Food of Koh Samui

With several world-class restaurants serving both traditional Thai food and trendy fusion creations, Ko Samui has become a culinary destination. Being an island, visitors can feast on delicious seafood. Please note that Thais consider vegetarian food to be anything which doesn't have 'visible' pieces of meat hidden items like fish sauce and pork stock might spring up on you out of nowhere. One should note that most traditional dishes are generally served with sticky rice.

Here is the list of some top-rated restaurants on the island -

1. The Boudoir, Maenam

With magnificent interiors featuring swirling silks, scintillating satins, luxurious textiles, and oriental lanterns, The Boudoir provides one a splendid dining experience. Mainly serving French cuisine, you'll also find cheeses, meats, foie gras and even escargots ? and excellent and cheap house wine.

2. Tree Tops, Chaweng

Tree Tops, located in Anantara Lawana in north Chaweng, is one of the top-rated and busiest restaurants of Ko Samui. The place serves red meats, seafood and Thai cuisine ? all up to highest standards and is a must-visit place for a fine-dining enthusiast. The area has only eight tables with each table an individual' treehouse', providing a distinct dining experience. Make sure you book in advance as the place is always crowded. 

3. Dining on the Rocks, Six Senses Hideaway

Sitting on the top of the high-end Six Senses Samui Resort, this restaurant is built on rocks hosting a vast wooden terrace as well as an open-sided dining room, both overlooking the sea. The place serves both regional and international cuisine, which can be paired up with wine. With 270° view of the ocean, this place is a treat to all the six senses as the name says.

4. 2 Fishes Samui, Bophut

Love Italian food? Then you must head to 2 Fishes Samui located in the heart of Bophut's Fisherman's Village. You get to savour the freshest local seafood prepared by the talented Chef Leandra Panza who has over 25 years of experience in quoted Italian restaurants in various cities. 'Grilled king prawns with hot garlic oil, chilli and lemon' and 'Steamed Red snapper fillet with sautéed kale and hot garlic dressing, olive oil parsley and aged red wine vinegar' are a few of the must-try dishes.

A few places which serve excellent Thai food like the world-famous tom yum Goong (spicy shrimp soup) to pad thai (fried noodles) to the lesser-known Kua Kling (dry curry from southern Thailand) are Saffron (part of Banyan Tree Samui resort, Lamai), Kob Thai (Lamai), Khaw Glong Thai Restaurant (Chaweng) and Farmer Restaurant (Maenam).

Here are a few recommendations for Indians who are looking out of pure vegan hotels: Curry Pot Indian Restaurant (Chaweng Beach road), The Art Club (next to Koh Samui Hospital), Pure Vegan Heaven (Lamai), Jay Tamachad and Wild Tribe.

Food for Indians in Koh Samui

Popular Indian restaurants include names like Noori India Samui, Tandoori Nights and Live India Indian restaurant. Jains and Vegetarians will have to take special care that language barriers do not affect their eating habits when in Koh Samui. Managers will generally speak English so for any big queries do not hesitate to ask for the chef or person in charge. Specail Jain places to eat are almost non-existent.

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Koh Samui, Thailand
Lipa Noi Beach at Sunset, Koh Samui
Golden Statue Of Buddha, Wat Phra Yai
Ang Thong National Marine Park - Established in 1980

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