provisions etc. are provided. In fact, the farmhouse has a lounge service as well, for you to have a wholesome living experience. 

While you are here, then it is advisable to try the hot stone bath. It soothes the body and rejuvenates the mind. There is a heritage museum where some antiques are displayed. The hosts give a complete tour of the house and make you feel at home. The food served is simple yet delicious. There is a farm right in front of the house, which offers a perfect morning view from the balcony. The sunset looks fascinating from here.
Price: The cost starts at around BTN 2,750.
Address: Gaptey, Paro 12001, Bhutan
Attractions Nearby
All the major tourist attractions of Paro, such as Paro Chhu, Rinpung Dzong and National Museum, are in the vicinity of the farmhouse, and hence it is easy to access.

2. Traditional Bhutanese Farmhouse

Farmhouses in Paro
A three-storeyed farmhouse, Traditional Bhutanese Farmhouse is located on the outskirts of Paro Valley. Following the Bhutanese architecture, the house is made entirely of earthen soil, and no use of iron has been made in its construction. The first floor is where the family resides and the second floor has a kitchen and a huge dining room. The rooms are big and spacious and the efforts are made so that you face no inconvenience is faced during your stay.


  • Rice fields surround the authentic farmhouse and give it a rural appearance, which is the best part about it. It is an ideal place to get an insight into the lifestyle of locals. On request, one can also learn the usage of ancient farming tools, which are being preserved here. 
  • Taking a bath in the traditional bathtub is a mesmerizing feeling and a wonderful experience. The basic facilities such as hot water, beddings, meals are all provided. The meals served are basic and sober. 
  • It is an ideal place to stay if one wants to connect with the indigenous livelihood of the country.

3. Tshering Farm House

Farmohouses in Paro
Serving since 2002, Tshering Farmhouse offers a comfortable home-like experience to visitors. Here, one gets to taste the authentic Bhutanese cuisine, served in the traditional way. Sharing your travel stories with the family and listening to their own experiences is a wonder in itself. A hot stone bath in the wooden tub here is relaxing and makes your stay worthwhile. 

Price: You can experience all this in just BTN 700. Isn't it a once in a lifetime opportunity?
Address: Damjee, Paro, Bhutan
Phone Number: +97517687642

4. Ama Choeday's FarmStay

Farmhouses in Paro
Adding a Bhutanese flavour to your stay in Paro, Ama's FarmStay offers their guests a warm welcome and promises you a comfortable stay. The hosts are very friendly and generous and never deny any kind of help. The kids in the family are also lovely and nice to talk to. They provide a simple and modern Bhutanese cuisine. It is simply delicious and satisfying.

The rooms do not have an attached bathroom, as per the traditional houses, giving one an authentic sense of staying at a farmhouse in Bhutan. But a private bathroom is given to the visitors which has a geyser as well. The house was built in the 19th century and hence there are many things in the house from that era. The family is kind enough to give you a tour of the house.

  • The secret passageways and the storerooms give the house an old look, which is the best part about it.
  • There is a farm just outside the house, which provides a heartwarming view from the balcony.
  • On request, one can also milk the cows. They will guide you about how to do it and the experience is absolutely cherishable.
  • The hot stone bath is enjoyable and relaxing. These experiences, which one can never get in a hotel or resort, do not empty your wallets either.
Price: The price starts from just BTN 1,600.
Address: Lango Village, Paro 12001, Bhutan

5. Sonam's Farmhouse

Farmhouses in Paro
Providing its guests with all the basic facilities, such as beddings and food, Sonam's Farmhouse is known for its hospitality and providing the best of Bhutanese culture. The house is located on a small hill, overlooking Shomo valley. The valley has paddy fields all over, which gives an indigenous feeling.

There are forests all around. It is a perfect place to spend time away from pollution and mayhem. Simple and traditional breakfast is served. Altar room is available on request if you wish to meditate and spend some alone time. The hot stone bath appeases the whole body and mind. 

Price: The rent for one night is around BTN 4,050. All the services are promised under one roof, in a homelike environment.

The farmhouses in Paro are the reflection of world-famous Bhutanese generosity and hospitality. So, instead of spending thousands of bucks in a 5-star hotel, where you are just a guest, be a part of a family this time. And farmhouses in Paro give this perfect opportunity!

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