Food of Khao Lak

Basic meals in Thai are served with hot, steaming rice. A majority of curries are based on seafood and some may include chicken or pork depending on availability. Meals are always light and freshly cooked. Street stalls are the best way to sample what Khao Lak has to offer with food being prepared fresh in front of your eyes.

Food for Indians in Khao Lak

While there are no separate Jain restaurants, many Indian restaurants line Khao Lak. Some of the more famous ones are Tandoori Palace, Curry Hut and Tourist Taj Mahal restaurants. Vegetarianism for Thailand means not eating visible pieces of meat and seafood but other products like eggs, chicken stock and fish sauce might be used with your food so take care to ask your restaurant if they use such ingredients in your meal or not. Jains need to be extra careful. Ask to speak to the manager in case the waiter does not understand English well.

Khao Lak Photos

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