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Chestnut Park, Singapore Overview

Chestnut Nature Park, opened in February 2017, is Singapore’s largest nature park, covering a total of 81 hectares. It is located on the eastern end of Chestnut Avenue, beside the Central Catchment Nature Reserve. The Park consists of two parts, in the north and the south, with the Northern part being four times larger than the Southern part. The Chestnut Nature Park was especially made for biking and hiking enthusiasts and is the only nature park in Singapore with separate trials being made for both. There are three picturesque hiking trails in the Park, two in the North and one in the South. While the Northern Trails lead through a lush green landscape under groves and over lakes, the one in the South winds through a rocky terrain and large grasslands, before subdividing into two more trails.

Chestnut Nature Park is also famous for its eleven different trails designed for mountain bikers. These trails have been divided into various levels of difficulty. Alongside the biking trails, Chestnut Park also has a pump trail which allows bikers and kids to practice their biking skills. The park is also an excellent spot for bird watching, tree watching and even nature photography. These activities are enabled by the fact that the park is populated by various native tree species, further aiding the ongoing biodiversity conservation efforts of the Singaporean Government.

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Chestnut Nature Park is the first nature park in Singapore which has different trails for hiking and biking.

Hiking: The two hiking trails at Chestnut Nature Park (North) measure a combined distance of 3.5km. The Northern Loop trail is not a loop and ends at a tiny hut. This trail starts off as a paved road before it becomes a cobbled pavement, finally ending up as a dirt track. This trail winds through groves of trees and provides hikers with several scenic views of the dense flora. The other trail at Chestnut Nature Park (North) is the Nature Trail. This trail runs beside the gurgling stream, also going over it, providing hikers with a lovely trekking experience. Hikers can spot large durian trees, magnificent ficus trees and tree ferns on this gorgeous trail, as well as the ruins of old kampong buildings, wells and roads. The trail in Chestnut Nature Park (South) is 2.1km long and is sectioned into the Sunbird Trial, the Drongo Trail, and the Munia Trail. It ends at Chestnut Drive and hence, forms a loop. A rocky and hilly trail, it is dotted with huge moss covered, granite boulders. It opens out into large fields, covered by tall lalangs. Combining the length of the trails in the North and South, the hiker gets a total 5.6km of hiking trail in the nature park. There are several huts along the trail where hikers can get some rest, as well as maps and markers which can help them understand where they are.

Mountain Biking: The Mountain Biking trail at the park is 8.2km long and has various levels of difficulty ranging from easy, moderately difficult, very difficult and extremely difficult. Visitors are advised to choose the trail carefully according to their skill set. There is also a pump track which has slopes and is designed for bikers to practice and improve their skills within a controlled environment. The pump track can be used by riders of all skills including kids, as it has four subsections of which two are intermediate, one is easy and other is the fast bowl. Another feature is the Bike Park which has been made specifically for experienced mountain bikers. It helps them develop their biking skills, and practice technical features like drop-offs and jumps.

Apart from hiking and mountain biking, there are a few other activities visitors could choose to engage in while at the Chestnut Nature Park.
  • Bird Watching: A popular activity to do at Chestnut Nature Park is bird watching. The thick foliage provides a perfect environment for several birds to nest and roost. Rare birds like the Straw-headed Bulbul, the Brown-chested Jungle Flycatcher, the bright orange Banded Woodpecker, the tiny Orange-bellied Flowerpecker and the long-beaked Little Spiderhunter can be spotted among the trees of Chestnut Nature Park. Some lucky visitors can also spot the beautiful Striped Kukri Snake which is known for the vivid orange stripe running down its back.
  • Tree Watching: Chestnut Nature Park is an excellent site to do a tree watching. The park houses a variety of native tree species like the Braided Chestnut (Castanopsis inermis), Singapore Walking-Stick Palm (Rhopaloblaste singaporensis) and the Jelutong (Dyera costulata). These splendid trees can be spotted by hikers and bikers on their trails through the park. Other wonderful trees at the Chestnut Nature Park include the endangered Kayu Arang, the Small-leaved Oil Fruit with its brilliant red leaves, the Mengkulang shrub and the endangered Fan Palm with lovely, broad fan-shaped leaves. The trees also play host to many different types of wildlife, including birds and squirrels.

  • Smoking is not allowed within the park.
  • No pets are allowed in the park.
  • Chestnut Nature Park has a kiosk where bikes can be rented and washed. Snacks and water can also be bought there. However, the kiosk is located at Chestnut Point and hence, it is important for visitors to carry their own water.
  • Toilets are located at Chestnut Point.
  • Car-parking is not allowed overnight.

  • By MRT – Visitors have to alight at Pending LRT and walk past Kim San Leng Coffee Shop towards Bukit Panjang Hawker Centre. They have to head towards Blk 276 Bangkit Road, leading to Zhenghua Park and then take the tarmac track leading to Zhenghua underpass to get to Chestnut Nature Park.
  • By Bus – Visitors have to take bus 700 or 966 and alight at Block 202, Petir Road. From the bus stop, it should be approximately a 2km or a 30 minute walk along Petir Road/Chestnut Ave into Chestnut Nature Park.
  • By Car - Chestnut Nature Park’s car park is sited near the eastern end of Chestnut Avenue. If the visitor is coming from the north (e.g. Bukit Panjang), then they have to drive along Petir Road and turn left at Chestnut Avenue. If they are coming from the south (e.g. Dairy Farm), they must drive along Petir Road and turn right at Chestnut Avenue. After turning, visitors have to drive for about 1.5km along Chestnut Avenue and they will arrive at Chestnut Nature Park’s car park on their left.

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