14 Places to visit in Punjab | Tourist places in Punjab

Top tourist places to visit in Punjab

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Places to visit in Punjab:

1. Amritsar

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Places To Visit in Punjab

Home to the famous Golden Temple, the historical city of Amritsar is a famous pilgrim centre.

2. Patiala

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Places To Visit in Punjab

Today's media hub was once an erstwhile princely state founded by Baba Ala Singh from the Sidhu Dynasty.

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3. Ludhiana

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Places To Visit in Punjab

Earlier known as Lodi-Ana-Lodi's Place, Ludhiana was home to the Lodi Dynasty.

4. Sirhind

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Places To Visit in Punjab

Sirhind Fatehgarh is a city in Punjab that is famous for its rich history and the religious significance it has for the Sikh community. Located midway between Ludhiana and Ambala, Sirhind is one of the holiest cities for Sikhs in the world.

5. Jalandhar

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Places To Visit in Punjab

The city of Jalandhar is the true personification of the rich heritage and history of Punjab - a culmination of the old and the new. This historic city was a part of the illustrious Indus Valley Civilisation. The various historic sites help you relive the rich heritage and culture of Jalandhar.

6. Anandpur Sahib

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Places To Visit in Punjab

This city is located in the Rupnagar District of Punjab, close to the Pakistan border and is one of the holiest places for Sikhs since the Khalsa Panth was founded here. The site where this sacred event took place is today marked by the construction of a Gurudwara. 

7. Pathankot

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Places To Visit in Punjab

A gateway to J&K and Himachal, Pathankot situated on the foothills of Kangra is best known for its serene green beauty and a rich historical past

8. Bhatinda

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Places To Visit in Punjab

One of the oldest cities of Punjab, Bhatinda is famous as a historical and religious centre dating back to 7000 BC.

9. Wagah Border

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places to visit in Punjab

Located at a distance of 22 km from Lahore and 28 km from Amritsar, Wagah Border marks the boundaries between Indian and Pakistani borders. It runs along the Grand Trunk Road between Amritsar in Punjab, India, and Punjab in Lahore, Pakistan. People from all over the country visit this place to witness the Beating Retreat Ceremony that is held every day before sunset. This ceremony includes the closing of the international gates and lowering the flags of both countries. It is a spectacle to be witnessed and is an occasion where the heart of every Indian is filled with pride and enthusiasm. The flag ceremony has been conducted by the Indian Border Security Force and Pakistan Rangers since 1959.

10. Rural Olympics at Qila Raipur

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places to visit in Punjab

Home to one of the quirkiest festivals you will come around anywhere in the world - Rural Olympics, Kila Raipur is an amazing village whose love for sports and recreation is unmatched anywhere else in the country. The small village is located just 15 km from the city of Ludhiana in Punjab and is like any other village of the state with huge fields of wheat and mustard that stretch as far as eyes can see, and a certain calmness and peace about it, except for the three days of February when the village transforms into a hub of sports, enthusiasm and celebration.

11. Harike Wetland

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places to visit in Punjab

Considered to be the largest man-made wetland in northern India, Harike Wetland, also known as ‘Hari - ke - Pattan’ is situated on the border of Tarn Taran Sahib district. Sprawling over 4100 hectares of land area, the wetland is spread over Amritsar, Kapurthala and Ferozepur in Punjab. The highlight of the wetland is the gorgeous lake called the Harike Lake, that is situated in the heart of the region and that draws a large number of tourists to the place. There is also a bird sanctuary in the wetland that is known to attract hordes of birdwatchers and nature lovers.

12. Ropar Wetlands

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places to visit in Punjab

Situated in the lower Himalayan Shivalik range, and 50 km away from Anandpur Sahib, this ecological zone is a human-made wetland that was created in 1952. This reserve spreads over 1365 hectares and is home to at least nine different species of mammals, 35 different kinds of fish, nine species of arthropods, ten protozoan species, 11 rotifer species and more than 150 species of birds. Many of these animal species belong to the endangered list, for example, the Chitra Indica turtle and the Python molurus snake.

13. Chandigarh

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places to visit in Punjab

Chandigarh, a union territory that is the capital of both Punjab as well as Haryana is a subtle and ideal definition of the word 'city'. In a culture that includes instances of both traditional Punjab as well as modernity, Chandigarh is a pretty town resembling a morning dream which is sure to flatter you with its innocence and pleasantness.

14. Gurudwara Ber Sahib

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places to visit in Punjab

Located in the city of Sultanpur Lodhi in Punjab is Gurudwara Ber Sahib where Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji spent a good part of his life. Sultanpur Lodhi is where Guru Nanak Dev Ji got married to Bibi Sulakhani and gave birth to their 2 sons, Sri Chand and Lakshmi Das in 1494 AD and 1497 AD respectively.

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