Food of Ipoh

Ipoh is Malaysia's lesser known food capital, with Chinese, Malay, and Indonesian delicacies aplenty. The rice noodle specials include Sar Hor Fun, Hor Hee, and Hakka Mee. Choose from a variety of protein ranging from chicken, pork, mutton, fish, prawn, or beef. The famous Ipoh White Coffee is a must-try, along with the Heong Peng biscuit and soybean pudding. For a culinary adventure, try eating the famed Durian fruit!

There are many Western and continental restaurants that serve burgers, fries, and other American food. Themed French and Italian cafés are a charming evening stop. Stop by the F.M.S. Bar and Restaurant - Malaysia's oldest restaurant - for some white coffee and bread.

Ipoh Photos

Wooden Houses, Ipoh Lake
Historic Temple in Sam Poh Tong, Ipoh
Golden Statue of Buddha, Ipoh

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