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What is the best time to visit Russia?

Russia is considered to be at its peak during the summer. When the areas are not covered by snow, the true beauty of the landscape stands out. Greenery abounds and a lot of different birds can be spotted. During the other months, it gets extremely cold and is not at all favourable for tourism.

December - February (Winter)

These are the cold months of Russia. It often snows during this period. The lakes and rivers tend to get frozen, making them ideal for skiing and ice-skating.

March - May (Spring)

This is a very pleasant time to visit Russia. Spring means everything around comes into full bloom. It is not very hot either, so it becomes an ideal time to visit, so that you can make the most of the weather and the different sites. Gardens, parks and streets are filled with people enjoying the sunshine and the beauty.

June - August (Summer)

Summer in Russia is also extreme. It does become very hot. Strawberries grow richly in fields and gardens towards the end of June. It is cloudless and bright during this period. September brings in the monsoons, so come August, the temperature drops at times.
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