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"Beautiful Island"

Pangkor Island Tourism

Pangkor Island is a resort island located in Manjung District, Perak, Malaysia. Boasting of stunning landscape, it is known for its white sand beaches, clear blue skies, corals reefs and turquoise blue water. Located just three-hour drive away from Kuala Lumpur, Pangkor Island is a popular romantic getaway.

The most popular and main beaches of Pangkor are Pasir Bogak, Teluk Nipah and Coral Beach. Pangkor is made up of five islands of which Pangkor is the main island. The three  smaller islands are Pangkor Laut, Pulau Mentagor and Pulau Giam, There is also an isle called Pulau Pelandok. Pangkor Laut is where most of the famous beaches are located - Coral Beach, Royal Bay, and Emerald Bay are a part of Pangkor Laut Island.

Pangkor Island is also home to a number of reptiles and amphibians, and the interior of this island is forested. The breathtaking island is also known for snorkelling. The snorkelling gears, jet skis and boats are easily available at the resorts. These can also be hired at Pasir Bogak or Teluk Nipah beach. Pulao Sembilan is Pangkor’s secret diving spot, giving you a chance to witness hard corals and barracudas. 

Boat trips that begin from Nipah Bay are one of the best ways to explore the beauty of this island. While Teluk Nipah houses most of the budget beach resorts, Pasir Bogak is known for the bigger midrange resorts. To get a feel of the local town, staying in Pangkor Town or Sungai Pinang Kecil is recommended.

Pangkor is a beautiful, peaceful holiday spot. Home to beautiful beaches, sceneries of greens and blues, it is serene in its own little way.

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Places to Visit in Pangkor Island

1. Coral Beach

Coral Beach
Located north of Teluk Nipah, Coral Beach is a sight to behold with its shining emerald-green water. The beach is ideal for watersports like canoeing and snorkeling. Also, visitors love watching the s (Read More)un dipping into the sea and dusk.

2. Pasir Bogak

Pasir Bogak
Located on the southern coast of Pangkor Island, Pasir Bogak Beach is a great place for swimming, parasailing and jet-skiing. There are picnic tables set up along the beach with vendors selling coconu (Read More)ts, rambutan and pineapples.

3. Pangkor Hill

Pangkor Hill
Bukit Pangkor is a forested hill climbing which will leads to Pangkor Island's highest point at around 350 meters. The trek amidst the lush jungle in the company of hornbills, cicadas and macaques, th (Read More)rough marked trails will be quite a good jungle adventure with moderate difficulty level.

4. Chinatown

Pangkor Island's Chinatown offers a vivid background for snapshots against the colourful traditional Chinese decorations. The restaurants on the red-block pathed streets of Chinatown serve delectable (Read More)dishes. The place is good to explore and as it exudes an all-together different vibe from the rest of the island.

5. Foo Lin Kong Temple

Foo Lin Kong Temple
This is a Taoist temple set against a hill in a stunning landscape. Adorned with large rocks and stones, the temple is more than 100 years old and has some mysteries attached to it. The temple's garde (Read More)n has a mini Great Wall of China. Also, visitors can climb the hill behind the temple for some fascinating views of the scenery around.

6. Dutch Fort

Dutch Fort
Dutch Fort is a 17th century fortress initially built to store tin ore, now in a state of complete ruin. It consists of just 3 worn out brick walls with some windows in between. The area around it has (Read More) a park and some souvenir stores.

7. Lin Je Kong Temple

Lin Je Kong Temple
Located at Pulau Pangkor, Ling Je Kong Temple is Chinese temple that sits on the top of a rocky ridge at the Coral beach. Initially a small place dedicated to the Chinese Goddess of Mercy, Kuan Yin, i (Read More)t is now a religious temple with Chinese scriptures,  figures and  surprisingly statues of cartoon Mickey mouse, Donald duck, etc. The temple provides splendid views of the crystal waters of Coral beach and Pangkor Island.  

8. Pangkor Island

Pangkor Island
Pangkor Island is a group of islands situated in Perak off the west coast of Peninsular Malaysia. Pangkor being the main island of the cluster, other small islands include Pangkaur Laut, Mentagor Isla (Read More)nd and Giam Island. Most of the interior of this mountainous resort island is covered by a lush jungle.

Pangkor Island Photos

Pangkor Island
Foo Lin Kong Temple, Pangkor Island
The Dutch Fort at Pangkor Island

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