Food of Koh Samui

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Sub-Region: Surat Thani Province


Food options will include fresh seafood and mostly non vegetarian meals. Since Thais consider vegetarian food to be anything which doesn't have "visible" pieces of meat hidden items like fish sauce and pork stock might spring up on you out of nowhere. Food is generally served with sticky rice. Try the mango and sticky rice dish when here if you want a taste of heaven.

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Local dishes of Koh Samui
Local dishes of Koh Samui

Food and Restaurants for Indians in Koh Samui

Popular Indian restaurants include names like Noori India Samui, Tandoori Nights and Live India Indian restaurant. Jains and Vegetarians will have to take special care that language barriers do not affect their eating habits when in Koh Samui. Managers will generally speak English so for any big queries do not hesitate to ask for the chef or person in charge. Specail Jain places to eat are almost non-existent.

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