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"Gateway to Cameron Highlands"

Ipoh Tourism

Ipoh is the capital of Perak and Malaysia’s third-largest city. It is located between George Town and Kuala Lumpur and is a popular destination for lovers of adventure, art, heritage, and architecture. From exploring breathtaking limestone caves and kayaking along the Kinta River to trying out the famous Ipoh white coffee and strolling through the city to find gorgeous street art, this city has much to offer!

Not only is Ipoh the Gateway to the Cameron Highlands, it also enthralls visitors with its gorgeous street art and heritage sites. Located 180 kilometres north of Kuala Lumpur, Ipoh presents many adventures – visitors can explore an abandoned twentieth-century castle at Kellie’s castle, hike to 2000-year-old temples and limestone caves, water raft along the Kampar River or opt to discover the city on a bike.

Divided into Old Town (west side) and New Town (east side) by the Kinta River, Ipoh presents a unique mix of old-school charm and modern amenities – the pubs, restobars, and clubs are as welcoming as the ancient Buddhist sanctums. A foodie's city, the local cuisine of Ipoh comprises freshly caught seafood and Chinese delicacies like Sar Hor Fun (single pot noodles) and Tau Fu Fa (soy pudding). The Heong Peng and white coffee are must-try specialties.

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Street Art of Ipoh

One of the hidden gems at Ipoh is the street art that dots the area around the Kinta River. Mural Art’s Lane near Jalan Masjid on the east of the river is every art-lover’s dream, with gorgeous murals and frescoes that cover the walls. The slice-of-life murals show local activities, cultural practices, rituals, abstract art, and Ipoh’s history. Admirers of street art can find Banksy-esque graffiti at Wisma Chye Hin, located near Jalan Sultan Idris Shah.


  • Respect the local culture and opt for conservative clothes, especially while visiting the temples. Avoid shorts, sleeveless tees, and short skirts while visiting religious sites or nearby villages.
  • Most local stores close by 5:00 PM so get shopping done by then.
  • Restaurants, cafés and pubs are open till late at night.
  • Most hotels and restaurants accept credit cards, but small shops are mostly cash-only. Carry change in the local currency for easy transactions. 24/7 ATMs are spread across the city.


Day 1: Reach Ipoh in the morning. After a breakfast of rice noodles and white coffee, head over to the limestone caves at Gua Tempurung cave for a spelunking adventure. Drive to the Sam Poh Tong cave temple after lunch and return to the city after exploring the Buddhist sanctum. In the evening, stroll by the Kinta River or walk through Old Town and check out a new café.

Day 2: Start the day by exploring Kellie’s castle for a spooky adventure. On the way back to the city, stop at Tambun Cave to marvel at 3000-year old Neolithic cave paintings. In the evening, take a leisurely bike ride around the city and discover the famous street art of Ipoh. At night, head over to an English or Irish pub to let your hair down and party!

Day 3: Take it easy on your last day at Ipoh and take a leisurely kayak ride on the Kinta River, watching the sun rise over the picturesque mountains. Take a heritage tour of Ipoh and understand the colonial history of the town. In the evening, make your way to Cameron Highlands.


Ipoh shot to prosperity in the late 1800’s after miners discovered tin in the valley of the Kinta River. Disaster struck in 1892 as most of the town was destroyed in the Great Fire of Ipoh, but thriving industrialists rebuilt the city from scratch and even created New Town on the other side of the Kinta River.

In 1937, Ipoh was named as the capital of Perak. During World War II, Ipoh was invaded by the Japanese and ruled until 1945, when power shifted to the British. The Railway Station, St Michael’s Institution, the Old Post Office, Town Hall, Birch Memorial, and the High Court are what remain of Ipoh’s colonial past.

Ipoh Nightlife

While most of Old Town is shut at night, New Town is the party central. Dance clubs, Irish pubs and rooftop bars are aplenty at Ipoh. We recommend Sinhalese Bar, Mancave, Euro House, Tiga, Ohm Dance Club, Durbar, Vibes, The SIX, or Hashtag. Most bars and clubs close by 2:00 AM. Weekdays have happy hour prices as well.

Cave Temples in Ipoh

The breathtaking cave temples of Ipoh are a must-visit for adventure enthusiasts. These limestone caves were formed naturally in the overhanging cliffs that surround the city. Perak Tong, Sam Poh Tong, and Kek Lok Tong (translating to ‘Cavern of Utmost Happiness’) are three Buddhist cave temples built by Chinese monks here.

The breathtaking natural formations complement the bronze statues and incense perfectly, transporting visitors to an ethereal realm. Gua Tempurung allows patrons to go on a spelunking quest within the limestone formations of one of the longest caves in Malaysia – this adrenaline-pumping activity is reserved for the strongest of hearts!

Beginners can opt for guided walking tours in the caves as well. The Tambun Cave paintings are another popular tourist attraction, where visitors can step back in time and see 3000-year old Neolithic wall art.

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Historic Temple in Sam Poh Tong, Ipoh
Golden Statue of Buddha, Ipoh

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FAQs on Ipoh

What is the best time to visit Ipoh?

Ipoh has a tropical climate, with the winter months between December and February being the best months to visit. The temperatures range between 23 degrees Celcius and 30 degrees Celcius. There is not much rain and the weather is perfect for evening strolls. It is best to avoid Ipoh in the monsoon months between August and November as the tropical thunderstorms limit sightseeing hours.
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What are the places near Ipoh?

The top places near to Ipoh are Kuala lumpur which is 175 km from Ipoh, Georgetown which is located 127 km from Ipoh, Penang which is located 123 km from Ipoh, Petaling jaya which is located 172 km from Ipoh, Cameron highlands which is located 35 km from Ipoh

What are the things to do in Ipoh?

The top things to do in Ipoh are Kek Lok Tong Cave Temple, Lost World of Tambun, Birch Memorial Clock Tower, Sam Poh Tong Cave Temple, Ling Sen Tong Temple, DR Seenivasagam Park. You can see all the places to visit in Ipoh here

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What is the local food in Ipoh?

Ipoh is Malaysia's lesser known food capital, with Chinese, Malay, and Indonesian delicacies aplenty. The rice noodle specials include Sar Hor Fun, Hor Hee, and Hakka Mee. Choose from a variety of protein ranging from chicken, pork, mutton, fish, prawn, or beef. The famous Ipoh White Coffee is a must-try, along with the Heong Peng biscuit and soybean pudding. For a culinary adventure, try eating the famed Durian fruit!

There are many Western and continental restaurants that serve burgers, fries, and other American food. Themed French and Italian cafés are a charming evening stop. Stop by the F.M.S. Bar and Restaurant - Malaysia's oldest restaurant - for some white coffee and bread.
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What is not so good about Ipoh?

Not many English-speaking locals, humid weather.

What is famous about Ipoh?

Limestone caves, castle, delicious Malaysian food, colonial buildings, street art, cheap accommodation.

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