What is the best time to visit Ludhiana?

The best time to visit Ludhiana is between October- March in the winter season. The weather is quite pleasant during this period and is best suited for outdoor activities. The month of February is the peak time to visit Ludhiana as it is the time to witness the famous Rural Olympics which are held in the Kila Raipur region of Ludhiana district.

Weather in Ludhiana


Upcoming Ludhiana Weather

Monthly Weather in Ludhiana

Month High/Low (°C) Rain
January 17°/ 6° 7 days
February 23°/ 8° 3 days
March 25°/ 12° 8 days
April 33°/ 18° 4 days
May 39°/ 22° 4 days
June 42°/ 26° 1 days
July 35°/ 25° 18 days
August 33°/ 24° 18 days
September 33°/ 23° 12 days
October 32°/ 18° 0 days
November 27°/ 14° 3 days
December 20°/ 8° 2 days

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Ludhiana in Winter (October - March)

The winter season is considered as the best time to visit Ludhiana. The temperature during this period remains between 6 to 20 degrees Celcius.

Ludhiana in Monsoon (July - September)

Ludhiana region receives a huge amount of rainfall. July is the wettest month of the year and the average rainfall during the monsoon season is 330 m. Monsoon is not considered as the best time to visit Ludhiana.

Ludhiana in Summer (April - June)

The summers in Ludhiana are hot with temperature ranging from 26 to 39 degrees Celsius. Due to high-temperature, summer isn’t a great time to explore the city of Ludhiana.

Events in Ludhiana

Kila Raipur Rural Olympics

1st - 3rd February 2019

Dubbed the Rural Olympics, every year thousands of passionate sportsmen and women make their way to Kila Raipur for the Sports Festival. Purely rural sports which test the physical and mental ability (Read More)of the participant like kabaddi, ghaggar pissi, and tug of war are indulged in. In the evening, a different hue descends on the ground, as folk singing reverberates around the entire ground, giving everyone a chance to relax before the next day.

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Ludhiana, Punjab
Gurudwara Charan Kanwal  - Located in the Machiwara Town of Ludhiana
Gurudwara Charan Kanwal  - Located in the Machiwara Town of Ludhiana
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