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Orchidville, Singapore Overview

Orchidville is one of the public farms at Kranji Farms in the northern part of the city. The largest orchid farm in Singapore, it showcases many varieties of the orchid on 43 hectares of land occupying the Mandai Agrotechnology Park.

Initially, just a cultivator and supplier of orchids around different parts of Singapore, Orchidville has grown to harvest more than 20 vegetables in their 15 greenhouses. It includes salad greens such as iceberg lettuce and kale, and local vegetables such as Chinese cabbage, spring onions, etc. All their vegetables are cultivated in a pesticide and fertiliser free environment, where the produce is fresh and free of chemical preservatives. Orchidville also specialises in a unique farm-to-table experience in their in-house restaurant Forrest, where the food served is all locally produced at the farm. Orchidville is a must-visit if you're planning to make a trip to Kranji Farms.

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The in-house restaurant named imaginatively as Forrest serves authentic Chinese dishes prepared with pesticide-free quality ingredients sourced from the farm itself. The diners are pleased to find the service to be detailed and high class providing a unique dining experience for the tourists.

Set Menu
Visitors can choose between a set menu that includes a fish maw soup, fried prawns and a German fusion dish containing Pork Knuckle. The seasonal Shiitake mushroom served to the diners happen to be farm fresh with deep-fried sea bass served with a signature Hong Kong sauce. Eu-Fu noodles with crabmeat are served as a side with an Aloe Vera dessert coming up as a fitting finale to the meal.

A La Carte
Tourists who are not too keen on the set menu can opt for Ala Carte dishes with the menu offering a huge variety of dishes with choices of seafood, soups, meats, tofu, vegetables, beverages & desserts being available aplenty. Fried rice & noodles can be chosen according to taste.

  • Volcano Rock Charcoal baked Kampong chicken can be ordered on Sundays and public holidays for dinner only. The chicken is wrapped up in fresh lotus leaves and slow-cooked for 3 hours over charcoal. The dish happens to be super moist and juicy when served hot to the diners who need to order it in advance.
  • Buah Long Long fruit juice is priced at SGD 3.50 per glass. It is made out of fresh and locally grown Ambarella fruit with the juice being rich in Vitamin C and antioxidants.

How to Reach Orchidville

To get to Orchidville, one must first get to Kranji Farms. However, taking the public transport might be a bit of a hassle as there is no direct bus to Orchidville, and the nearest stoppages are a hefty walk.

To get to Kranji Farms, the most recommended route is to take Kranji MRT and exit C. Once here, the shuttle bus Kranji Express is the best way to reach Kranji Farms. The fare of the bus is SGD 3, and you can use the same ticket to make various trips. The bus leaves Kranji MRT at 8:30 AM, 9:30 AM, 11:00 AM, 1:00 PM, 2:30 PM, 4:00 PM, 5:45 PM

For those who are driving to Orchidville, it lies on Sungei Tengah Road. Take Exit 5 on the BKE-KJE road, turn right at the junction of roads where the Orchidville signboard is put up, and turn into Sungei Tengah Road. Orchidville is another 900 metres from there.

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