Top 12 Cafes in Ipoh for Delicious Food & Cosy Ambience

Once a sleeping mining town, Ipoh has turned into a whole new world with plenty of cafes and coffee shops popping up in recent years serving an extensive variety of fusion foods and baked goods to quench the cravings of the new generation folks. These Café joints have broken the monotonous routine of having chicken rice, dim sums, cendol, and curry noodles.

Here are 12 best cafes in Ipoh to enjoy a lovely evening sipping your favorite cup of coffee complemented with a perfect snack:

1. Patisserie Boutique (Pastry’s Shop)

A plate of dessert and pastry served on a table in Patisserie Boutique cafe in Ipoh
This is a popular Café in Ipoh serving a list of unique handcrafted pastries, pasta, and baked goods prepared using their special homemade recipes. They are an expert in creating seasonal cakes like Lychee matcha pavlova, caramelized nutty Nutella cake, burnt cheesecake, oatmeal cakes, and a lot more. Their beverage list includes Iced Tea, Cappuccino, Iced Earl Grey Latte, and others. The café flaunts a classic black and white décor with a Parisian theme. Try out their seafood pasta, dutch baby pancakes, and jacket potatoes – a specialty! Note that this café can get crowded on Friday and weekends.
Opening Hours: 11 AM to 6 PM, Closed on Wednesday
Location: 103, Jalan Sultan Yusof, 30000 Ipoh, Negeri Perak, Malaysia
Telephone: +60 5-241 1385
Cost: Starts at RM 10

2. Happy 8 Retreat Café

The chef of happy 8 quirky cafe in Ipoh standing in front of a curated table
Located in the heart of this heritage town, Happy 8 Retreat Cafe is an artistic boutique-style cafe in Ipoh with a pre-war theme and ambiance. With beautiful bamboo and wooden interiors, this cozy quaint cafe serves a list of Western, Malay, Chinese, and Indian cuisines and snacks all at reasonable prices. Apart from being a cafe, it is also a hotel with 12 small rooms on the second floor for those looking out for a place to stay or relax.
Location: 46, Jalan Market, 30000 Ipoh, Negeri Perak, Malaysia
Telephone: +60 5-243 8388
Cost: Starts at RM 8

3. Burps & Giggles

The food counter at Burps and Giggles cafe in Ipoh
This pioneer hipster cafe located in Ipoh’s historical old town is a mix of antique and contemporary décor that sells pastries and cakes hot from the oven. Set in a pre-war building, its interior is all vintage with wall quotes, murals, and antique furnishings taking you back to the 1980s. Though their menu is centered around pizzas, pasta, and burgers, some of their signature dishes include spinach mushroom quiche, carrot walnut cake, espresso mousse cake, and red velvet cake. They also have a separate lounge for smoking.
Opening Hours: 9 AM to 5 PM (Weekdays), 9 AM to 9 PM (Weekend)
Location: 93-95, Jalan Sultan Yusof, 30000 Ipoh, Negeri Perak, Malaysia
Telephone: +60 5-246 1308
Cost: RM 4 – RM 25

4. Plan B

The low table seating arrangement at Plan B Cafe in Ipoh
A go-to local joint in Ipoh Old Town, Plan B is a laidback and friendly café made up of earthy tones, brick walls, and a glass roof. This is a perfect setting for a weekend getaway on a casual brunch accompanied by a healthy crowd. They have separate sections housing tables for one, table for two, and also lengthy tables to accommodate a large crowd. Its menu is extensive offering a lot more sandwiches, burgers, fries, and cakes than most cafes in Ipoh.
Opening Hours: 11 AM to 10 PM (Closed on Tuesday)
Location: No. 75, Jalan Panglima, 30000 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia
Telephone:  +60 5-249 8286
Cost: RM 10 – RM 25

5. Vintage Café and Guesthouse

A plate of fried chicken waffle sandwich at Vintage Cafe and Restaurant in Ipoh
Vintage Cafe is a contemporary cozy café in Ipohperfect for a chilled out evening with your friends and family. Located in the heart of Ipoh old town, it has a 1940s setting with related wall decors. They offer western fusion fares such as Fried Chicken Waffle sandwiches, Curry Carbonara Spaghetti along with a variety of pizzas, pasta, and drinks. You can try their weekend special Kahuna Chicken Burger made up of chicken patty, grilled pineapple, and thousand island sauce!
Opening Hours: 11 AM to 10 PM, Closed on Monday
Location: 21, Jalan Market, 30000 Ipoh, Negeri Perak, Malaysia
Telephone: +60 5-241 4955

6. Bareeseta Coffee House & Café

The entrance to Bareesta Coffee House in Ipoh
Perfect for a brunch or breakfast, Bareeseta Coffee House serves the best coffee and cuisine for those craving an appetizing adventure. They have a pleasant vibe and interesting decors with unique fruit-themed coasters. Popular breakfast choices include Egg Benedict, Chicken Sausage Croissant, Potato hash with bacon tortilla, and other pasta varieties. Cheesecakes, pancakes, waffles are a sweet delight!
Opening Hours: 9 AM to 6 PM, Closed on Tuesday
Location: 29, Jalan Market, 30000 Ipoh, Negeri Perak, Malaysia
Telephone: +60 16-433 2626

