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"The Elephant Island."

Koh Chang Tourism

Koh Chang is one of the most beautiful islands of Thailand with pristine white sand beaches and crystal clear waters, great for snorkeling and diving. There are also some breath taking mountains and jungles where hiking is very popular. All in all, Koh Chang is an idyllic destination for a backpacker looking for adventure and parties in equal amounts.

Also known as the Elephant Island, Koh Chang is known for it's wide range of wildlife including beautiful birds, snakes, deers, and of course, enormous elephants. Since 2000, tourism has increased and Koh Chang has seen some rapid development. It is a perfect island getaway for backpackers and travellers who want adventure and a stunning nightlife. Diving, snorkeling, jungle hiking, fishing, neon parties are just a few activities that this island offers. Quiter than Koh Samui and Phuket, Koh Chang should definitely be on your list.

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Language of Koh Chang

The language commonly spoken. (only if it is diiferent from the rest of the country) How easy it is to be understood in English?

Nightlife in Koh Chang

Besides being an island with calm quiet beaches and many natural adventure spots, Koh Chang has a wild nightlife. There are many cafes and pubs, Casamarina being one of the best, with live music and sports screenings in Kai Bae for those who want a chill scene. For those wanting a rowdy blast, head to White Sand beach's 15 Palms, The Milky Bar, or Oodie's Place. Lonely Beach is known especially for their regular full and half moon parties that go on till morning. Treehouse and Lemon Bar are two amazing options here.

Shopping in Koh Chang

Although not specifically famous for shopping, Koh Chang does offer a pretty good range of handicrafts, souvenirs and some other things for family shopping. Besides many roadside shops, there are shopping plazas in the popular beach areas. Handicrafts like paintings, antiques, scarves are sold in many shops along the main road. Souvenirs like t-shirts and mugs with elephant print, bracelets and necklaces made of sea shells, can be brought from here. Haggling is common, but be polite when you do so.

Best Time to Visit Koh Chang

How to Reach Koh Chang

How to Reach Overview

You take a flight from your respective country to Bangkok. From Bangkok, you can take a flight to Trat, then a bus and ferry to Koh Chang. Or you can take a bus or taxi from Bangkok to Koh Chang directly.

How to reach Koh Chang by flight

You have to first fly into Bangkok from your respective city. Then there is the Bangkok airways that flies three times a day from Bangkok's Suvarnabhumi Airport to Trat Airport. From Trat, there is a bus and then a ferry service to reach Koh Chang that takes 500-900 Baht. The flight takes 2,500-3,500 Baht and 1 hour to reach.

How to reach Koh Chang by bus

The cheapest bus service is from Bangkok to Laem Ngop where the Koh Chang ferry peirs are, taking 300-500 Baht and 5 hours only. A more comfortable bus service from Bangkok to the Lonely Beach of Koh Chang has started which also takes 300-500 Baht. If you take a flight till Trat, there are bus services from Trat to Koh Chang taking 500-900 Baht. Bus is a much cheaper option for those who don't want to spend on a flight ticket.

How to reach Koh Chang by waterways

Most ferries operate from Laem Ngop which has 3 piers. Koh Chang has 2 main piers Tha Dan Kao, which is 45 minutes away from Laem Ngop, and Tha Ferry Dan Kao, which is 1 hour away.

Local transport in Koh Chang

Songthaews and taxis are the most popular modes of transport in Koh Chang. These cost 50-150 Baht per person depending on the distance. There are motorcycle and motorbike renting shops for 150-300 Baht per day. Hitching is also very famous in Koh Chang, many people often offer rides. This is a much cheaper option compared to others.

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Koh Chang, Thailand
Than Mayom Waterfall,  Koh Chang National Park
Aerial View of Klong Prao Beach, Koh Chang
Thrilling Elephant Trekking in Koh Chang

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FAQs on Koh Chang

What is famous about Koh chang?

The best thing about this island is that it offers beaches and adventurous activities at the jungle, all in one. It's a wonderful destination for nature lovers.

What is not so good about Koh chang?

It is very difficult to find vegetarian food.

What is the best time to visit Koh chang?

The best time to visit Koh Chang is from November to February. The weather here is similar to that of Bangkok, and hence, it’s majorly hot and humid all year round. However, the winter months can give you some respite from the scorching sunshine! May to October is considered to be the low season in Koh Chang. There are torrential rains most of the time, and good accommodations are scarce.

However, if you still wish to visit Koh Chang during this season, you can get everything at a very low price, including lodging! March and April are very hot too, and temperature ranges from 33-35 degrees Celsius. Most people avoid visiting Koh Chang during these months, but in April, the places are quite crowded because of Thailand’s New Year’s Songkran festival. During the peak months of November-February, make sure that you make your bookings beforehand to experience the best in Koh Chang at affordable pricing. Christmas is a great time to visit Koh Chang.
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What is the local food in Koh chang?

Koh Chang has some of the best Thai and sea food in Thailand. There are some Italian and European restaurants, but it's best you stick to Thai only. The most delicious kind can be found on the huge number of roadside stalls. A popular dish here is Khao Lam- sticky rice cooked in coconut milk over a charcoal BBQ. The best night street stalls are ahead of White Sand beach. If you're more comfortable eating at restaurants, Tonsai, Ruan Thai, Nong Bua Seafood are a few good ones for Thai and sea food. The prices for street Thai food is 70-90 Baht, seafood will be around 200 Baht, western dishes would be 200-250 Baht.
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What is the best way to reach Koh chang?

You take a flight from your respective country to Bangkok. From Bangkok, you can take a flight to Trat, then a bus and ferry to Koh Chang. Or you can take a bus or taxi from Bangkok to Koh Chang directly.
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What are the top hotels in Koh chang?

There are 338 in Koh chang which can be booked through Holidify. The most popular hotels in Koh chang are Ban Mae Resort, Windy Villa Siam Royal View, Sunbeam Cottage, Aquamarine Villa Beachfront, Dutchman Homestay Bangbao Koh Chang, Villa Sunova Private Pool Hotel Managed. You can see all the hotels in Koh chang here

What are the places near Koh chang?

The top places near to Koh chang are Pattaya which is 185 km from Koh chang, Bangkok which is located 274 km from Koh chang, Koh samui which is located 378 km from Koh chang, Ang thong national marine park which is located 1 km from Koh chang, Hua hin which is located 263 km from Koh chang

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