Food of Phi Phi Islands

The food in Phi Phi is not spicy like some other places in Thailand. However, if you wish to avoid spicy food altogether, learning how to say 'mai phet', meaning non-spicy, can be helpful. Fresh seafood is always on the chef's menu at Phi Phi and the catch of the day is mostly highlighted at small stalls and roadside eateries too.

Food for Indians in Phi Phi Islands

Indian, specifically vegetarians have to be very aware as Thais consider anything which is not visibly meat to be vegetarian which includes eggs, fish stock and chicken broth etc. There are no special places to go get Jain food in the islands. Some of the limited Indian restaurants include the Pirate House restaurant, Tandoori Nights and Namaste Ao Nang.

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Phi Phi Islands, Thailand

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