Waterfalls in Koh Chang


Waterfalls in Koh Chang

For a break from the beaches, there are many waterfalls in Koh Chang in abundance for all lovers of nature. Due to its mountainous terrain and huge rainforest, Koh Chang has many beautiful waterfalls (Read More). Naturally, they are most enjoyed during the rainy season. However, you can always take a refreshing dip in its plunge pools, or dive off the rocks. These waterfalls are very peaceful and secluded, and a nice break from the beaches of the island. The Klong Plu waterfall in Klong Prao costs 200 Baht. Klong Jao Leum, Klong Nonsi and Klong Neung are all free.

Here is the list of 7 Waterfalls in Koh Chang

1. Klong Plu Waterfalls

Klong Plu Waterfalls

Situated on the western coast of Koh Chang, Klong Plu Waterfall is considered one of the major attractions in the city. With an entry ticket of 200 Baht and a trail 600 metres long, it takes roughly 15 mins for an average walker to reach the waterfall. However, the terrain is rocky, uneven and steep, so one must walk slowly and carefully. This place is a retreat for those who want to experience nature in its pure raw form. You can swim in the cool waters of the natural pool formed by the waterfall, and enjoy one of the most relaxing experiences mother nature has to offer. It is recommended to visit this waterfall in the morning to afternoon period as it closes by 4:30 pm.

2. Kai Bae Waterfalls

Kai Bae Waterfalls

Usually away from the sight of tourists, the 40-minute trail to this waterfall is an adventure in and of itself as you won’t be able to find it on google maps. Go for this if you want to shun large crowds, and spend some time with nature by yourself or with loved ones. The path to the waterfall isn’t well defined and is shrouded by vegetation, but you can follow the signs on the way or take help from the locals to reach this waterfall, which lies behind the valley of Kai Bae beach.

3. Than Mayom Waterfall

Than Mayom Waterfall

One of the more easily accessible and more popular waterfalls in Koh Chang is Than Mayom waterfalls. It located on the east coast and involves a 200-metre long hike. With an entry fee for 200 Baht, this waterfall will satisfy the adventure junkie in you as the structure of the waterfall is such that climbing up its many layers allows many enjoyable views. However, swimming here is difficult because of its rocky nature.

4. Klong Neung Waterfall

Klong Neung Waterfall

Located towards the south-east of the island, Klong Neung boasts of being Koh Chang’s tallest waterfall. It takes about 20 mins to reach the waterfall, and the trail consists of tall grasses and tree branches covering your path. It is suggested to visit this place during the rainy reason as you will witness the waterfall in full strength and pool with more water.

5. Nam Yom Waterfall

Nam Yom Waterfall

Nam Yom is among the smaller ones out of all the waterfalls in Koh Chang; hence it does not attract many tourists. This natural seclusion serves as a characteristic of this place which attracts those looking for some peace and quiet. At any given time, you are most likely to be alone around here, having all the space and water to yourself. It will take you 20 mins to reach there from the Dan Mai Police Station. Upon arriving, you will be rewarded by the sight of diverse wildlife from monkeys to hornbills.

6. Khlong Nonsi Waterfall

Khlong Nonsi Waterfall

Situated on the eastern side of the island behind the Dan Mai village, this waterfall does not require any entry fee. It takes around 15 mins to walk through the trail to the waterfall which takes you through beautiful fruit fields. The falls aren’t massive; however there is plenty of water to swim in and chill on a bright sunny day. You would not see many tourists around, so there is a big chance you’ll have the pool all to yourself or your group.

7. Khiri Phet Waterfall

Khiri Phet Waterfall

Located towards the southeast of the island, Khiri Phet Waterfall is a 2 km walk from the Salakphet fishing village. The place is known for fertile land, and the trail takes you through beautiful orchards having large plantations of rubber and coconut. The best time to visit this waterfall is during the rainy season as there would be plenty of water to enjoy a relaxing swim. However, one should be more careful as the rain tends to make the trail more slippery.

Now that you have a clear picture of the waterfalls at Koh Chang, do you plan on visiting any? Or have you previously explored and experienced the waterfalls mentioned above? Let us know in the comments below!

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