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Timings : Saturday, Sunday, Public Holidays: 9:00 AM - 5:30 PM

Time Required : 1 - 3 hours

Entry Fee : Group of less than 20 people: No Entry Fee

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Jurong Frog Farm, Singapore Overview

Singapore is home to a variety of unconventional places, with surprises around each corner for the uninformed tourist. Jurong Frog Farm is one of them, with a number of fun-filled activities revolving around its central frog theme, from feeding frogs to eating frog meat.

Formerly situated at Jurong, this frog farm was later relocated to a 1.2-hectare farmland in Lim Chu Kang where it stands till date. It was founded by Wan Bock Thiaw in 1981 and has witnessed immense growth since then. With a staff of thirteen people, the Wan family breeds the American Bullfrog. After realizing that operating merely as a breeding farm would not cater to the growing demand for frog meat, Wan Bock Thiaw started importing bullfrogs from other places, mainly from Malaysia. On reaching the farm, you can request for a Show and Tell session by the Frogology Pte Ltd, which costs SGD 10 per person. This informative session is ideal if you wish to know about the farm's history, how it works, its objectives and so on. The person in charge of this session also takes time to enumerate the different parts of a frog along with details about its life-cycle. There is a small frog enclosure filled with shallow water where people can enter and try to scoop up frogs and release them right after. One can also purchase pellets to feed the adorable amphibians.

Apart from frog meat, Hashima and crocodile meat are also up for sale at the shop in this farm, being the only local manufacturer of Hashima with American Ginseng, and Dried-Snow Jelly. It also sells its amphibians to various supermarkets and restaurants across the city. At present, they have also opened an online store to expand their business and make the farm produce more accessible.

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Tours at the Jurong Frog Farm

Jurong Frog Farm houses several tours for its visitors so that they can have a unique experience.

Fun With Frogs: A fascinating experience for all ages, this tour gives you an insight into the roles of a frog farmer along with an educational session about the life-cycle of the American Bullfrog. You also get to hold these adorable amphibians in the Show and Tell session, try to balance them on your head, and get a picture taken! This tour also gives you extensive information about how the farm works. At the end of the session, Royal Hashima samples are distributed to adults.
Duration: 1 hour,
Cost: SGD 12,

Gabbe’s Adventure: This tour is especially for kids and includes a narration of a story titled “The Prince and the Frog Forest”. You can feed the frogs and hold them. A special “Catch and Release” activity is also included in this tour, where the kids are allowed to enter into a small, shallow pool teeming with frogs of various sizes and catch them before releasing them immediately. They are also taught how to take care of tadpoles. Souvenirs like Froggie Headbands are provided at the end.
Duration: 1 hour 15 minutes,
Cost: SGD 18,

Gabbe’s Family Tour: This interesting tour specializes in the history of the extensive frog farm, and updates you on its upcoming projects. Cajun Buttermilk Frog Meat, Royal Hashima and Crispy Frog Skin Chicarrons are offered during this tour and you shall also receive a Royal Frog Badge or a Froggie Headband as a souvenir.
Duration: 40 minutes divided into a 20-minute guided tour and a 20-minute free one,
Cost: SGD 12,

Gabbe’s Culinary Tour: In this enthralling tour, you actually get to cook frog meat! Yes, this tour gives you a demonstration on how to cook Frog Skin Chicarrons, Buttermilk Frog Meat and Royal Hashima. There is a special “Hands on Frogs” skin preparation session, after which you can fry it and eat it! This tour also includes guided trips to the tadpole and the mating pens.
Duration: 2 hours,
Cost: SGD 30,

Weekend Hop to JFF: This tour is open to general public on weekends and public holidays. Since it is a free tour, you can explore the farm by yourself and observe the tadpoles and frogs in different locations. You can also buy a container of pellets in the Royal Frog Shop for SGD 2.00 and feed the frogs. For SGD 6.00, you can hop into this playpen for 30 minutes to catch and release the numerous tadpoles and frogs here. You shall be provided with boots, nets and a tank, too. Samples of Hashima are provided. In addition to it, you can also buy frog meat and crocodile meat from the Royal Frog Shop.
Duration: There is no specific duration,
Cost: It is devoid of any cost,

Gabbe’s Frog Talk: A tour specially designed for students of secondary and tertiary schools, Gabbe’s Frog Talk is all about an informative session about Singapore’s agricultural industry. It also lists the pros and cons of being in the frog-farming industry. Cajun Buttermilk Frog Meat, Frog Skin Chicarrons and Royal Hashima are offered as samples. At the end of the tour, JFF folders containing handouts of “Farming in Singapore” is distributed, along with a JFF Nature Love Me Badge or a Collagen Mosquito Repelling Moisturizing Lotion.
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes,
Cost: SGD 22,

Frogolicious: This is a tour for every foodie, where you get to taste delicious Buttermilk Cajun Frog Meat, Royal Hashima, and Frog Skin Chicarrons. You shall also receive a bottle of JFF’s special Premium Hashima with American Ginseng as a souvenir.
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes,
Cost: SGD 25,

School of Frogs Tour: This is an educational tour where people interested to learn more about the American Bullfrogs are allowed to do so by touching, hearing and interacting with them. A Frog Quiz is also incorporated within this tour which includes prizes for winners. As a souvenir, you shall receive a JFF Activity Booklet and a stationery set, and you can choose between a JFF Royal Headband or a Collagen Mosquito Repelling Moisturizing Lotion.
Duration: 1 hour 30 minutes,
Cost: SGD 15,

The Frog Quest Tour: This thrilling tour is sure to take you back to your childhood. With activities like Catch (and release)-A-Frog, Frog Feeding and Frog Origami, this tour also provides a mystery present to the ones who complete all the station activities.
Duration: 45 minutes - 1 hour 30 minutes,
Cost: SGD 10.50

History of the Jurong Frog Farm

In the 1970s, Wan Bock Thiaw used to supply frogs to the markets in Singapore. Soon he understood that frog-farming has potential, and this drove him to set up the Jurong Frog Farm in 1981 with only eighty fiber tanks. After the farm was shifted to Lim Chu Kang Agro-technology Park in 1993, the family business grew further as the locally-produced Hashima and the special “Dried-Snow Jelly” were launched in 1997 and 1999 respectively. In 2006, Chelsea Wan, daughter of Mr. Wan Bock Thiaw, joined the family business and hasn’t stopped contributing to it ever since. In order to increase productivity and be more efficient, the Wan family incorporated the Royal Frog Shop and the Frogology Pte Ltd in 2014.

Tips For Visiting Jurong Frog Farm

  • Prior booking needs to be done for groups of twenty people or above.
  • The ones who are planning to enter the frog enclosure for some fun must carry an extra set of clothes because the pool inside will most certainly make you wet.
  • Going by private cars is recommended since public transport is not always available especially while returning from the farm.
  • The Hay Dairies Goat Farm is located nearby so you can plan your day accordingly.

How To Reach Jurong Frog Farm

The Woodlands MRT Station is the nearest to this local farm. However, it is a long walk from the station. You can also take bus 975 or the Kranji Express at Kranji Bus Interchange.

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