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"An Ideal Seaside Retreat"

Kep Tourism

Kep is a sleepy and charmig coastal area towards the South of Cambodia. The south side faces the Gulf of Thailand. Kep is not a very bustling sea town but it's filled with history, peacefulness and some spectacular scenery.

Kep is a beautiful place in Cambodia. You will be able to view nearly every shade of green and blue while you're here, in the trees and the calm waters. There are tons of old villas dotted around and of course, beaches to go to for a spot of relaxation. Kep Beach is well-known here. Kep is also very well-known for its delicious sea-food, the National Park and the cheery litte tuk-tuks.

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Currency in Kep

In Kep, Cambodia, both Riel as well as dollars are accepted. Some places also accept Thai Baht and Euros. Not all places here accept credit cards. Smaller purchases are made using Riel and larger purchases are made using USD.

Exchanging Money in Kep

Traveller's cheques can be exchanged in Kep. ATMs are also available for currency exchange, but you will find more of them in Kampot. Some banks allow you to withdraw money using Visa and/or Master Card.

Daily Budget for Kep

Calculating the daily cost in terms of the Cambodian Riel or KHR, a budget trip would cost you KHR 7,390. A mid-range budget would cost you nearly KHR 10,000. A luxurious trip would come up to KHR 12,000-15,000.

Religion of Kep

Theravada Buddhism is quite predominant here, followed by Islam and Christianity.

Kep Customs

The locals of Kep are extremely friendly. They will greet you warmly and smile at you, even if they do not know you. They expect you to be polite and respectful in return. Often, tuk-tuk drivers invite tourists to their homes for a taste of the local cuisine and to meet their family. So, it is not unusual or suspicious if something of this sort happens to you while you're visiting Kep. There is no rule when it comes to dressing at Kep. You can wear what you're most comfortable in. Food here is cheap and extremely delicious, so you can leave a good tip if you would like to.

Language of Kep

Khmer is a language that is spoken throughout Kep and Kampot provinces. French and English are also spoken, but are not as prevalent as Khmer. In Khmer, 'Arkoun' is said for thank you. 'Aroun Suoestei' means good morning and 'Lea' means goodbye.

History of Kep

In 1908, Kep was known as Kep-Sur-Mer. It was a resort dedicated towards serving the upper echelons of French society. This was largely because Cambodia was under the French rule. When the French left Kep in 1970, it slowly began to evolve. Architects came in to construct villas and buildings that were more modern. Resorts and hotels began to crop up as well. Currently, Kep has over 60 guesthouses and hotels.

Nightlife in Kep

In terms of nightlife, there aren't any dance clubs in Kep. However, there are a smattering of bars that you can visit and sip on a drink or two as you unwind for the day, facing the sea. Baraka Bar & Pizzeria is the best place to go to for some delicious pizza and a stiff drink. The place also has a terrace overlooking the waters but it shuts down at 10 pm. Be Be Bar is another popular place and is often dubbed as being the only true bar in Kep! It is located just behind Kep Market and is well-known for the mojitos. They also have concerts and parties, occasionally. To grab a drink in Kep post 11 pm, KepaCabana is your only option. It is situated on the main road of Kep city, just next to Be Be Bar.

Shopping in Kep

Kep has a selection of quriky stores to see to your cravings and needs. The Kep Supermarket is a must-visit. It is stocked with limited edition wine, beer, other spirits, tid-bits to munch on, cheese, good quality butter and lots more. It is located next to the Pier. To purchase soft bread and sweet croissants, Veranda Shop is where you should head to. Apart from groceries and basic drinks, the shop offers chocolate tarts, fresh baked bread, croissants and other sweets. To make the folks at home happy, visit Kep Souvenir at Kep Lodge and pick up t-shirts, silk bags, postcards and more.

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How to Reach Kep

How to Reach Overview

Kep is most often accessed by road. If you want to get there by train, there is a service that runs from Friday to Sunday only. In tems of flying, you can land at any of the airports in Cambodia and then go to Kep by road.

How to reach Kep by flight

Phnom Penh International Aiport and Seam Reap International Airport of Cambodia receive lots of flights on a regular basis. You can arrive at any of these airports and then take a bus or a share-taxi to Kep. It takes about 3 to 4 hours.

How to reach Kep by road

Share taxis are the most popular forms here. They are definitely relatively cheaper. You can hire a private car which would cost you $26 or $32, depending on the vehicle.

How to reach Kep by train

Cambodia has revived its old train service. The line runs from Phnom Penh to Sihanoukville and has only two stops. One is Takeo and the other is Kampot. Kep is located close to Kampot, so you can get off at Kampot and then take a tuk-tuk or a share taxi to Kep.

How to reach Kep by bus

There are plenty of buses that can get you to Kep from the nearby areas and even from the airports. Buses leave from Kampot and Phnom Penh near the central market area. Buses can also get you to Kep from Sihanoukville and Siem Reap.

Local transport in Kep

Since Kep is a little coastal area, it's quite easy to get around. Tuk-tuks are the most popular form of transport. If you're taking a short trip around Kep, a tuk-tuk ride will cost you $ 1-2. If you would like to keep a tuk-tuk with you for an entire day, the cost would be anywhere between $12 to $25. Another option is renting motorcycles and driving them around yourself. For a 125 cc bike, the cost is around $ 7 per day. Most guesthouses and lodges give up bikes for rent, so you could always ask around. You can also find bikes for rent at Bat 11, on Kep Beach. The final option in terms of getting around Kep, is walking!

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FAQs on Kep

What is the best time to visit Kep?

While this might seem like an odd time to visit Kep, it is not so! November to January are the coolest months here, in terms of the weather. If you visit between February and April, it will be hot, dry and dusty. Between May to October, the weather is humid, wet and rainy. Therefore, you can plan a trip around Christmas and New Year's, and visit the beautiful coastal town during its cool winter months.
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What is the local food in Kep?

Seafood is the most popular cuisine here in Kep. Apart from being cheap in terms of pricing, the food is authentic and delicious. The locals also use a lot of the locally cultivated pepper in their preparations. More importantly, Kep is very well-known for its crab dishes. Crab Kitchen, Led Zep Caf_, Baraka, etc are some of the popular eateries in Kep.
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What is the best way to reach Kep?

Kep is most often accessed by road. If you want to get there by train, there is a service that runs from Friday to Sunday only. In tems of flying, you can land at any of the airports in Cambodia and then go to Kep by road.
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What are the things to do in Kep?

The top things to do in Kep are Kep National Park, Kep Butterfly Farm, Koh Tonsay Rabbit Island, Kep Beach, Koh Tonsay(Rabbit Island), Crab Statue. You can see all the places to visit in Kep here

What are the places near Kep?

The top places near to Kep are Phnom penh which is 126 km from Kep, Siem reap which is located 319 km from Kep, Koh kong which is located 146 km from Kep, Sambor prei kuk which is located 107 km from Kep, Koh ker which is located 146 km from Kep

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