Food of Koh Chang

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Country rank: 29 out of 32 Places To Visit In Thailand

Sub-Region: Trat Province


Koh Chang has some of the best Thai and sea food in Thailand. There are some Italian and European restaurants, but it's best you stick to Thai only. The most delicious kind can be found on the huge number of roadside stalls. A popular dish here is Khao Lam- sticky rice cooked in coconut milk over a charcoal BBQ. The best night street stalls are ahead of White Sand beach. If you're more comfortable eating at restaurants, Tonsai, Ruan Thai, Nong Bua Seafood are a few good ones for Thai and sea food. The prices for street Thai food is 70-90 Baht, seafood will be around 200 Baht, western dishes would be 200-250 Baht.

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Local dishes of Koh Chang
Local dishes of Koh Chang

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