7. Purple Moon Lover

A plate of chocolate mousse cake at Purple Moon Lover Cafe in Ipoh
This famous stylish eatery in Ipoh is an expert in selling Japanese bakery items and desserts. The café has a bright and airy contemporary outlook with a unique lush green ceiling, wooden seating, and interesting decors. The menu majorly comprises of Japanese items with a lot of cakes and pastries on display. You can have a taste of their Chocolate Mousse Cake and Green Tea Cream Puff. It can get extremely crowded during peak hours!
Opening Hours: 10 AM to 9 PM
Location: 53, Jalan Lee Kwee Foh, Taman Canning, 31400 Ipoh, Negeri Perak, Malaysia
Telephone: +60 5-547 6328
Cost: Starts at RM 3.5

8. Ninety One Coffee and Dessert

A cup of cappuccino at Ninety One Coffee and Dessert in Ipoh
This cute café in Ipohserves high-quality filter coffee along with delicious pastries and desserts. With a decent and clean atmosphere, they serve a huge list of yummy desserts that include carrot cakes, lavender blueberry, dark chocolate sponge cake, Tiramisu roll, and many others! They also serve hot drinks, fizzy beverages along with specialty coffees. You can try their popular gambas toast and pandan burned cheesecake topped with gula Melaka caramel!
Opening Hours: 10 AM to 4 PM (Closed on Monday & Tuesday)
Location: 91, Jalan Raja Dihilir, 30350 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Telephone: +60 11-5962 9019

9. Café de Eight

The must have charcoal pork burger at Cafe de Eight in Ipoh
Set on a very quaint street, this is a colonial-style British-themed Café in Ipoh which offers a variety of Asian and Malaysian food at affordable prices. Apart from being a café, it is also a leisure cultural activity center that entertains its visitors with books, music for the soul, movies, and a postcard space just around the corner. The walls are filled with antique murals and memorabilia and the entire vibe is nostalgic with a poetic atmosphere. Their must-have is the Charcoal Pork burger, Black sesame matcha cake, and Cavemen Special Coffee!
Opening Hours: 12:30 AM to 10 PM, Closed on Thursday
Location: Jalan Koo Chong Kong, 30000 Ipoh, Negeri Perak, Malaysia
Telephone: +60 5-241 2758

10. Thumb’s Café

The handmade beef meatballs at Thumbs Cafe in Ipoh
Serving a mixture of Western and Malay food, this hangout spot is set on a heritage building with an old school charm and ambiance. The floral print sofas, wall murals, floor mats, and cushions all offer the same nostalgic vibe taking you back to the former times. This is also a Halal joint offering pork-free food to plenty of Muslim customers. The best option would be their handmade specials beef meatballs, and grilled chicken chops. Note that this Café can get packed up after about 8 pm.
Opening Hours: 6 PM to 1 AM, Closed on Tuesday
Location: 133, Jalan Sultan Abdul Jalil, 30000 Ipoh, Negeri Perak, Malaysia
Telephone: +60 19-614 6618

11. Everyday Lifeshop Café

The cloth store of Everyday Lifeshop Cafe in Ipoh
This is a one of a kind Café in Ipoh which is more than just a coffee shop! Apart from selling hot coffees, baked goods, and desserts, Everyday Lifeshop Café also sells household items, fashionable accessories, cute plants, and other trinkets! It houses a warm, cozy environment with wooden flooring and classic furniture accompanied with good music. Some of their recommended items include pancakes and egg benedict. Visit this café to sip and shop all at once!
Opening Hours: 11 AM to 6:30 PM (Closed on Wednesday)
Location: 142 Jalan Sultan Idris Shah, 30000 Ipoh, Perak, Malaysia
Telephone: +605 242 2692

12. Marketplace Waffle Bar & Cake

A plate of delicious looking dessert at Marketplace Waffle Bar & Cafe in Ipoh
Located in a street corner, this French-themed café is a perfect spot for a relaxed evening. One of the popular waffle houses in Ipoh, this place offers the most delicious and chocolaty waffle experience. Pasta, salads, snacks, and pancakes top their menu. Other breakfasts and brunch varieties include egg benedict and smoked salmon with a list of refreshing beverages.
Opening Hours: 12 PM to 10 PM (Monday to Thursday), 11 AM to 10 PM (Friday to Sunday)
Location: 13, Jalan Market, 30000 Ipoh, Negeri Perak, Malaysia
Telephone: +60 10-228 4350
For all those having a sweet tooth, these cafes in Ipoh are a perfect blend of coffee, culture, and dessert to spend a memorable relaxed evening with your loved ones!

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