What is the best time to visit Jalandhar?

The winter period from October to March is the best time to visit Jalandhar. The average daily temperature during these months is in the range of 6 to 16 degrees Celsius. The weather conditions are a lot better when compared to the hot summers and humid monsoons. A cold wave engulfs the entire city. Another reason to consider visiting Jalandhar during winter is the huge number of festivals that are celebrated during this time. The festivals include Lohri, Sankranti and Basant Panchami. Travellers are recommended to avoid travelling to Jalandhar during summers as it experiences scorching heat. July is the wettest month and January the coldest. January also sees the peak in tourism in Jalandhar.

Weather in Jalandhar


Upcoming Jalandhar Weather

Monthly Weather in Jalandhar

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 17°/ 6° 6 days
February 23°/ 8° 2 days
March 25°/ 12° 9 days
April 32°/ 17° 4 days
May 39°/ 22° 4 days
June 42°/ 26° 3 days
July 35°/ 25° 18 days
August 33°/ 24° 16 days
September 33°/ 23° 12 days
October 32°/ 18° 1 days
November 26°/ 14° 4 days
December 19°/ 7° 2 days

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Gurudwara Talhan Saheeb Ji
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