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Tags : Amusement & Theme Park

Timings : 9:00 AM to 8:00 PM

Time Required : Over 3 hours

Entry Fee : INR 850 to INR 950

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Wonderland, Jalandhar Overview

Wonderland is an amusement and water park located in the city of Jalandhar, Punjab. It is located in Nakadar Road which comes after Wadala Chowk and is 6 km away from Jalandhar Bus Station. The park functions as a conjuncture between rides, waterpark, dining hall, entertainment and shopping centre. It is spread over an area on 11 acres and enthuses its visitors with its wave pool and aqua dance floor which plays Punjabi pop songs. The shopping centre is a hub for souvenirs for adults and a box of amusing toys for children.

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Wonderland - Timings

The park has an allotted time from 9:00 AM to 10:00 PM for the Dry Park and 12:00 PM to 8:00 PM for the Water Park. The park is open throughout the week.

Wonderland - Ticket Price

Entry for children below 3 feet is free. For people over 3 feet, the park has several packages in the form of passes. There is a yearly pass that costs INR 1,200 per head. The user can use enter the park twice during any time of the year. The Economy Combo costs INR 950 and is an entrance passage to both dry and water rides. The Dry Park, however, restricts the entry to dry rides but guarantees unlimited fun and costs INR 850. The school package for local students or those coming on a tour varies from INR 350 to INR 750 depending on the quantity and age of students.
Nursery to second-grade students: INR 350 per head
Less than 100 students: INR 750 per head
100 to 250 students: INR 710 per head
250 to 350 students: INR 700 per head
More than 350 students: INR 670 per head

Dry Park

The dry park provides a relaxing and fun experience for kids, couples and families. The rides of Dry Park include:
  • Boat ride
The boating expedition at Wonderland is an exhilarating experience especially due to an in-built lake available for kids, families and couples. It transcends to a lively yet romantic experience at night for couples.
  • Break Dance
The ride has chairs that rotate from the bottom and constructed in slightly eccentric directions. It is a joy-ride for families.
  • Carousal
This rotating structure has ponies to ride on for children, and tiny structures built in between for adults to ride in.
  • Frisbee
The Frisbee entails a rotating disc with seating arrangement in the middle. One could entitle the ride as daring and therefore thrilling.
  • Horror House
The spookiness of the horror house is designed to scare even the strong hearted.
  • Jurassic Coaster
This mini roller-coaster experience has twists and turns that make your stomach tickle and give you the thrill of being in Jurassic World.
  • Paratrooper
The Paratrooper, or parachute ride or umbrella ride has chairs attached to it with a glider style roof, thus mimicking a paragliding experience.
  • Swing Chairs
Swing Chairs are swinging chairs connected to a rotating pillar. It is designed to give a flying experience.
  • Vortex
The vortex makes the eyes go rolling with its cylindrical structure graphically designed to rotate with a path in the middle through which one walks.
  • Wonder Splash
With Wonder Splash, visitors experience the thrill of sliding on a water slide.
  • Others
As the Bumper Cars and Ferris Wheel make the adrenaline rush faster, the Hill Queen, Humpty Dumpty and Rambo Train take families on small joy rides mimicking mini trains. The Play House for children is yet another amusing experience for children.

Water Park

Since the fun of Dry Park is limited to land, the Water Rides with its water sports make the experience even more enthusing with rides like:
  • Activity Pool
The pool has intersecting twisty and curvy slides, water balls to play with and in-built structures in the pool make the experience more enthralling.
  •  Bay Side
Bayside has been designed for dancing, relaxation or just basking in the sun.
  • Monkey’s bucket
A mimic waterfall, the Monkey’s Bucket is a square from the top of which flows water a people standing under it jump and splash water at each other.
  • Wonder Fall
The water at these mimic waterfalls trickles down from a steep rocky terrain with a pool underneath.
  • Others
The Giant and Speed Slide, Kid’s Slide, Skide’s Landing Pool and Wave Pool are some other garish rides.

Water Park, Jalandhar

Entertainment at Wonderland

As an after joy rides gesture, the park has opened up several other entertainment spaces such as
  • Discotheque - An in-built disco with Punjabi hits awaits the resonating sound of this structure. Friends, families, couples and kids enjoy freely dancing on the dance floor.
  • Indoor Aqua Dance - This structure takes disco to another level with water sprinkling all over the dance floor from walls, music beats resonating throughout the area with people with renewed energy dancing.
  • Selfie Center - The Selfie Center is glistening with laser lights typifying it as a night time picture zone.
  • Shopping - The Shopping Center provides toys for kids and souvenirs for adults as tokens of remembering their spectacular experience.

Dining Services

The Banquet Hall, Indoor Restaurant, Open Air Restaurant and Water Park Food court all serve scrumptious food, Punjabi or otherwise, as an after-swim snack, brunch or dinner after a thrilling and brassy day of fun.

Address and Contact Details

Wonderland Amusement Park Pvt. Ltd.
Nakodar Road
After Wadala Chowk
Jalandhar – 144001
Contact details: (0181) 279 1420, (0181) 279 1886

How To Reach Wonderland

Wonderland is situated at the prime location of the city, thus making it easier to reach. The closest bus station available from the city is Saheed Bhagat Singh Interstate Bus Terminal at a distance of 9 km. This distance can be covered by taxis and autos and would take 22 minutes. The distance from the nearest railway station in Amrik Nagar is 8 km and can be covered by catching a bus, auto or a private taxi. The nearest airport is Sri Guru Ram Das Jee Airport which is at a distance of 86 km from the city of Jalandhar. Private taxis can easily be hired from the airport to Wonderland

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sahil saini

on Wonderland 1 year ago
Not good as compared to mumbai water park. Provide deep water pool for adult Men/Women and long slides for enjoyment

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