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How to Reach Da Nang

Da Nang is connected with Vietnam and rest of the world by air, land, rail and water.

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How to Reach Da Nang from India

For India, airlines recommended are AirAsia Berhad, Melando Air and Bangkok Airways. They usually have one or two stops. There are no direct flights.

Most frequently searched routes to Da Nang

Route Name Distance Time
Hoi-an to Da Nang 29 Km 45 Mins
Hue to Da Nang 100 Km 3 Hours
Hanoi to Da Nang 766 Km 14 Hours

How to reach Da Nang by flight

Many domestic and international airlines provide service to Da Nang Airport. Some popular airlines are Vietnam Airlines, VietJet Air, Jetstar, China Eastern, etc.
Domestically, Da Nang is connected with all the key cities like Hanoi, Vinh, Can Tho, Da Lat and many others. And internationally, with Beijing, Hong Kong, Macau, Seoul, Tokyo, Singapore and more.

How to reach Da Nang by road

Cabs can be booked from cities like Hue and Hoi An for around 450,000 VND. They can be booked from any taxi services (Mai Linh and Vinasun are few of the goog service providers) or even hotels can arrange one for you.

How to reach Da Nang by train

Da Nang railway station is located at Hai Phong street, 5 km away from the city centre. It is connected with Hue, Hanoi and Saigon via rail network. It's cheaper than the bus for short distances. 

How to reach Da Nang by bus

Da Nang bus station is one of the busiest in Vietnam. There are many buses connecting domestically and internationally (Laos) from early morning till late night. Kon Tum, Ho Chi Minh City, Da Lat, Vinh, Hue, Hanoi are few cities from where you can take a bus to Da Nang. Buses run from Laos to Da Nang from Pakse, Savannakhet, Vientiane and Tha Khaek.

Local transport in Da Nang

Taxis are easily available in Da Nang with some best Taxi Services being 'Mai Linh', 'Taxi Xanh' and 'Vinasun'. Surprisingly, the drivers are fluent in English and charges vary from VND 12,000 to VND 15,000 for a kilometre. Also, if you're on a budget, riding on a Motor Cycle Taxi can save you money. But if you want to hire and ride on your own, you need to have an international driving permit and license from your own country and then only you can rent it. They charge around VND 10,000 for every two kilometres. Take care while driving in the crazy traffic of Da Nang because an accident can bring you to great trouble just because you're a foreigner.

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