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Koh Kood Tourism

Koh Kood, commonly spelt as Koh Kut, is one of the few islands in Thailand that is not overrun by tourists and is increasingly becoming popular among people looking for a peaceful getaway to beautiful islands. Housing a population of fewer than 2000 people, this island stands to be the sixth-largest in Thailand; encompassing an area of around 105 square kilometres. The history of the island traces back to the time when Khmers and Thais settled down here in 1904 and built a living from scratch by fishing, harvesting coconuts, and tapping trees. Furthermore, Koh Kood island is best known for its clear waters and white sand beaches that are often compared to the beaches of Maldives.

Koh Kood is something one would find in a fairytale. There are even resorts on the island named Peter Pan and Tinkerbell to support that notion. Don't expect to find anything remotely resembling a nightlife. Once the sun sets, the waves, moonlight and your drinks of choice are what keep you company. During the good days, Ko Kut has some of the best snorkelling and Scuba Diving experiences to offer.

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Koh Kood Highlights

1. Scuba Diving in Koh Kood

Scuba Diving in Koh Kood
Koh Kood boasts its white sand beaches with pristine crystalline waters, making it a divers paradise. Snorkelling and kayaking are popular too. July to September are bad months because the weather con (Read More)dition reduces visibility. For the rest of the year, visibility is 15-30m. You can see turtles, stingrays, barracudas, sea horses and small fishes, all in abundance. Although, it is advisable to stay away from the coral reefs. Ao Tum, Bang Bao, Clong Hin are a few beautiful diving spots in Koh Kood. The popular diving shops to choose from are BB divers, Koh Kood divers and Paradise divers, all of them provide PADI and open water courses.

2. Waterfalls in Koh Kood

Waterfalls in Koh Kood
Koh Kood is a natural wonder with most of its land covered in jungle and mountainous terrain, hence boasting the gorgeous waterfalls.

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Nightlife in Koh Kood

Koh Kood is not like numerous other Thai party islands and is definitely not the place if one is looking to party long and hard and dance until dawn on the beach. This island has more of a laid back vibe, and one can expect to enjoy some drinks and decent live music at many bars of this island. Some of the bars on the west coast located near Klong Chao beach that ensure a great night are Tawan Eco Bar and Jah Thoom (that offer great live music), and Sunset Bar (which is known for its decent tunes that echo through the place at the end of the day and occasional parties).

Bartist, Fisherman Hut Music Station, and Sea Bar at the Peter Pan Resort on the Klong Chao Beach are some other places that oversee many locals and tourists looking to have fun during late hours of the night in Koh Kood. Furthermore, if one is visiting the island during the New Year, they can enjoy one big celebration that usually takes place on the island involving tasty local food, fireworks, and live music. Most resorts also usually organize some kind of party during the New Year.

Shopping in Koh Kood

There is hardly to none shopping options in Koh Kood.

Tips While Visiting Koh Kood

  • It is best to rent a scooter (mostly Yamaha automatics and 125cc Honda motors are available) since there aren’t many public transport facilities around Koh Kood and the public taxis are usually only for people going for day tours. Having a scooter will make it easy for you to maneuver your way through the island and make the most out of your trip. The rent charges are somewhere between 250 to 500 THB (depending on the condition and age of the scooter). Also, note that it is cheaper to get fuel from the gas station (located north to the hospital) than to buy bottles from the stalls on the roadside.

  • The island has limited shops; therefore if there is something that you think you would definitely need during your stay at the island, it is best to carry it with you than to rely on shops from the island. This will prevent you from getting annoyed and frustrated if the item ends up not being available at Koh Kood.

  • Visitors should definitely bring in cash with them in advance when they visit the island as there is only one bank and three ATMs here and ones not carrying cash may be forced to go out of their way to get it. That being said, one of these ATMs along with the Bank is situated adjacent to the Koh Kood Hospital, the second ATM is located on the roadside on Klong Chao Beach, just south of the High Season Resort. The third ATM is located on the roadside of a minimart which is situated near the Fisherman’s Hut restaurant and falls in the middle of the other two ATMs. Also, while some resorts do offer cash advances to their non-guests at a 5 percent commission rate and people can get GBP, USD, and EUR exchanged at some shops and resorts, the exchange rate is not that great.

  • There is a lack of proper street lighting in Koh Kood so you should bring some flashlights or head torches with you if the idea of manoeuvring the streets in the darkness doesn’t sound appealing to you. Also, though some people do make do with the flashlights on their mobile phones, carrying an extra torch might be a good idea to be on the safe side in case your mobile runs out of battery.

  • Sandflies may be seen in abundance around the quieter beaches in Koh Kood; therefore it is a good idea to pack some hydrocortisone cream or coconut oil or buy some local ‘Yellow oil’ from the shops and the resort on the island to be safe. This locally made oil helps to reduce swelling and stop the itchiness that often occurs due to an insect bite.

