Concubine Lane, Ipoh Overview

With an interesting history of more than 120 years attached to it, the Concubine Lane in Ipoh is one of the most visited lanes in the area bustling with cafes, pop up stalls, souvenir shops, and dessert houses.

The Concubine Lane was formerly reputed for being a quaint old corner in the city with its coffee shops, but today the lane has been completely transformed, and is now jam-packed on weekends. The lane is full of interesting stalls to check out, and is indeed a paradise for Instagram bloggers, photographers, and even for the general wanderer.

In fact, the street comes alive during the Chinese New Year Season, when it is lit with red lanterns and appears similar to China Town.

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Things to Do at the Concubine Lane

Explore the local shops
The Concubine Lane is bustling with people on weekends as well as on holidays, and this is when you will find a lot of pop-up stalls in the area. These stalls sell a variety of things, right from colored ice balls to cotton candy in the shape of flowers, and from cactus to different souvenirs. Thus, make sure that you check these out when you pay a visit to the area. Also, do remember to visit the souvenir shops around.

Get clicked
All shops in the area have been restored in contemporary style, but they still have a touch of the past intact. These are the perfect areas to get clicked and to capture the rustic beauty of the place.

Enjoy dining at cafes and restaurants
You will find a lot of cafes, restaurants and even boutique hotels in the area. These cafes are well known for selling some really amazing traditional desserts as well as local coffee, so don’t forget to give that a try.

How to Reach Concubine Lane

The Concubine Lane is located in Ipoh in Perak, Malaysia; and is quite easy to get to. If you are staying in the vicinity, it is best to travel on foot, or else you can drive to the area. In fact, if you choose to drive, you are at an advantage, since there is not much traffic in this area. Alternatively, you can even book a taxi to reach the final destination.

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