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Country rank: 33 out of 52 Places To Visit In Thailand

Sub-Region: Chanthaburi Province


Ideal duration: 2-3 days

Best time: November to February (Read More)


"City of the moon"

Chanthaburi Tourism

With a rich history and culture, a very relaxed vibe, scenic waterfalls and forests, hills and a riverside, and delicious fruits and seafood, Chanthaburi is an ideal destination for all kinds of people.

Many varied cutures have had an influence on Chanthaburi since 1893. Thai, Vietnamese, Mon, Chinese, Burmese, Khmer and even French attributes can be seen in the locals and the city architecture here. A Cathedral and many Thai-Chinese temples can be found here. The food of Chanthaburi is also seen to reflect the culture. It is known as one of the best cities in Thailand for cheap seafood. Tropical fruits are another speciality of this city, especially Durian. The precious stone and gems trade of Chanthaburi has also attracted many tourists. The surrounding province has lush green forests on hills and some spectacular waterfalls to soak in some nature after experiencing the rich culture and heritage of the city.

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Chanthaburi is very famous for its tropical fruits like Durian, Mangosteen, Rambutan, etc. They also organize an annual Chanthaburi Durian festival that has competitions like Durian eating. There are snacks and cookies made out of these fruits which are sold at roadside stalls.

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In 1767 A.D. when the Kingdom of Ayutthaya fell down, King Taksin the Great, then Phraya Wachiraprakan led a troop of 500 Thai and Chinese soldiers to regain the independence of the kingdom. The city was relocated to the highlands of Ban Noen Wong under King Rama III to prevent Vietnamese invasion, but later it was moved back to Ban Lum due to distance from water resources. Chanthaburi was occupied by France for 11 years because of the Thai-French dispute. Thailand had to surrender the left territory of the Mekong River to France for Chanthaburi in return, whichwas finally established as a province in 1933.

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Specially known for its precious stones, the Gems market in the center of the town is the best place to buy them. Many handwoven items like purses and mats are also available at other markets.

Chanthaburi's culture is deeply reflected in its food, making it one of the best cities in Thailand for Asian and seafood. There are many roadside stalls along the Sukhapiban road, Nam Phu market, Chathuchak night market selling cheap food, snacks and tropical fruits like Durian. Restaurants like Chantorn restaurant, Dugong restairant, Kasemsarn hotel serve delectable local food and seafood. Pad Thai, noodle soup, curries with local vegetables are some of the most popular dishes you should try in Chanthaburi. The Chauthuchak market also has some western food options like cafes and pizzerias.

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It's a city for all tastes - nature, history, culture, food lovers.

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It doesn't have a great nightlife scene.


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You can reach Chanthaburi from Bangkok via road. (Read More)

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