Food of Kep

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Country rank: 3 out of 3 Places To Visit In Cambodia

Sub-Region: Southern Cambodia


Seafood is the most popular cuisine here in Kep. Apart from being cheap in terms of pricing, the food is authentic and delicious. The locals also use a lot of the locally cultivated pepper in their preparations. More importantly, Kep is very well-known for its crab dishes. Crab Kitchen, Led Zep Caf_, Baraka, etc are some of the popular eateries in Kep.

Food and Restaurants for Indians in Kep

Vegetarians, do not fret. There are vegetarian meal options available in Kep. Led Zep Caf_ is one of those. The Secret by Veranda Natural Resort, Italian Corner, Botanica ad Beach House are some other options. But these restaurants do serve non vegeterian food as well, so if you would like to opt for a takeaway, you could do so.

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