Suggested Itinerary for Koh Kood

Itinerary for a 2-day trip to Koh Kood

Day 1 
  • Start your journey to Koh Kood by taking the PG301 flight from Bangkok Airport so that you can reach Trat Airport by 9:20 AM.
  • Then, take a taxi (it is a good idea to book a taxi in advance) from Trat Airport to reach the Laem Sok Pier, which would take roughly 45 minutes.
  • The first Boonsiri Ferry, which is a high-speed catamaran, of the day leaves the Laem Sok Pier at 10:45 AM and costs about 500 THB per person.
  • Keep your luggage in the resort and grab something to eat and then venture out to one of the many beaches of Koh Kood to enjoy some water activities such as snorkelling, diving or fish watching.
  • Relax and enjoy the breathtaking view of the beach. Head to any of the small restaurants that are closest to the beach and maybe give a try to the local Thai cuisine.
  • After lunch, head over to visit the Klong Chao waterfall by kayaking and then walk the rest of the way by following the short jungle trail. Enjoy a peaceful swim at the large pool and maybe swing the rope if you are in the mood.
  • After that head towards Huang Nam Kaew waterfall and follow the road signs to see the two ancient big trees - a banyan tree and the Makka tree that has been there on the island for an astounding 200 and 500 years.
  • End your day by grabbing some delicious snacks and evening drinks while enjoying the live music at Bartist.
Day 2
  • Start your second day in Koh Kood by grabbing breakfast from your resort or from a nearby restaurant.
  • Then, rent a motorbike, which you should be able to get for about 300-350 Baht, and head over to Ao Yai fishing village. On the way, don’t forget to capture the enchanting view of the village from the Ao Yai viewpoint.
  • Upon reaching the village, you’ll get to witness the traditional lifestyle of the locals and a number of colourful wooden houses built on stilt above the sea. Visit one of the many seafood restaurants here to have a delicious meal and then maybe try to arrange for a fishing or snorkelling tour with the locals if you can.
  • Next, head over to Bang Bao beach and buy yourself a bottle of wine and some snacks and enjoy the sunset at the beach with an evening drink.
  • After that visit the Fisherman Hut Music Station nearby that has new live bands playing over almost every night of the week.

Koh Kood Photos

Koh Kood, Thailand
Koh Kood - Located in the Centre of Ao Thai
Scuba Diving in Koh Kood
Picturesque View of Tropical Waterfall, Koh Kood

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FAQs on Koh Kood

What is famous about Koh kood?

  • A number of beautiful beaches, waterfalls, a plethora of water activities (such as Scuba diving, snorkelling, and boat ride).
  • Attractions such as the Fishermen villages and the ancient Big Trees.
  • The island is also not overrun by tourists, so it is a great place for people looking to have a getaway to the island and enjoy their privacy at the same time.

What is not so good about Koh kood?

  • Koh Kood lacks a bit when it comes to places to go shopping. One will find local stores with basic items and certain minimarkets around the Klong Chao beach, but otherwise, there are a lot of items that tourists generally have to carry from the mainland when they visit Koh Kood.
  • There are also not many public transport facilities in Koh Kood and the public taxis that are there only benefit people on day tours. Therefore, visitors who do not resort to renting scooters often have difficulty in getting around the island.

Who should visit Koh kood?

Koh Kood is an ideal place for people who wish to visit an island in Thailand that is not too crowded with tourists. The island is lowkey and laid-back with a small population, so people who enjoy their privacy will be able to spend some sound time with breathtaking views of the beaches.

What is the best time to visit Koh kood?

The best time to visit Koh Kood in Thailand is in January, May and July. By May, the spring season ends, and the weather gets a bit comfortable. However, it might still feel a little warm because of the tropical climatic conditions in Koh Kood. Average high temperature ranges up to 92.3°F (33.5°C) and 90.1°F (32.3°C) and rain in quite common. June-August are the summer months in Koh Kood. These months experience the most precipitation with around 20-24 days of rain every month. This season is relatively slow in tourism, and hence, all prices are lower. September through November is the fall season. The highest temperature ranges between 91.4°F (33°C) and 87°F (30.6°C), which doesn’t feel so bad even with the humidity in the air. It rains a lot too, and tourism is the slowest. The winter months of December-February are the perfect ones to plan a trip to Koh Kood. It rains very little, or there might even be no rains during these months. Also, this is the busiest time of the year in Koh Kood, the resort prices do rise during this peak season. and you need to plan if you wish to experience the best in this part of Thailand.
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What is the local food in Koh kood?

While it may be far-fetched to say that Koh Kood is a place for food lovers since there are considerably fewer stand-alone eateries, bars, and cafes than other Thai islands, the island does have quite a few good small restaurants that offer delicious food. Also, if you love to eat seafood, then you might want to give Ao Salad and Ao Yai fishing village a visit. These fishing villages house several run-down restaurants standing on stilts over the sea and offer possibly one of the best seafood dishes. 

Furthermore, the following is a compiled a list of some of the best restaurants of Koh Kut that you should consider visiting during your stay at the island:

  • The Fisherman Hut: This upbeat and popular steak, barbeque and seafood restaurant is a great place for some good seafood, and great drinks, and live music during the night time.

  • View Point Cafe: An awesome place to enjoy cake, coffee, and drinks with a breathtaking view of the bay.

  • Pizza & Pasta: If you are missing Western food, then this Italian food-joint is a great place to go and have some delicious pizza, and wine at reasonable prices.

  • Noochy Seafood: One of the best seafood restaurants at the Ao Yai fishing village that is known for its friendly and attentive staff and delicious seafood dishes including shrimp, scallops, flathead lobster, squid, and crab.

  • Chiang Mai Restaurant: An excellent place to try large portions of Thai cuisine items at fair prices.

  • Tawan Eco Bar: A chill place to enjoy great food, drinks, and live music in the evening. If you want, you can even whip up a drink for yourself here but don’t forget to leave a tip in their ‘honesty jar’ if you liked the place.

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What is the best way to reach Koh kood?

The only way to get into Koh Kood is by boat. You can fly into Trat airport from your respective city, and then take a boat to Koh Kood. There are boat services from Koh Chang too.
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What are the places near Koh kood?

The top places near to Koh kood are Bangkok which is 322 km from Koh kood, Pattaya which is located 230 km from Koh kood, Koh samui which is located 367 km from Koh kood, Hua hin which is located 300 km from Koh kood, Koh chang which is located 49 km from Koh kood

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