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Food of Koh Kood

While it may be far-fetched to say that Koh Kood is a place for food lovers since there are considerably fewer stand-alone eateries, bars, and cafes than other Thai islands, the island does have quite a few good small restaurants that offer delicious food. Also, if you love to eat seafood, then you might want to give Ao Salad and Ao Yai fishing village a visit. These fishing villages house several run-down restaurants standing on stilts over the sea and offer possibly one of the best seafood dishes. 

Furthermore, the following is a compiled a list of some of the best restaurants of Koh Kut that you should consider visiting during your stay at the island:

  • The Fisherman Hut: This upbeat and popular steak, barbeque and seafood restaurant is a great place for some good seafood, and great drinks, and live music during the night time.

  • View Point Cafe: An awesome place to enjoy cake, coffee, and drinks with a breathtaking view of the bay.

  • Pizza & Pasta: If you are missing Western food, then this Italian food-joint is a great place to go and have some delicious pizza, and wine at reasonable prices.

  • Noochy Seafood: One of the best seafood restaurants at the Ao Yai fishing village that is known for its friendly and attentive staff and delicious seafood dishes including shrimp, scallops, flathead lobster, squid, and crab.

  • Chiang Mai Restaurant: An excellent place to try large portions of Thai cuisine items at fair prices.

  • Tawan Eco Bar: A chill place to enjoy great food, drinks, and live music in the evening. If you want, you can even whip up a drink for yourself here but don?t forget to leave a tip in their ?honesty jar? if you liked the place.

Koh Kood Photos

Koh Kood, Thailand
Koh Kood - Located in the Centre of Ao Thai
Scuba Diving in Koh Kood
Picturesque View of Tropical Waterfall, Koh Kood

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