Jalandhar Enjoys a View of the Himalayas From 213 Kms for the First Time Ever

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Even though the unheralded pandemic has brought along with it a couple of challenges and uncertainties, nature has been retreating and reemerging amidst the lockdown like never before. Earlier we saw how the wildlife is recapturing their original spaces whilst humans take to the indoors, now the mountains have started to come forth after an elongated peek-a-boo! All thanks to the lowering pollution levels. 

A View of Dhauladhar Range

For the first time in 30 years, the Dhauladhar range of the Himalayas could be seen by the residents of Jalandhar, Punjab on April 4th, 2020. The Dhauladhar Range translates to the 'white range' and they form a part of the Lesser Himalayan ranges. The Himalayas have been visible from only closer points of contact, but the surprise view which Jalandhar soaked in was indeed a pleasurable sight and a hard to believe moment. 

Standing at least 200 km from Jalandhar, the Dhauladhar range could be seen only due to the decrease in industrial activities and fewer vehicles on road, leading to this drastic yet beautiful change. What was nature and what has mankind done to it? 

Taking Social Media by a Storm 

While Jalandhar soaked in an up-close view, our country took a virtual sight of the range as the pictures went viral. People of Jalandhar tweeted and posted about this unexpected phenomenon. It trended on Social Media amidst the upcoming news of COVID-19. 

Top Tweets

Harbhajan Singh, renowned Indian cricketer tweeted about the visibility of the range. He wrote- "Never seen Dhauladhar range from my home rooftop in Jalandhar..never could imagine that’s possible..clear indication of the impact the pollution has done by us to Mother Earth.. this is the view"

1."The mighty #Himalayas visible from Jalandhar. With #pollution level at the lowest in 30 years people are getting a clear view of the #Dhauladhar range from 200kms away. Absolutely incredible"

2. "A view i’ll never forget! Behind the trees stand the mighty himalayas #Dhauladhar range visible from 300km away in #Jalandhar i’m loving this lockdown! Pollution down, clean air, chirping birds!" 

3. "Today morning people in Jalandhar woke up to a massive surprise. They could see what they had not seen for the last 30 years. Right in front of their eyes stood the majestic Dhauladhar mountain range of Himalayas from Himachal Pradesh. Pollution levels have dropped considerably,”

We hope to see such miraculous views frequently. Amidst all the scare and uncertainties, only such refreshing moments of life and nature can rescue us from the prevailing pandemic. Did you see the range? Let us know how you felt in the comments below! 

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