Best Time To Visit Stockholm

What is the best time to visit Stockholm?

The best time to visit Stockholm is in the summer season, from June to August. The hottest month is July with the average temperature at about 20°C to 26°C. During the spring and autumn seasons, the temperature of the city falls gradually. The winter season in the city is frigid. The average temperature would be about -5°C to 1°C. But these temperatures are again the ideal time for tourists who want to enjoy Christmas and also for those who are interested in winter sports.

Weather in Stockholm


Upcoming Stockholm Weather

Monthly Weather in Stockholm

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 6°/ 2° 5 days
February 5°/ -0° 4 days
March 7°/ -1° 7 days
April 11°/ 3° 1 days
May 15°/ 6° 6 days
June 22°/ 12° 2 days
July 21°/ 12° 7 days
August 22°/ 13° 12 days
September 17°/ 10° 5 days
October 10°/ 5° 7 days
November 6°/ 3° 12 days
December 5°/ 1° 10 days

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Stockholm in Spring (April to May)

Weather in Stockholm would fluctuate during the Spring season as the temperature starts to rise gradually. The average temperature in the city would be in the range of 2.7°C to 18.2°C. The place might experience rain for about 3 to 5 days per month.

The average weather conditions of the city in April would be sunny in with a little bit of cloud in the sky. During the day time temperature would be about 9°C along with the light breeze from the Baltic Sea that would increase the comfort level for the tourist during these months.

During the night the temperature would fall to 1°C. The average temperature in May would be around 16°C to 6°C. The heat would rise gradually during this month. The average time for receiving the Sunshine would be about 17 hours.

This season is the second busiest season for the tourism in the city of Stockholm. According to the locals, springtime is one of the best times for visiting the beautiful city of Stockholm. Visitors would also enjoy the cherry blooms of on streets Kungstradgarden.

Key Events in Spring
  • Walpurgis Night event takes place on 30th April everywhere in the country. This festival is to celebrate the arrival of spring into the country. This is one of the famous festivals in Sweden.
  • Kulturnatt Stockholm is the cultural festival that takes place on 27th April every year. On this day different kinds of arts would be displayed in various places across the city. Admission to these venues is free of cost.
  • Urban Connection Festival: This is a dance festival, where dancers from all over the world come to take part in May. 

Stockholm in Summer (June to August)

Stockholm during the summer is very lively with generally warm weather. The average temperature in the city would be about 13°C to 22°C. During this season, the sun sets late, thus providing a lot of time for activities. Hiking and sailing are the most popular activities during this season. 

The average temperature in June and July is usually around 15°C to 18°C with low humidity. The month of August is the best time in the city of Stockholm since the temperature is hovering between 12 - 17 degree Celcius. Travellers might also experience seasonal showers.

There are several things to do while you are staying in the city. For the sightseeing, the tourist can follow the leafy trail to Norr Malastrand to get a view of the beautiful Lake Malaren. Tourists could also catch a ferry to visit the greenest island of the city. Apart from this, there are lots of festivals and events during these months.

Key Events in Summer
  • Stockholm Marathon is an annual marathon that takes place in the city on 2nd June of every year.
  • Stockholm Early Music Festival is another famous festival that happens during June.
  • Midsummer festival is one of the famous festivals in Sweden. This festival takes place from 20th to 25th June.
  • Smaka pa Stockholm is the food festival that takes place in the city every year from 5th June to 8th June.
  • Parkteatern is an Art festival that takes place in various parks across the city in July.
  • Stockholm Skateathon is the event where any skateboarder would be able to participate. The length of the full course would be about 12 km. Tourists who can skate could also participate and enjoy the fun of skateboarding.
  • Stockholm Street Festival is another famous festival that takes place from 30th June to 3rd July. During these four days, many performers would perform their skills on the street.
  • Kulturfestivalen is the annual music and cultural festival that place in August every year. This festival is a mixture of arts and culture. Every year a different theme is selected for the basis of the festival.
  • Midnight Run is another event take place in Stockholm in August. The race covers about 10,000 Km across the whole city.

Stockholm in Autumn in Stockholm (September to November)

The weather in Stockholm during Autumn is when the city first experiences snowfall in the entire year. The temperature would gradually start to fall with mild rainfall. The average temperature in Stockholm would be about 18°C to 3.4°C. The total time for sunshine would also decrease gradually with high humidity. This is the time when the city receives both snow and rainfall for about 5-7 days a month.

The average temperature of Stockholm in September would be around 13°C to 10°C. On the warmer day, it would reach up to 15°C. The humidity and heat level would be low, making this month the perfect time for hiking tours and fishing. Visitors might be able to enjoy 7 hours of sunshine this month.

Activities like picking wild mushrooms and rooftop hiking are most popular during this season. Apart from that, there are several festivities, with Halloween being the most popular one.

Key Events in Autumn
  • Stockholm Beer & Whisky Festival is the festival is primarily for tasting fresh beer and whiskey. This festival starts from mid-September and ends in early October. 
  • Stockholm Half Marathon is the annual marathon that takes place in September. The racecourse would pass through several inner parts of the city and would finish in front of the Royal Palace. 

Stockholm in Winter in Stockholm (December to March)

Winter in Stockholm is frigid and dry. The average temperature of the city during the winter season would be about -5°C to 9°C with snowfall almost throughout the day. The length to the daytime would decrease to the six hours per day. By December, the temperature could drop to as low as -3 degree Celcius and -1-degree Celcius in January.
There will be only 2 hours of sunshine every day.
This is a good time for budget travellers, as the hotel tariffs are cheaper. Activities like skating, downhill skiing at Hammarbybacken and Cross-country skiing at Hellasgarden are most popular.
Key Events in Winter
  • Christmas shopping is one of the top attraction for tourist visiting during December.
  • During the winter months, visitors would be able to watch northern lights. This phenomenon could be observed over the months of the entire winter season.
  • New Year Eve is the time when the streets of Stockholm are vibrant with fireworks and night parties.

Stockholm in Peak Season

The peak season for tourism in Stockholm is from June to August. This period falls under the summer season for Sweden. The weather is comparatively cooler and comfortable than the other months of the year. Although, a high season, the rates of hotel tariffs, transportation and lodging could be very high. Mid-July to Mid - August is the busiest time for beach activities and campsites.

Stockholm in Shoulder Season

Shoulder season is the best season for adequately exploring the city in a better way. Shoulder season, apart from a little rain, is a great time to visit the city. Spring and Autumn in Stockholm are considered as the shoulder seasons. The accommodation and transportation charges are way lower than the other seasons. It's a great time to enjoy the blossoms and drizzles in Stockholm when the entire city looks vibrant. Although not a lot of activities happen in the city, the gardens and museums are great places to spend time.

Stockholm in Low Season

Winter is the off-season in Stockholm when the number of travellers are lesser. The temperature might be in negatives throughout the season. The unbearable cold is not very favourable for most of the travellers visiting the city. However, accommodation charges are cheaper. Christmas and New year Eve are however crowded with night markets, theatres, ballets and fireworks. The markets are filled with Swedish products, crafts, ornaments, delicious food and confectionaries.

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