Chanthaburi Restaurants

Food of Chanthaburi

Chanthaburi's culture is deeply reflected in its food, making it one of the best cities in Thailand for Asian and seafood. There are many roadside stalls along the Sukhapiban road, Nam Phu market, Chathuchak night market selling cheap food, snacks and tropical fruits like Durian. Restaurants like Chantorn restaurant, Dugong restairant, Kasemsarn hotel serve delectable local food and seafood. Pad Thai, noodle soup, curries with local vegetables are some of the most popular dishes you should try in Chanthaburi. The Chauthuchak market also has some western food options like cafes and pizzerias.

Chanthaburi Photos

Chanthaburi, Thailand
Cathedral of the Immaculate Conception - Famous Landmark in Chanthaburi
Temple of Chanthaburi, Thailand
Scenic View of Pliw waterfall, Chanthaburi

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